E-mail: cahill@merillcreek.com (Site owned by 7 utility companies. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et sa meilleure utilisation est de … Here the reservoir's inlet-outlet tower handles the Delaware River water as it is taken in or released from the reservoir. The 650-acre Merrill Creek Reservoir, owned by a consortium of power companies, is a pumped-storage facility, completed in 1988. Ingersoll Dam April 1986. Its basic purpose is to provide stored water that can be released to the Delaware River to make up for the evaporative water usage at certain electric generating units in times of low flow in the river. Hike around Merrill Creek Reservoir for views of the water with opportunities to spot wildlife. Turn left on Route 57 and continue through New Village, which in 1918 held a population of 250 people, had the trolley, railroad, post office, school, two churches, and telephone. And below the old dam, Merrill Creek flowed freely again, plunging down its tree-lined gorge into the hollow. He wanted to modify earlier, hand-shoveled techniques by casting complete houses—interior walls, floors, and roof—in reusable cast iron or steel molds loaded from the top. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Turn left onto Montana Road, then continue for a mile and a half as it passes by the other end of Allens Mills Road and heads toward the small hamlet of Montana. Mountain Hawk Watch from September through November, where thousands of hawks pass over along a major raptor migration flyway. Merrill Creek Reservoir Merril Creek is a 650 acre reservoir surrounded by a 290 acre Environmental Preserve with an additional 2000 acres of woods and fields. A historical marker documents the stretch of road. Merrill Creek Reservoir is surrounded by woods and fields for a scenic setting close to the Pennsylvania border. Open water surrounded by deciduous woods. Mike W. & … At Merrill Creek Reservoir From the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife : The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife is informing anglers that Lehighvalleylive.com includes a featured article on the great lake trout fishing in Merrill Creek Reservoir in Warren County. Get our newsletter, This Week in the NJ Skylands, with updates, special offers and good ideas! Return to Route 57 and turn left to travel the Concrete Mile. The trails and boat ramp are open from sunrise to sunset daily. There is a small green sign pointing up to Merrill Creek at Fox Farm Road, just south of the Warren County Fairgrounds, on the other side of County Route 519 in Harmony. This story was first published: Autumn, 2012, Bald Pate Mountain, Washington's Crossing, Howell Farm, Reservoir Relaxation: Split Rock,Taylortown and Boonton. Follow it for three miles as it twists and turns downward through beautiful terrain. It was Phillipsburg's largest employer through the 1960s, then declined in stages until the company sold the property in 2004. The two original churches are gone but the Methodist church, built in 1891, as well as a cluster of houses still exist today. Bucks, does, and fawns frequent the meadow across the water, and harriers are common as the day's light fades, sweeping low across the open meadow hunting for prey. Merrill Creek is connected to the Delaware River, about three miles away, by an underground tunnel. However, after the price of iron dropped, he sustained huge financial losses and abandoned his ore processing efforts. Trails leading from the Visitor Center take hikers along the water's edge on the perimeter trail, through forests, old conifer stands, and quiet trickling streams. And the snowy owl appearance last winter was the talk of New Jersey. Keep informed about all the great stuff to do in and around Northwest New Jersey by reading our seasonal publication, the Skylands Visitor magazine. Located in central Warren County, New Jersey, Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre (2.6 km²) artificial lake that is surrounded by 290 acres (1.2 km²) of protected woodland and fields. To ease the situation for its employees during the post-World War I housing shortage, the Ingersoll-Rand Company decided to build low cost workers' homes in two developments: Valley View, for semiskilled and unskilled workers; and Hill Crest, for department heads, foremen, supervisors, and highly skilled mechanics. MCR welcomes our visitors to enjoy all of the recreational opportunities that Merrill Creek has to offer, but we ask for your cooperation in being respectful to your fellow visitors, as well as MCR employees, and maintain social distancing and wear a mask when interacting with others. A bit farther on, there is another wildlife blind along the water's edge. No boats may be on the premises before the gate is open or after the gate is closed. Turn right onto Edison Road and look for ruins obscured by overgrowth, once part of Edison's gigantic cement production facility. Explore the 650-acre reservoir between sunrise and sunset, when the gates are open to allow boating. After the Ingersoll reservoir was completed, the Lopatcong Water Company gradually bought out most of the land within the basin, planting large stands of conifers in the abandoned fields and clear-cut wood lots, some of which are still visible. In 1918, the nonprofit Phillipsburg Development Corp., a subsidiary to Ingersoll-Rand, began to implement the housing project, modeled after the attractive concrete homes erected by Charles H. Ingersoll in Union, NJ, a year earlier. The Merrill Creek Reservoir boat ramp and trails will be re-opened on June 15, 2020. This area is also the current site of the Scott's Merrill Creek Reservoir Info: 5/7/2017. Although the first Valley View concrete houses had only four rooms, the rest had six rooms, and both types had modern bathrooms and basements, all cast in one operation. The end of this loop is very flat – mostly level dirt or gravel. Hiking counterclockwise leads over the main dam and its scenic vista overlooking Low's Hollow. (908) 454-1213 (ph) Using molds to form concrete houses may have been radical in the early 1900s, but it was not a new idea when Edison announced his plan in 1906 to construct houses of poured concrete. Made the 2 hour drive back down south to fish new waters and avoid the bad New York weather. Retrace the route, turning left toward the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center will remain closed. Although his Portland cement was used for buildings, roads, dams, and other structures, including the 1923 construction of Yankee Stadium, Edison's New Village plant was never very profitable. There are special events throughout the year as well as programs for schools. In 1903, to supply water for its new location at Phillipsburg, the Ingersoll-Rand Company built a ten-acre reservoir just upstream from the site of today's huge dam, which now hides the old thirty-foot high concrete barrier under two hundred feet of the reservoir's deepest waters. Explore the remarkable personality of this place and get a year-round supply of great things to see and do!! Comments: Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre reservoir surrounded by a 290-acre Environmental Preserve and 2000 additional acres of woods and fields. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until December. When cement rock was discovered near New Village, NJ in 1898, he saw a way to utilize his expensive ore crushing equipment. During the late 1890s, hoping to turn a profit from his iron ore mine in northern New Jersey, Thomas Edison developed and used his own iron ore milling process. Four narrow roads met at the bottom of the basin after descending its steep sides from the four points of the compass, at a place called Pleasant Hollow. Water would be pumped up from the Delaware River three miles west, to be contained by a half-mile-long, 235-foot high dam constructed in narrow Low's Hollow gorge a thousand yards ahead, and kept available for release back to the river at times of low flow. After about a mile it is easy to see the very large buildings which house thousands of chickens at the Ise Farms egg production facility. Five miles of track connected everything, and over three miles of belt conveyors moved materials along. His involvement, however, certainly helped promote the growth of the young industry. Hands-on exhibits, dioramas and other displays may be seen in the Center. Brian S. & Eric G. 5 12.00lbs ( Lunker 4.24lbs ) ( Late Penalty -1lb ) 2. Lock Park and Warren County Historical Learning Center, which, at the site of the former Morris Canal Lock 7 West, contains a short section of cleared canal towpath and prism, a perimeter walking and nature trail, and extensive historical signage. And the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western railroad carried freight and passengers through here for many years. The trip back down into and through the Pohatcong Valley is equally rewarding for students of history and devotees of the outdoors. Land Use. Outdoor areas will be open from Sunrise to Sunset, seven days a week, year round, except where use restrictions are stated in the rules or posted at the location. © 2020  Initially, potential buyers were reluctant to live in concrete houses, believing they would be cold and damp. The Merrill Creek Visitor Center remains closed to the public. And around the same time, visitors may have noticed huge excavating machines in the distance reshaping a natural geological basin into the final contour of what would become the 650-acre Merrill Creek Reservoir. (C. H. Ingersoll bore no relationship to the Ingersoll-Rand Company but was of Ingersoll Dollar Watch fame, later Timex.) Home Fishing With The Lunker Hunters! Sunday concerts on the manor lawn are a favorite during the summer. There are dozens of duck species, snow geese by the tens of thousands, even occassional loons have been spotted here. Canal ran its boats through this little valley and across the state for a century from the 1820s on. Few visitors realize, though, that the Fox Farm Road once continued down the basin's steep western side, passing the sites of old family farms and a schoolhouse, now deep under water. Visitor Center Phone: (908) 454-1213. As Edison built his concrete business, he constantly sought new ways to use his product. The 2,300-acre property surrounding Merrill Creek Reservoir holds a large network of trails worthy of exploration, including a 290-acre environmental preserve. Website by D.C. Helms, Inc. Coogan, an executive of Alpha Portland Cement Co. was the development corporation's president—it was decided that the hundred or so houses of Valley View would rise using the "Ingersoll Method". Merrill Creek Reservoir If there were awards handed out for the best-hidden treasures, Merrill Creek Reservoir would certainly receive one of them. Washington, NJ 07882. The ramp will remain open … Since it opened in May of 1989 the area has become a popular destination for outdoor lovers. Edison's cement mill employed 600 men, mostly immigrants, the majority of whom commuted daily by trolley from Phillipsburg, Easton and Washington. Merrill Creek Reservoir Warren - New Jersey. In the mid-1980s New Jersey's largest one-day count of migrating fall raptors was recorded nearby; an amazing 18,500 broadwing hawks! Research has shown that in 1752-3 Samuel Smith was granted the right by the Kingwood Meeting to build a Quaker meeting house and residence here in which he would hold services. The trip back down into and through the Pohatcong Valley is equally rewarding for students of history and devotees of the outdoors. Although Edison's original concrete has since been replaced—the last of it finally pulled up in 2010—the segment proved quite sturdy, and concrete went on to play a major role in the construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. It stores 16 billion gallons of water that can be released, during low-water periods, to the Delaware River to augment river water used by electric generating stations. You might see a resident black bear or two at the small bridge over a marshy portion of Merrill Creek. In a short distance, notice the gravel lane on the right that leads back to a wildlife observation blind located on a former homestead, the upper Beers farm. The telephone number for the Visitors Center is (908) 454-1213. Over the years some of Merrill Creek's staff have led kayak and canoe nature tours of the reservoir, the most intriguing being their moonlight paddles (the only exception to the dawn to dusk rule). Then look for the gravel lane on the right in another half-mile, and a gated, unpaved parking area. Habitat. Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre reservoir surrounded by a 290-acre environmental preserve and 2000 additional acres of woods and fields. Merrill Creek Reservoir Here are the results and see you all in a few weeks at our lake hopatcong open 7/7/18 Merrill Creek Reservoir ( Open Buddy ) Angler # Of Fish Caught Total Weight 1. Though Merrill Creek Reservoir is in fact a man made lake, the 290 acres around the water are protected land and cannot be developed. Copyright One trail passes alongside the old farm ruins of the Cathers and Shafers families, including building foundations and a limestone kiln. 6.7 miles. Contact: Curtis A. Hill, Superintendent. The most popular are the broadwing hawks which fly over in huge groups, so high you'll need binoculars or a spotting scope to see most of them. Its basic purpose is to provide stored water that can be released to the Delaware River to make up for the evaporative water usage at certain electric generating units in times of low flow in the river. To view another of Thomas Edison's impressive influences on the area, head into the Valley View neighborhood in Phillipsburg. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme facile. Continue past the Visitor Center entrance drive until the road ends at the boat launch. Continue across Route 57, cross the Pohatcong Creek and in less than a mile, just before turning right onto Good Springs Road, an 1874 map shows a depot at the rail crossing. Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre reservoir surrounded by a 290-acre Environmental Preserve and 2000 additional acres of woods and fields. The Morris From the Visitors Center, return to Richline Road then turn right and continue to its intersection with Montana Road. In 1912 an experimental section of highway was constructed with cement manufactured at his plant, perhaps the first paved road in rural America, and certainly the first concrete surface in New Jersey. (Please respect the residents' privacy and safety.) Nearby Merrill Creek Reservoir, with its vast open waters and network of wooded trails, is deserving of any excursion up the mountain. Whether you’re on or off the water, you’ll catch a glimpse of wildlife among the surrounding environmental preserve. So glad with the days results! The Boat Ramp is open from Sunrise to Sunset, but its use is gate-controlled on a schedule of specific hours for opening and closing. Located in central Warren County, New Jersey, Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre (2.6 km²) artificial lake that is surrounded by 290 acres (1.2 km²) of protected woodland and fields. Trail surface is mostly easy, with some rocks/roots in areas. It is the deepest man made lake in New Jersey which allows it to keep a healthy population of lake trout year round. Partly because the cement industries were nearby— F.M. Continuing past the gate on foot for a few hundred yards leads to the base of Merrill Creek Reservoir's main dam. He announced that he would give away the patented design to qualified builders, presumably to boost sales of his concrete made with New Village Portland cement. In one mile, turn left into the lane leading to Bread Mike W. & … These lands are themselves part of of open spaces. Lunker Hunters Penn • Jersey Bass Club! 1. Merrill Creek Reservoir Perimeter Trail is a 5.2 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Stewartsville, New Jersey that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. (908) 454-2747 (f). (This is all posted private property.). It's one of the few places that is beautiful during all four seasons. Back then, Pleasant Hollow's aura was one of beauty and mystery. Inside the Learning Center, open on the second Sunday of each month, there are detailed models of the canal as well as other exhibits. Charles Ingersoll had improved upon Edison's casting method by using lighter, more economical wooden forms and by eliminating the need for top forms for the floors. Inside the Visitor Center there are various informative nature and historical displays, a lecture hall with many raptor and wildlife mounts, classroom, bird feeder observation window, and restrooms. Because housing was so critical, the first twenty-five homes in Valley View, those on Congress Street, were built as conventional frame houses, due to the initial logistics of constructing and erecting the concrete forms. Owned by: Merrill Creek Reservoir. Also, brochures, pamphlets and general information are available. From about 1906 the trolley tracks of the Easton & Washington Traction Company ran along Route 57, carrying passengers between Washington and Phillipsburg for 25 cents. Montana once held a cluster of homesteads, a Presbyterian church, a Baptist church, schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, store and post office. We appreciate our visitors understanding while we … Merrill Creek Reservoir (1/5/2013) Months after Hurricane Sandy swept through the area, the majority of NJ state parks are still closed with (as far as can be determined) no date on when they will open. Phone: (908)454-1213. Brian S. & Eric G. 5 12.00lbs ( Lunker 4.24lbs ) ( Late Penalty -1lb ) 2. Merrill Creek originally entered the mountaintop basin from the plateau to the north, then flowed southerly for nearly two miles before escaping into Low's Hollow. From the unpaved parking area, hikers, runners, and nature lovers can follow the gated lane down to the five-mile-long perimeter trail which skirts the reservoir. Turn left onto Roseberry Street, continuing across Route 22 on Roseberry Street which then skirts the former Ingersoll-Rand tract on the left.