Swim trunks will be shorter and well above the knee while board shorts will be at or below the knee . This section is actually a tad tricky. The inner mesh increases comfort and ”keeps everything, in place”. Also, I … Both styles are comfortable and useful for many outdoor activities, it just happens to be that board shorts have a more modern aesthetic and are easier to pair with different types of clothing. MADE FROM RECYLCED WATER BOTTLES - One million plastic bottles are sold every 60 seconds and 91% of plastic is not recycled. 3. It’s common to wear nothing under your boardshorts, but going bare under board shorts is … If so, go for board shorts. What to consider when getting board shorts? Board shorts don't have that obnoxious mesh or elastic waist bands. We offer a wide range of designs, materials and lengths from 18' - 22'. Could I just buy a pair of swimming trunks & get away with it? Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. However, it is also important for you to consider your comfort. SizeMake sure that the shorts are your exact size as well. Elastic bands make it much easier to pull the shorts on and off, and for people who are a tad skinner or larger than normal, this feature has definitely helped a great deal. If you don't, find a pair of swim trunks that hits above the knee. … While the later are usually designed to be worn and stop above the knees, board shorts … Ideally, you wear nothing under your swim trunks. The ideal recommendation will be to go for board shorts that are longer. This is also why swimming trunks are a preferable option for plus size wearers, as the trunks will easily adapt to your body shape. If you’re surfing, the last thing you need is sorts that can be taken off you easily. Most board shorts have designs that look more like what a surfer will wear. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. What to wear under swim trunks? However, most swim trunks are easily more fashionable than board shorts. That being said, it is not entirely out of the normal to find someone putting on board shorts even while not surfing. This is because the waistband will often have a Velcro and drawstring closure. ElasticityElasticity is very important for swim trunks, especially if you want to use them for actual swimming (as opposed to just lounging or relaxing by a body of water). What are swim trunks?3. … Pro: Elastic flexibility, guaranteed. Most high-end brands make their shorts out of cotton, whereas trunks are made from polyester, which dries much faster. This will no doubt lead to confusion. Some people prefer to wear sorts that are much longer than their knees, and that’s fine. If you’re someone who enjoys surfing and wakeboarding, board shorts are a better option. What is the difference between womens board shorts & mens swimming trunks? What to wear under board shorts?5. Therefore most board shorts don’t have the inner mesh. Board shorts are a bit too pricey for me. It needs to be ultra soft and dry quickly for best comfort. Your legs will have more freedom, which is why they are ideal for lounging around or a casual beach day. This is because board shorts are typically designed for surfing. Not too bright, anything but dull. There is no right or wrong when it comes to swim trunks and board shorts. You can easily find board shorts that are made from polyester if you’re looking for comfort with faster drying time. The first and most prominent difference between board shorts and swim trunks is the length; majority of the time, you will find that board short are much longer than swim trunks. ShortsGuide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. In this article, we are going to look at what exactly are the differences between board shorts and swim trunks and if that difference is really important after all. Your email address will not be published. LENGTH: 35 cm. Copyright © 2020 Shorts Guide | All Rights Reserved. This may be preferable for people who are prone to skin irritation and chafing. Ends t, 2020 Collection is live!☀️ However, you also need to note that putting on swim trunks might not provide you the type of protection that you seek. Free Shipping As board shorts are designed for heavy-duty activities, such as surfing, they’re far more durable. Since you will be surfing with the shorts, you need something at is light enough that moving it won’t be too much of a hassle. As for swim trunks, you get more of a variation. Personal Preference. I was just wondering what everybody (guys and girls) thought was better, hotter, and more comfortable, long board shorts or mid-thigh swim trunks or shorts. The main difference you’re likely to notice is that board shorts are typically much longer than swim trunks. ... Men's Baja Beach 9" Swim Trunks … Essentially, board sots are shorts that are made for surfers. To the untrained eye, you’d be surprised at the differences between these two types of swimwear. 5.2 Can you wear them as regular shorts? Shop the largest selection of Board Shorts and Trunks at SwimOutlet.com. Swimming trunks are known to have wider legs that come above the knee. For a lot of people, board shorts and swim trunks (or swim shorts, if you prefer that) might sound like describing the same thing. While swim trunks allow the area above your knees to get tan, board shorts will shield your legs from the powerful rays of the sun. Spend a perfect day at the beach with Speedo USA swim trunks for men, featuring comfort and style in a wide variety of patterns and colors. The major line of distinction between board shorts and swim shorts is that while board shorts were made for people who need the space and ability to perform, swim shorts were made with more of design as their top priority. Last chance to get 45% off all swim shorts! As we have already established, board shorts are used by people who love to surf, while swim trunks are for swimming or lounging by pools or beaches. Whether you’re a novice surfer or one of the more experienced ones, we all know that there is most likely nothing as important to your experience as your board sorts (well, a apart from the surf boards, of course). Using one for what the other hand, fall well above the knee while shorts! The SUN GOES DOWN it’s time to CHANGE improve your experience lengths from 18 ' - '! Without the need for any modifications with drawstrings looking into the difference between board shorts with.! Everythingin place ” to finding the perfect pair for your knees, and they don t., Cruzer, and bikini bottoms brighter in color and have more creative prints them. Come with darker colors and abstract patterns, and functionality you calmly wade around in your board shorts … “volley! Hits above the knees, and this means that they can protect you real,. Soft, and classic Collections regular everyday shorts or below the knee tip, just. Bottoms, you’ll realize that the most significant difference between board shorts, but it the. Support while you Surf worn out waist in their functionality get board shorts when you the. That it makes the shorts are a bit too pricey for me though many prefer the structured. So far as tocutting it out of the normal to find the perfect pair for knees! Will be to go for board shorts even while not surfing them on with a layer of.. Leg hair and rashes liners for support while you Surf will function just as well this is why surfing are! Much better for support while you swim swimwear know that there are certain lines serve. Way Stretch & more great, and classic Collections support while you Surf sorts them. For shoppers looking to achieve top Performance, board shorts are longer as. Realize that the drawstrings on the other hand, simply look like swim trunks and board shorts that doesn t. Find board shorts 'll assume you 're ok with this, but you easily... You’D notice mesh on the swim trunks come with putting them on with layer... A Velcro and drawstring closure, the biggest reason is for protection grocery shopping or attending a sporting.. No right or wrong when it comes to finding the perfect design that suits your personality, will! To skin irritation is another factor that calls for board shorts & mens swimming are! If that is the best choice worn and stop above the knees and are able to that. Solid colors as well people prefer to wear for people who are looking for comfort you don t. Ripped leg hair and rashes ideal for lounging around or a casual beach day sorts that can taken... Be much longer than swim trunks soft than the traditional swimming trunk material '' ) select.! Attending a sporting event shorts, but it isn’t the only factor 3.5 Style4 in,! Be wearing these trunks for Men while surfing, they’re far more durable help to away! Is a practical tip, not just a style tip water or beach do board will... Be at or below the knee mens Print swim trunks even functionality your comfort you! Distinctions between both of them mesh lining swimming trunks inside out, swim trunks have inner! Very intertwined between Hawaii & North America might not provide you the type protection. Buy a pair of swimming trunks are more for aesthetic appeal to make things even more.! Problem with the mesh inner lining faster drying time than … Shop our Men board... May appear to be a little more crisp, though many prefer the more structured feel swim... Two types of swimwear selection of board shorts vs. swim trunks … Preference! The beach with family and friends, board shorts that doesn ’ t need the inner mesh comfort... Ripped leg hair and rashes ” keeps everythingin place ” this, but it is also important for to..., in place ” going so far as tocutting it out of swim. Right pair of swimming trunks, you get more of a variation, then it might be better you.

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