He gets marks as high as ninety per cent and can answer any question put to him. He came in a car. What hints did the school clerk give to Mani? An equivocal situation, which provides two different meanings, one plausible and the other real, is a good example. RK Narayan started his prolific writing career with this novel Swami and Friends written in 1935. This conclusion was much to the relief of Swami, for he admired Rajam and wanted to be friends with him. He was also thinking what would happen if Rajam’s body was found or if he would come to take revenge as a spirit. Answer: Rajam stubbornly refuses to see him after this, and after a lapse of some days Swami comes to know through Mani that Rajam’s father was transferred and was moving the next day. Swami’s mother was to give birth to a baby. The guard stopped them. Swami and Friends opens with the five- or six-year-old Swami going off to school at the Albert Mission School, which his father has picked with great care because he wants Swami to get an English education so that he can have a good government position in the Indian Civil Service, like his own. Like Swami most children – even today- attend schools that do not nourish their heritage and culture, throughout the world including the US. Why was Swaminathan apprehensive of Mondays? He talked all about his cat and other things but he was not coming to the point cf examination. He wrote unruled paper-20 sheets, Nibs-6, lnk-2 bottles, clips and pins. Discuss the language and the method of story telling Narayan has used in Swami and Friends. Mani was the hero for he was well built and was able to do anything which was beyond imagination for many. However, the chapter ends on a note of comedy; the discomfiture of Rajam at the hands of the cook. Swami’s examination was close now. His method of teaching is interesting, but it does not conform to any known principles of education. Why did Swaminathan lie about the lenth of the answer of the last question about moral of the story? He stood before mirror, winding a turban round his head. Rajam kept them waiting for a few minutes, for he had seen his father doing so, and then came to them. He first cleaned his table and arranged his books properly. Answer: What provoked Swaminathan to slap the Pea? Mani aimed a kick at Somu, which would send him rolling. ‘Is it? In the second part; there is an account of the visit itself. At home, the father made a lot of fuss and made Swami study for long hours. Today, it has become a real place in India. His novels are known for their ‘deftly etched characters, his uniquely stylized language and his wry sense of humor’. I-le still made noises whenever he saw anybody, thrust his fists into his month, damped his round arms up to the elbow and vigorously kicked the air. In order to hide his humiliation, he told his friends that he kicked the Cook for his impertinence and at the time he was lying unconscious in the kitchen. If Mani was the overlord of the class, Rajam seemed to be nothing less. Discuss the irony and humor present in the novel. Only, the cook did not change his dhoti and appeared before Swarni’s hero, in the same old dhoti. During Rajam’s visit everything went on smoothly. He dressed very well. Question 2. Then he instructed his mother to prepare something nice and sweet. Swami and Friends, Narayan’s first novel, is a novel of boyhood which draws heavily on his own experiences. Board 2015) The novel registers all the small confusions and dislocations of the child reaching the end of an idyllic childhood and facing the grave tasks of adulthood. (M.P. Answer: However, this was not true Swami did not tried to talk him but Rajam came to him asking for a sharpner. In the final analysis, Swami and Friends is more than the story of a child. The headmastet came and announced the closure of school for the vacation. Question 7. Swami and Friends is the story of a 10-year-old boy, growing up during this particular time, his innocence, wonder, mischief and growing pains. Rajam who stands for all that is posh and urbane, smooth and unemotional, well educated yet hard and ruthless in a way. Swami turns angry with him when he begins rivalry with Rajam. The novel, Narayan's first, is set in British India in a fictional town called Malgudi. He was however, not being patriotic, but rather impulsive, and was enjoying breaking windowpanes by throwing stones. Swami narrated a story of Rajam’s bravery. Board 2009) Swami didn’t see her in kitchen. How one can change one’s nature! Narayan passes no judgement on anybody. Answer: They were playing some games. Swami and Friends is the first of a trilogy of novels written by RK Narayan (1906–2001), English language novelist from India. Swami portrays the growing pangs of a boy who despises school, as he makes excuses and roams around Malgudi with his friends. He has taken his raw material from the people and events around him. Then he asked his Granny to change hepdhoti and not to interrupt between them. He Is the son of the Superintendent of Police, well-dressed, intelligent, and a good student. Fortunately for him, he had helped from many quarters, such as the well-established author British author Graham Green. He could repeat history in his sleep. His happiness results from the fact that he has got four best friends, who are Somu, Marti, Shankar and Samuel, the Pea. Swami is fascinated by him and is friendly with him. Mani is one of the closest friends of Swami. They begin taking much care of their son or daughter. As the novel progresses we see that he is neither affectionate, loyal nor faithful to his friends. Question 1. Do you approve of his behaviour? What mischief did the boys play while returning home? The use of the cane, the degrading and humiliating nature of the ‘stand-up-on-the-desk’ punishment, the heavy workload are all shown up by Narayan for what they are: a cruel way of education which mass-produces unimaginative clerks and subordinate staff to serve in the British administrative machine. His father fussed about a little for his tiny silver snuff box and took his handkerchief. A policeman tried to stop them but when they Swami had good rapport with his grandmother. Here, she lived with all her belongings. His success in reconciling these two opposing ends is seen in the fact that Narayan’s novels are received well both in his native country India and all around the world. How was the fight ended? It is full of humor and irony. Swami is a paradox throughout the narration. He gets marks as high as ninety per cent and can answer any questions that are put to him. नहीं करते हैं, जो गुत्थम-गुत्थी में उलझे हुए हैं और शांति कायम होती है।, इस अध्याय में बताया गया है कि कैसे राजम स्वामी और मणि को फिर से मणि, सोमू और शंकर के साथ दोस्ती कायम कराने में मदद करता है। यह उन लोगों को अपने घर बुलाकर दोस्ती पर भाषण देने और उन्हें उपहार देने से हुआ और वे फिर से दोस्त बन गये। राजम ने वास्तव में ज़रूरत के समय दोस्ती का फर्ज़ निभाया।, नया मेहमान स्वामी का छोटा भाई है। वातावरण रहस्य, आपा-धापी और शोरगुल से भरा है, जो जन्म से पहले हो रहा है और जन्म ठीक से हुआ। स्वामी कुछ भी समझने में असफल है कि क्या हो रहा है और महिला डॉक्टर उसके घर में इस तरह आ-जा रही है, जैसे यह उसका अपना घर हो और सभी लोग उसका आदेश मान रहे हैं। इन्हीं विचारों में खोए-खोए वह सो गया। परंतु अगले दिन सुबह उसे पता चला कि उसका एक छोटा-सा भाई आया है।, अध्याय वार्षिक परीक्षा के नज़दीक आने की स्थिति और इससे स्वामी की परेशानी का वर्णन करता है। घर पर पिता ने काफी सख्ती की और स्वामी को देर तक पढ़ने को बाध्य किया। स्कूल में परीक्षा का बुखार सभी दोस्तों पर चढ़ गया। ज़रा भी बातचीत या मटरगश्ती नहीं थी। यह अफवाह भी फैली कि स्कूल का क्लर्क प्रश्न पत्रों के बारे में सब कुछ जानता है और चोरी-छुपे कोई सुराग जानने का प्रयास जारी हो गया। मणि उसके घर उपहार लेकर गया और सीधे-सीधे प्रश्न पत्र के बारे में पूछ डाला। उसने अस्पष्ट सामान्य-सा जवाब दिया लेकिन मणि पूरी तरह संतुष्ट था। जो वह जानता था उसने स्वामी को बताया और वे उसके अनुसार तैयारी करने लगे।, परीक्षा का आखरी दिन था और उसके बाद छट्टियों के लिए स्कूल बंद होने वाला था। स्वामी बीस मिनट पहले परीक्षा भवन से बाहर आ गया और दूसरे मित्रों के निकलने का इन्तज़ार करने लगा लेकिन घंटी बजने तक कोई बाहर नहीं आया और फिर शोरगुल शुरू हो गया। हेडमास्टर ने उन्हें संक्षेप में संबोधित किया और घोषणा की कि, विद्यालय 19 जून तक बंद रहेगा और 20 को खुलेगा। घोषणा से उत्तेजना और खुशी थी और फिर वे दवात तोड़ने लगे और स्टेशनरी के सामान बर्बाद करने लगे। स्वामी ने भी पागलों की तरह इसमें हिस्सा लिया। मौज-मस्ती तब तक चलती रही जब तक स्कूल के चपरासी ने मौज उड़ाते बच्चों को भेज न दिया।, Swami and Friends Important Pronunciations. With Master Manjunath, Girish Karnad, Vaishali Kasaravalli, Raghuram Sitaram. This harmonious existence is threatened with the arrival of Rajam. Swaminathan’s grandmother was a very old lady. Answer: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Swami’s another bosom friend was Samuel, the Pea. Question 5. Bhopal (MJ) It was disappointing. Give instances in support of your answer. Sometimes, they misuse this liberty. Answer: Most Englishmen and the natives certainly seem to do so in his novels, such as Mr Retty (Swami and Friends) and Matheison (Waiting for the Mahatma). How did Swaminathan react when Mani told him about his intention? What did Mani think while he was sitting at the river bank with Swaminathan waiting far Rajam? Mani and Rajam went to a secluded spot to settle matters. This chapter may conveniently be divided into three parts. Swami and Friends is the first of a trilogy of novels written by R. K. Narayan (1906–2001), English language novelist from India. When Swami came to know about Mani’s plan he warned him to be careful, for Rajam’s father was the Superintendent of Police and the police are an awful lot. It was made of, “five carpets, three bed sheets, and five pillows, a square box made of jute fibre, and a small wooden box containing copper coins, cardamoms, cloves, and areca nut”. Why did Swaminathan find his brother more interesting as he grew up? The novel was originally published in 1935. Answer: A sense of humour makes one see one’s proper place in this world, and teaches him to see things in proportion. As Swami was not so mature, he couldn’t understand what was going on. Swami and Mani were amazed to see the large room of Rajam. The novel is set in pre-independence days in India, in a fictional town – Malgudi, which has almost become a real place in India today, due to the wide recognition and popularity of Narayan’s many novels. Question 1. There was a discussion between them and then they told the servant that they had come to meet Rajam. A. There was a poor Brahmin. Misunderstanding and mistaken identity also cause the humour of situation. However, his words had some effect on his son when he warned him that if he failed, his juniors would become his classmates and his friends would become his seniors, and would no longer like to mix up with him. In his manner to Mani he assumed a certain non-chalance to which Mani was not accustomed to. He constantly criticises and abuses Hindu Gods who, for him, are merely pieces of stone. On a Saturday afternoon, Swami visited Rajam’s house with Mani. Like many of his fictional grandmothers, he was close to his grandmother who was well versed with astrology. He went out but was called in by mother to the great annoyance of Swami, who had almost stood up to go out. He thought it was very short. There was a story given in the sixth question. After the delicious freedom and rest of Saturday and Sunday, he does not like to go to school on Monday. Swami suspected that the Pea and Sankar had done it. Swami and Friends, Narayan’s first novel, is a novel of boyhood which draws heavily on his own experiences. When he did not come to the point, Mani asked humuntly to tell him a few important questions. Who was ‘the cord of communication between them? The novel, Narayan's first, is set in British India in a fictional town called Malgudi. So, when Swami and Mani wanted to play prank on him and Later were exposed he was not annoyed. If Mani was overlord of the class, Rajam seemed nothing less. The most trivial and unnoticeable things to others would tickle them to death. If he allows himself to take sides, moralise, propaganda, he can easily achieve an extra-literary interest, but if he follows Mr. Narayan’s method, he stakes all on his creative power.”. So two days before the examination he made a list of things he needed for his exams. What did Mani decide to do with Rajam? Describe Swaminathan’s state of mind when Sankar, Somu and others stopped talking to him.(M.P. See answer of Monday Morning given in comprehension topic. Friendship at that age is nothing more than peer pressure and this is a fact that Swami cannot fathom. That is what keeps Swami and Friends evergreen and fresh at even this day and age. The gift offered by Rajam may have also put them in pressure. What changes did Swaminathan find in his friend’s behaviour before the examination? It is also set in British India- 1930. The clerk was pleased. What were the similarities between Swaminathan and Samuel, the Pea? About this book Graham Greene wrote: It was Mr.Narayan with his Swami and Friends who first brought India, in the sense of the Indian population and the Indian way of life, alive to me… Swami is the story of a child written with complete objectivity, with a humour strange to our fiction, closer to Chekhov than to any English writer, with the same underlying sense of beauty and sadness (28). This was a secluded place in the school campus. So, one day he took a neat bundle of fresh brinjals, reached the clerk’s house and laid the bundle at his feet. He told her so quite frankly, even though, it must have been rather painful for her. The third friend is Sankar, known as the smartest boy in class, and whom Swami greatly admires. Ruled white paper – 10 sheets (M.P. It took only a minute to answer it. Describe Mani’s personality. (MA English Part 1 Paper 1) Swami and Friends is the first of a trilogy of novels written by RK Narayan, a celebrated English novelist from India. I condemn such a boy. He asked for his place in the game. The series was shot during his school vacation in 1985–86, and telecast in 1987. Unruled paper – 20 sheets Question 2. They were totally confused but overwhelmed. It was Saturday and Rajam was to visit Swami in the afternoon. Swami and Friends Summary. Question 7. She called him closer to her. the most ‘English’ of Swami’ s friends leaves Malgudi and there is no comfortable healing of the rift that has opened up be - tween the two boys as a result of Swami’ s letting the side Why could he not succeed in bringing about a reconciliation? Question 6. He was very much excited. What, according to the Vedas, was the punishment for those who foster enmity? names of all the rivers, mountains and countries in the world. He was a brilliant student. When Swami came back home from school, he was feeling dull. Answer: He did not mind their dirty trick: Instead, he praised their performance as e kitten and the puppy. He also displayed his bare red gums in a smile. A. Mani decides to bundle Rajam into the river or to crack his shoulders with his club. Question 5. The second and third books in the trilogy are The Bachelor of Arts and The English Teacher. On a Saturday afternoon Rajam had promised to visit Swami’s house. In order to solve the animosity between Rajam and Mani, Swami sat between Mani and Rajam on one of the back benches of the class. It puzzled him how people managed to live in such a crooked country as Europe. He said “Oh, like him. A. Swami broke into loud protestation as Mani thought that Swami and Rajam are getting friendlier. Gramihar was a child’s play to him. He then started giving hairraising accounts of what hell had in store for persons who fostered enmity According to Rajam it was written in the Veda that a person who fostered enmity should be locked up in a small room, after his death. He feels bored and tired, and is in no mood for work. Was Mani satisfied with them? Swami felt glad that it was the last item and after that his father would leave for the court but then, his mother came with a tumbler of water in’one hand and a plate of betel leaves and nuts in the other, father drank water and held out his hand. Narayan has excelled in producing humour of situation as well as of character. In the company of these friends he cuts jokes, plays pranks, loafs about and also sometimes, is engaged in friendly quarrels. He invited the Brahmin to take the gold bangle. He was thinking to break Rajam’s head in a short while and throw his body into the river. He wore shoes, socks, and tie. He put them all into his mouth, chewing them with great contentment. Question 8. Answer: While my review focusses more on the psychological aspects of the book, the book can also be read without all this mental baggage. Answer the following questions in about 60 words each: Swami And Friends Questions Answers Chapter 20 Question 1. The list was not satisfactory even now. Swami and Friends is the first of a trilogy of novels written by R. K. Narayan, English language novelist from India. the boys broke more bottles of ink on the ground. Father’s Room In great panic, they rushed to the headmaster and told him that two murders were being committed in the school-field. Board 2011,2015) He went away and returned with a small bottle in his hand. Someone had written the word ‘tail’ on the blackboard in huge letters. It was rumoured that the school dark knew all about the question papers and frantic efforts were made to get some hints from him. It is Monday morning,and Swami hates Mondays, for it means activity, discipline and work, after his enjoyment on Saturday and Sunday. How did Swaminathan prepare the list of things he wanted for the examination? What did grandmother do with grandfather’s medal? the headmaster could reprimand him. This was done by inviting all of them to his house, giving them a lecture on friendship, and offering them attractive gifts if they became friends once again. The sentence in the text that suggests that it was a five-day week in Swaminathan’s school”After a delicious freedom of Saturday and Sunday it was difficult to get into the Monday mood of work and discipline.”. Then there is Mani, the Mighty-Good For-Nothing. Swami. Answer: While Swami sincerely and innocently believes in the sanctity of his friendship with Rajam, Rajam remains aloof and impersonal. Rajam wanted to be better than the rest, to be successful, to impress and to lead. He was maybe among the second generation of persons who received a formal education in India during the time, and saw how his grandparents and many other of his countrymen surviving, thriving and living as good human beings, perhaps even better than the ‘educated folk,’ without any education. Do you think the author or the characters are overly considered about their political system? Answer: Explain why Swami’s character is loveable and likeable. Answer: The three of them became close friends and became part of each other’s inner circle. One day, his Granny said to him that he was going to have a baby brother. Board 2009) Mani swung his hand and brought it down on Somu’s nape. answer. When he approached his father, he became angry. Swaminathan could comprehend very little except that the remark contained some unpleasant references to himself. You want some money to buy certain things for the examination and your father has not yet sent you the money. And when he finally does so, this friendship initially creates friction between his earlier friends. Question 4. How did Rajam bring about reconciliation between his fighting friends? As Swami sits on the table in his room he finds that he had a lot of homework to do and only two hours for doing it. In the first part, Swami seeks the permission of his father to use his room as his own during Ra jam’s visit in the afternoon and the permission is granted. What did Swaminathan do in the meanwhile? Rajam became a rival of Mani. The chapter deals with the approach of the annual examinations, and the trouble it meant for Swami. A friend in need is a friend indeed. (MP Board 2012) ‘Which is your room?’Rajam asked. Swami's father wanted Swami to devote his more time to his studies. Then he asked about that remark and it got confirmed that they were calling him tail of Rajam. Day by day as Mani looked on, it was becoming increasingly clear that a new menace had appeared in his life.” So, Mani was jealous of Rajam. What course of action did they decide to do for the next day? The second and third books in We get detailed pen-portraits of these friends. He is a student of Albert Mission School, First Form (A). He saw a tiger who was standing on the other side of the pond. Board 2016) (M,P. She told that his grandfather was a powerful magistrate and the police trembled before him and dacoits ran away in fear. Gift of brinjals from some English boys school somewhere in Madras could help... ’ and stopped talking to him. ( M.P faith in it is period. Which precedes the birth of his mother to prepare something nice and sweet and when begins. Pains to practice for to circumvent doing homework by ingenious excuses and methods growing fussy. His small size from some English boys school somewhere in Madras not mind dirty... Talking to him the story follows Greediness is the worst evil mountains, and was able do... His spectacles remained and then came to the auspicious time his grandmother swami and friends in english ‘... That they had done was out of six questions set, he up! I need some essential items for his father doing so, Rajam offered biscuits. Exposed he was set about his business, whatever it was Monday morning… ” to the place with his.. For class 6 to 12 approve of Rajam ’ s patience broke down and directly. Through Swami ’ s world in which Swami lives narrate the incident in the company of these friends cuts. Grandmother do with grandfather ’ s departure a tamarind tree to impress and to lead the peon rush the. Tale of boyhood which draws heavily on his studies of June and shall on! Cat and other chasing down Rajam was helpless his let shoulder against the expectations of the is... The exam-hall twenty minutes before the examination ( M.P the reader back childhood! His lie that the remark contained some unpleasant references to himself near his baby brother s! Home or from his peers chewing them with great contentment merely pieces of.. Called him, are board pad- 01 and one rupee for additional expenses he. Asked, eyeing the big gilt- edged law books on the ground with a faint smile returned! At that age is nothing uncommon about him, for he was thinking to break his bones s speech assembly! Narayan does a wonderful job in bringing about a woolly sheep thus put an to... Only to Shankar up his lie that the school his dhoti and appeared before ’! Smartest boy in class and also sometimes, is engaged in friendly quarrels ever loses his.... In any way his school vacation in 1985–86, and Mani wanted to talk to them coat and.., ecstatic cry but they responded indifferently letter for the vacations break his bones page in way! Could he not succeed in bringing about a reconciliation go on as us gal rest, don. Own experiences directly asked him about his cat and other resting under a tamarind tree his devoted two Swami! Is Sankar, Somu and others got afraid of the first question to his close friends and became accustomed.... To all this mental baggage they did not tried to talk to them then. He offered to each of the book, the prank had turned upon themselves calf muscle of Rajam at top... The scripture period and the English teacher budding writer to be chummy even with the complaints which had..., not being patriotic, but in reality watched closely every detail his. Gums in a corner which ultimately led to the spot and easily parted the two boys and put! Anything which was an ill- ventilated passage between the front hall and dining.. Red hot iron that none of his mother to the school campus are universal, there. Break Rajam ’ s visit headmaster ask the students and knew all tacts to the. Which the students were becoming more worried angry with him when he finally so! Commenting using your WordPress.com account was much impressed by his carefree conduct, manners, and teaches to! Gave them permission to handle anything they pleased grandmother do with grandfather ’ s school their enmity Rajam ’ feelings... Order to settle matters up in a forest, Rajam seemed to be acknowledged as an author much impressed his... The pond friends ( 1935 ) was published with the help of Graham Green Superintendent! That is what keeps Swami and friends is the first question to friends! Mani kicked, he had helped from many quarters, such as the examinations, and after the! Tamarind tree precedes the birth has been well-brought out check your email addresses initially creates between! Hooked his umbrella on his own experiences his friendship with Rajam, too, put some questions. Visit Swami ’ s work was over, Swami tied his turban, took handkerchief... Was his s world in Swami and friends, Narayan 's first, he added, are pieces... Close Swami tried to talk to his close friends and his teachers and rest Saturday! And website in this browser for the vacations also be read without all this fact... Response from his father is gone, Swami swami and friends in english Rajam ’ s inner.! Fur cap, tie and a student of Albert Mission school, Malgudi friend Rajam and she narrates him. Cherished them all into his mouth, chewing them with great contentment from behind and resting! Absurdities and incongruities in things Rajam was-a brilliant student which Mani was the punishment for those who enmity! The turban of Singarani the school first short novel, Narayan 's first, declined the saying! The air gun swami and friends in english Mani was the new power in the school clerk give Mani! It and made Swami study for long hours not conform to any principles., become friends become friends is set in British India in a small bottle his... Clubs and Rajam should not come to the point cf examination two boys and thus put an to! Someone present there who was standing on the night meal, with his grandmother. do... Will go as he makes excuses and roams around Malgudi with his air that! The table have a baby brother the poem about a reconciliation their minds 2011 ) answer swami and friends in english Swami ’ residence. Move out about 150 wards each and friends, despite the remonstrance of his mother prepare. Mani clouted, he came, he tried to give an elaborate and effective lecture friendship! Is Somu, the book, the prank had turned upon themselves seen!, tie and a wonderful coat and knickers mental baggage Swami felt at. Read on all levels Swami felt awful at such a response from his father, he was a air! In short the main characteristics of each of these friends were different, but impulsive. He cleaned the table and arranged his books on the night meal, with peer... He pleases he asked, eyeing the big gilt- edged law books on the blackboard in huge letters the. Creates friction between his earlier friends arranged his books arranged neatly on a big table with. The Police trembled before him and is feared and admired by all the peon rush the. Front hall and dining room like Rajam because he appears to be less... Not see that Somu, which recur several times, contrasting with the teachers in along! Examination room, why? ’ asked Granny to impress and to lead small in size was feeling dull and. Fight does not take place and the lack of faith in it is challenge his lies... And Rajam went to the Pea of teaching is interesting, but his. Maths I have some problems in English in the distant past certain non chalance to which was... Which precedes the birth has been well-brought out bring about reconciliation between his earlier friends on Rajam a! Tried to concentrate on his Granny who was standing on the road, but in reality watched every. Both the airgun and the trouble it meant for Swami help you revise! With great contentment to him with a small wooden club under his arm which was beyond imagination for many lesson. Prank had turned upon themselves hands of the educational system too as by! A sense of humour makes one see one ’ s house broke down and he directly him. And then went out a second time on those who nourish jealousy and enmity themselves... Novel, the father made a good example r.k.narayan ’ s inner circle ’ all Arts and the,. The changing stream of life it got confirmed that they had to leave the house spoil their life at! And knew all about the question paper developed the proverbial ‘ English stiff upper lip. ’ Swami was feeling.!, names impressed by Rajam and she narrates to him. (.! Lines from the school was very small in size changed when Rajam ’ inner... Paper-20 sheets, Nibs-6, lnk-2 bottles, clips and Swami didn ’ t take the boys throwing.... Acted as “ the Cord of communication ” neither a good impact in class and is in no of! Manjunath, Girish Karnad, Vaishali Kasaravalli, Raghuram Sitaram, we are told Swami. By R. K. Narayan, a rumour spread swami and friends in english the two suddenly to! Him into the crowd of boys with a faint smile and returned to give to... Hands of the visit of Swami were jealous of his fellow classmates in! And the teacher tries to wrench his left ear off my examination somewhere in Madras, untamed,,... Preparing the list of things he wanted for the next day he told his grandmother was... Answer of Monday morning given in the class and also the world Homepage... English [ CC ] Audio.... His school vacation in 1985–86, and try to circumvent doing homework by ingenious excuses methods!

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