Amazon had something not right. Thank you. Ocean Kayak’s Universal rudder kit isn’t exactly what its name suggests. I drew out a 17” x 6” rudder on my sheet of aluminum and cut it out with a jigsaw. Convert many Canoes, Kayaks and Small dinghies into sailboats with the addition of this one drop in rig. A rudder is a long, narrow fin-like blade that extends down into the water off the stern end of a kayak. They are often secured on top of the kayak when the kayak is being transported. All the information on this site and in my social posts are my opinions based on an honest attempt to draw a reasonable conclusion from factual experiences. When it is all put back together, the knot holds the bungee in place. I’m making one for my kayak and just cant figure out the bungee routing. What would you do different? I profile two owners who have had the same drop in rig on several different boats each. //