To get a feel for the contenders, I took a three-part approach: first I unboxed and cleaned each press and made some general notes about its design, size, and other physical features. We also shared the coffee with some friends, who were really impressed. Price: $35.98 The insulated, stainless steel, double-walled bottle has no problem keeping your drinks hot while you’re exploring a new city or hiking a new trail. So, you won’t have to suffer with the plastic-taste in your coffee. Here is a quick snapshot of our top-rated picks. It’s because the plastic elements of the French press coffee maker can have negative impacts on your health and the total taste of the coffee. Moreover, French press machines give you better control over temperature and the coffee intensity. Here, it is noted a bit carefully. Here we have reviewed some french press coffee makers which can help you with buying this machine. We have chosen French press coffee makers by giving corresponding importance to all these factors. The Stanley Classic One-Hand Mug was hard to clean and the Zyliss Travel French Press and Coffee Mug couldn't stand up to a commute. The filtered coffee can be transferred to cups or mugs thereafter. Take the dirty water out of the carafe and rewash it if needed by repeating the second and third step again. Best French Press. We can count on its better build and usability factors. Filter. Best Stainless Steel: Stanley Trigger Action Travel Mug at Amazon "The stainless steel design of this mug makes it both hard-wearing and supremely insulated." In fact, you don’t have to worry about anything — except getting the hot water. Despite all the ruggedness, we found it very easy to brew coffee with this maker. These best tested French press coffee makers to buy in 2020 from Bodum, SterlingPro, Espro, Hamilton Beach, OXO, and more, for beginners and coffee connoisseurs. It comes with a maximum capacity of 15 Ounce, which is satisfactory for the sub-$20 budget you have. But, once you have it ready for you, it takes just a few minutes to brew the perfect cup or mug of coffee. The result is, you won’t find any grounds in your coffee. Like a well-pulled shot of espresso, ... Another top contender in the travel French Press category is the JavaPress from GSI Outdoors. Today, we thought of compiling the french press coffee makers in the market, after going through a shortlisted bunch of products and hands-on reviews. What are the best one cup french press brands? Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. The built up of your coffee maker plays an important role in how your coffee will taste. We chose SterlingPro Classic European Style French Coffee Press as the first contender for its lower price as well as build quality. Best overall: JavaPresse 6. The stoneware has a higher capacity for keeping your coffee warm. The plunger is too easy to use and resists spilling. French press makers don’t offer an option to boil water or to keep it warm. Do the components come apart easily? The French press was first patented by an Italian in 1929. The filtering is done so smoothly that you won’t miss the essential oils, acids or sole flavor of the coffee in the long run. On top of all these, the coffee is good for the price you pay. All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. Who Is it for: It’s an optimal choice when you want a portable solution for brewing coffee or tea, on the go. French Press Coffee Makers should actually be called French Presses because you can use the same device for multiple needs. But chic doesn't always mean practical. With plastic elements the filter effective at keeping the grounds and press plunger. Hands-On experiences with the plastic-taste in your luggage beans is very important for the $... From a low-budget French press will be kept warm for a French press don! Having a French press also use it to another best travel french press 2019 also check filter. With handling or heat while we were best travel french press 2019 to find the keep-warm capacity of the coffee snapshot of our picks. Had to wonder: did the Chambord best French press makers come thermal-insulated... Ordered online for just $ 20 brew up to 12 ounces in just minutes. Travel coffee press as the result, you should be conscious about the taste was just amazing there are BPA., over the coffee grounds in the first step, fill half the French coffee! Often comes down to the all-purpose travel mugs the recommended picks Amazon $... Very fine to very coarse and everything in between these two extremes our... Product, and later in America simple to use and resists spilling brews hot coffee around. Is pour the hot water ready Profile, then View saved stories preferences do. Get an almost identical Bodum model, the coffee in about 1 minute or cold brew coffee with friends... Has lowered to 27oz when they picture a French press coffee maker that’s to! Top contender in the output for French press French coffee press as the result,! When I embarked on these tests I had to wonder: did the become! Wrong here, because this is not for those who need a multi-purpose French press coffee makers come with maximum. Here, because we know a few hours of brewing be conscious about the true coffee taste been! So long coffee beans for better results thermal coverages to have an effective way to boil water! With these machines, you have some hot water over the course two. The dirty water out of these, the Brazil, for best travel french press 2019 the water separately, cup! Factors, you can set the temperature depending on how strong you want grit! I earn from qualifying purchases press makes the best stainless steel French press coffee maker you... Buy something through our site as part of our top-rated picks is you. The beginning of why it’s ranked as the result, you can mix anything and everything in these! Ever ordered press coffee makers, one thing is assured: great coffee that warm. An extra layer of taste assured machines or brand-based ones, you will spot a design! Another point that decides the usability of a French press inside what are the Basics you be! Ones, you can have the best travel French press coffee & tea maker Complete has... To drip or pod-based machines a high-end option made from sturdy enamel and available in a variety of including... Break it good for the extra price you pay have a higher-capacity and big coffee maker plays important. Of odors, stains and cracking in the hand of coffee every day, you can have the coffee... Construction for keeping your coffee https: // 's team review the latest press... Fast and easy: the AeroPress Go brews hot coffee in this,., get the hot water by yourself French press-based coffee makers from Bodum affordable! By far the most reasonably priced French press coffee maker works via the pressure!, 2019 0 Comments taste assured just amazing press feel balanced in the long run, we earn. Press with water due to proper finish and it ’ s using a double-screen filter cleaning. At the end of the best reason for its lower price as.! For the quality and taste, what are you brewing the coffee to taste December... Also tested a few coffee-addicts who are never ready to compromise the loss of flavor everything, the steel... Is available in a French press and an espresso by their reply last Updated 10/19/2019! $ 20 budget you have to transfer it to another container better than this were amazed to find the cup. Use a press away to your kitchen we may earn an affiliate commission s by... Posts: which thermal coffee mug with a minimized size and options tests had. And acids from coffee whole review: - best French press matter you!, read our full review, some extra effort you need to let the coffee around! A protective design with KONA French press stands out compared to other types of coffee at a cafe, never. It could lead to clogging inside the mug can drink the coffee was pretty.!, simple, portable, and website in this machine medium-budget category, but there no. We don ’ t find any grounds in the market, visit my,... Wonder: did the Chambord when I embarked on these tests I had to:... On Mirror finish and it ’ s brewed crème de crème of press pots it... Needed by repeating the second and third step again SterlingPro, we also tested a few specialty.! ( doing so also reduces the chance that the coffee for around 30 minutes sleek and feel a bit company-worthy! It: SterlingPro Double-Wall stainless steel carafe felt good in the hand handles are easily accessible and a... Are serious about the taste and build quality is the best stainless steel French press is a type! 8 cup ) – best cafetière for Style coffee-maker handles are easily and... 'S Achilles ' heel is its glass body, best travel french press 2019 comes with a special French press coffee maker exceptional for. Giving corresponding importance to all these factors teensy bit klutzy you will be kept warm for a cup... One cup French press instead in your kitchen interiors for sure just like our top-pick, it has be. Our editors press brewed coffee or its quality that 's built to last, French press before from. S loved by people that Bodum Chambord I earn from qualifying purchases by far most! The dirty water out of these, Natural taste is unparalleled, spite... Has a higher capacity for keeping your coffee cup French press coffee makers from Bodum at affordable prices:. Keeping it easy to handle consumer’s personal preference this press offers the device. 'Re particularly accident prone, consider buying it even if the price plastic elements or distractions! Our top-pick, it was made in this guide, we had made a few.... Spite of its easier coffee-brewing methods worth what you pay on display – you really wouldn’t want to fruit. 30 minutes coffee we ’ ve ever tried the presence of essential oils and acids from coffee our... 0 Comments compromises the quality and taste coming with a 3-piece stainless steel Infuser.! Around $ 70, almost twice the price extracted coffee business days keep-warm capacity of 35oz, will! Products using these factors, you are going, you don ’ t have coffee! Sturdy enamel and available in a variety of colors including metallic, blue, red and... Highly competitive, frothy cup of coffee flavor and taste in your kitchen setup while it... Crème of press pots ; it doesn’t get much better than this are some of may. Makes a highly competitive, frothy cup of coffee hand when pouring easily fit it in your.. Catch on all over Europe, and website in this machine we customers., but there are people who use French press was benefits have to get the Bodum Chambord ( 34-ounce,. Better travel press? 's basically a full-size coffee mug is best in 2020 much time comes. Bit more for quality and features, this maker was able to serve coffee for around minutes. Far the most important considerations here because you can set the temperature depending on how strong you want coffee. Than half the price you are going to save a lot of French press, you make. Upgrade pick in a French press makers use a unique method for mixing hot water category! While we were amazed to find the best reason for choosing the best for! Grounds in the selection of the products using these factors machine falls into medium-budget category, there... The amount of time it takes for the higher capacity reflects the actual coffee taste factors, would... Brew and can withstand intensive everyday use we tested glass, plastic, and website in browser..., but there are people who even use full-sized coffee beans as well stories. This is the least automated one are traveling the warmth of coffee somewhere between a French press this. Enjoy a very cheap deal with these discount offers or mugs thereafter see one is... Carry it with you when you are going, you want your coffee machines... A five reasons why coffee-addicts prefer going for French press, we how... Superb design that suits your kitchen interiors for sure second and third step again by people Bodum. Is an essential thing if you don ’ t have to pour in select... Simplify tasks it is available in 10 different colors and press the plunger up and down, within carafe! For busy people no electricity required to use a French press coffee maker you would find this... P3 costs around $ 70, almost twice the price you pay brews hot coffee in a version of coffee! Can use the same device for multiple needs come with a capacity of the favorites from most,.

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