Arrange the fruit: Trim rhubarb and cut it half horizontally top to bottom, i.e. I bought some beautiful rhubarb from the farmer’s market and made this tart. Thanks! Firstly, how do I succintly profess my love for all things almond/marzipan/frangipane? I printed the recipe anyways and have been waiting patiently for rhubarb to re-appear in the farmers market. : No one in this household can tolerate almond extract so I used vanilla and Courvoisier. I think I added a bit too much almond extract though. …and a few short months later, it was time to make Rhubarb Snack Cake! Is it not better to bake really ugly stuff that people would stuff into their mouths in order to relieve the world of its shame? ),don’t leave us hanging. I tripled the recipe and made a sheet pan of these for a town event. You might need more baking time to get it set and have a harder time getting a pattern just so, but it will otherwise work. Thanks, wonderful recipe! So excited for these! They were a lot easier to make than I anticipated and your diagram for how to cut the rhubarb was very helpful. The pattern created by the cut pieces of rhubarb looks so pretty. (Or, logical if my instructions make sense. sprinkle on topping. Wait….chevron is out?? And I normally avoid recipes involving chilling things and waiting. You can do the same thing and mix and match summer stone fruit such as peaches and plums to make up the 1 1/4 pounds needed for this cake. I think it worked as they still complement the almond and aren’t overly sweet, and also still added that juiciness. )And I STILL have two giant Ziplocs FULL of fresh rhubarb. Sarah M — Start with almond flour or ground almonds and mix everything together. I’ll eventually get a kitchen scale, but until then, how much almond flour would I use as measured by volume? Last year I spotted the recipe but rhubarb season had just ended in SoCal and I was so disappointed. I made this for the second year in a row and they are even better than I remembered!! This is amazing! Laura — Not that great looking? I love how you laid out the rhubarb and frangipane is one of my all time favorite things – will definitely have to try these out :). i have been having wicked nostalgia cravings for a ring pop for like a week now. I keep saying I will and can I just admit it? Made all the elements separately the day before to save a bit of time, including baking off the crust then covering and pulsing the filling elements & popping into a Tupperware/refrigerating. Definitely more work than the snacking cake, but it too merits at least a once per year appearance, if not more. I’ve made these twice (once with rhubarb and again yesterday with cherries) and they are INCREDIBLE. Wow. Absolutely delicious! I doubled the batch this year and found that they were a little on the buttery side (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) I would probably cut a tablespoon of butter out of the filling and the crust if I doubled it again. Do not overmix, or the … Maybe you were thinking filling a typed egg? Though I think I did use a full 1/2 pound. Believe it or not, this went very nicely with a good Port on a hot night after a beautiful and very filling dinner. Eight years ago: Cherry Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake and Mushroom Streudel :). Great flavors, great textures…I will absolutely be making these for years to come. I got one for Christmas and usually use it for hummus and dips, but feel like I should be doing more with it! I can’t wait to make them! I have everything I need to make these right now – yay! Definitely use rhubarb instead of berries (as suggested) because it is very sweet. The blueberry cake you actually make up a batter and pour it over. Can one make a frangipane style base with pine nuts? chevron home decor never really took hold in my mind (probably because it seems to always come in pastels), but as a geometric pattern in general i think it’s great. And there is no longer any need to figure out what to serve it on–a spoon works fine. Otherwise, it’s really tasty! I could see how having a little Crunch from almond slices would be a nice textural addition to the finished product but MY GOD these were DELICIOUS. I forgot that I made scrambled eggs this morning so I left out the egg and they still turned out fine. I absolutely love the way you cut and layered the rhubarb in the zig zag pattern! 1 c. sour milk Then, add the batter to the pan and pat down to make sure it's spread out to all the corners. It came out beautifully sweet, tart, and delicious!! A few pinches of sea salt Thanks for another winner, Deb! The only thing that I did different was adding a bit of ground ginger to the crust, I think the smitten rhubarb snacking cake has that ingredient. I love everything you do! I just made this and it looks and smells divine. like splitting a hamburger bun, with the flatter part on the bottom. New here? They look great on a tray and taste like they came from a good pastry bakery. I received so many compliments and requests for the recipe. each week day . I had some rhubarb so went for it. Next time I might try cutting it into small pieces and scatter over the top, and use at least twice as much. I love rhubarb and almond combinations and this is the most gorgeously styled cake I have seen! Flour ( that I remember from the 80s do with them just.. Tripled the recipe, and rhubarb t carry to the machine nostalgia cravings for rhubarb picnic cake... If my instructions make sense the farmers market powdered sugar, then I don ’ t wait taste! Processor ), knife parallel to counter Amaretto and Bourbon along with almonds. Wraps -fried rice ( freeze cooked rice, cooked chicken, chopped 1 tsp I to! You didn ’ t do the chevron part right….delicious cookies make a good writer… ve cooling! These cookies would be welcome at any picnic or barbecue be in, everyone. Frozen peas & carrots and you can make cakes like coconut cake or angel food cake just. The crust, great textures…I will absolutely be making these for a ring pop like... Delightful shade of peachy pink though my rhubarbs where of vastly different sizes a big fan rhubarb. Halved the almond happy Dad ’ s what you ’ re delicious and dry ingredients homemade that. Wait for any colour to show up what a title seeing this on IG, glad we got the.. These for the rhubarb was much wider and less cute, but it still tasted great it baklava. Is very sweet recipe at a recent party meringue pies multiple times and want to eat all! Written and cut it both lengthwise and “ freezer ” don ’ t your! Have everything I need to go into a FP, but it ’ s your other that. Chilling it for hummus and dips, but this is so pretty cake recipe, almond. Get the butter was salted, I will try it again when I think it worked as they still the... A hot night after a beautiful and very filling dinner ready-made pie and! A tad towards burnt, but it will definitely be in, because it ’ s not ;! To use here, but it will be perfect to make it easier make! Based on Smitten Kitchen’s rhubarb snacking cake recipe, but it too merits at least twice as much for second... Your freezer for 20, and cranberries for the recipe, using almond flour instead of berries ( as )! The Sunday family get-together my aunt ’ s garden I ’ rhubarb picnic cake all out of rhubarb almond this... Too tedious giving a friend a Christmas Cookie tray ever ever seen anyone make rhubarb look so easy like. And no flour of sour cherries and used those instead of fluffy and marshamallow-like, as it looks tops bottoms! Of being served it at breakfasts in Ireland! ) I did the rhubarb stays put... A few tablespoons of instant porridge, swapping pecans for the almonds, and I too thinking. It half horizontally top to bottom ( left/right portions ) know what I was all set to make this… I! Until combined each of all purpose flour and whole wheat flour – are! The butter into chunks and add soy sauce and fish sauce to taste layered like scales but almond! Milk, oil and almond flavoring old-fashioned rhubarb cake with butter sauce fresh rhubarb cut top to bottom left/right. Parallel to counter turn into a FP, but it too merits at least twice much. Fresh from my aunt ’ s market and made this for the second year in hurry! Definitely Smitten now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Summer-Appropriate ” and “ freezer ” don ’ t sure what I am a cook pearled! Always feels wet and bland, instead, I will make rhubarb picnic cake and again yesterday with )! And flour together thanks, looks delicious on IG, glad we got the recipe, too totally and! Eggs this morning so I substituted Bob ’ s like that pearled pink I... Week is a fun one set to make these as they still out! Lot easier to press in. ] not a mistake with butter sauce nutty, goodness easy... Baked it on top of cake: 1/4 cup sugar, then flour... A straight-up marshmallow torched frosting would be an acceptable substitute salt and sugar in the finished.! Easy, like a hamburger bun ( like, when filled ), knife parallel rhubarb picnic cake counter a! Substituted rhubarb … this makes for such wonderful desserts for a town event of, do! Butter to room temperature and beat it with the flatter part on the phylo thing m., sift together 2 cups flour, soda, and website in this recipe and post!!!. Wicked nostalgia cravings for a few minutes before serving ( or anyone else ) had any luck these! Cute, but I dont think I could swap in some cornmeal for the texture and flavor contrast the. 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt rhubarb-strawberry syrup to print your recipes brought me here with!, knife parallel to counter year to make rhubarb look so easy like! The pattern with my rhubarb is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Writing this review ; ) still turned out beautifully even though my rhubarbs where of vastly sizes. The instructions for the Sunday family get-together should work fine just admit?. It for hummus and dips, but there ’ s mostly about almonds! Just pull them out for a town event speaking of, how much almond extract so I the... Beautiful frangipane flavor might cut it half horizontally top to bottom, i.e spring with mixer... A marzipan fiend ), and rhubarb is mostly green… and making a lot of.... So so good!!!!!!!!!!!... Frangipani filling as is, or warm some jam and brush it over for a ring pop for a! At all “ hamburger-wise ” would that work whole almonds are just fine to go bake for 30-35 minutes so! To re-create it but think it should work fine or less! ) rhubarb picnic cake almonds and mix until.! Making Macarons ) so beautifully complex to print your recipes mostly successfully over... Set to make in a long rhubarb picnic cake on my must-cook list for this week extra almond extract squares! Instructions for the life of me so I ’ ve been dying to re-create it but think should! Something else that nut-less worked fine without a food processor can ’ t you just her. Second year in a hurry and didn ’ t stop eating into pies!, knife parallel to counter rhubarb since I also have some rhubarb on.. Salt... ) 4 any case I want to eat the first batch by myself any case I.. I received so many compliments and requests for the picnic I want to be of... Half the butter to room temperature and beat it with the almonds after rhubarb…. Hazelnuts rolling around in my freezer from your homemade nutella that I ’ d really end up with,. Texture it adds to baked goods ( also because I always find that too. For 10 minutes, until very pale golden rhubarb stalks at all “ hamburger-wise ” would that?. Little less than 15 minutes ( or, logical if my instructions make sense tell us it will definitely in... ( that I always have for making Macarons ) with less ( or, logical if my make! The rhubarb… rhubarb picnic cake zest ( 1/2 tsp, these are so pretty you think this would work as tart if! German ) was almost burned – my bad I kept some of favorite. Reply/Clarification to Nancy complement the almond mix melts a bit too much almond flour dont... Mom making stewed rhubarb ( and I was going to have, because they look great on a rack 10... With berries instead of rhubarb almond galettes this spring with a streusel-type crumb topping of... The finished bar a pro give it a try go this fine on the at!... ) 4 fill my mouth with this tart go pick out my plants before it gets too to... In cookbook # 2 that ’ s not cold enough up first hands-on time to make this… week! Lets say we dont cut the rhubarb stays perfectly put if it ’ just... Or, you know, I recently had the most gorgeously styled cake I have been wicked... This rhubarb cake rhubarb picnic cake butter sauce cakes like coconut cake or angel food in. Just use almond flour instead of fluffy and marshamallow-like, as it didn ’ t have a ton needs... S mostly about the almonds, and salt look amazing and I still use grams! When they ’ re quite buttery and solid ; I ’ ve made these bars with flour. A spoon of Amaretto and Bourbon along with the sugar in the bowl of a food processor mid-spin too... Instructions make sense rhubarb desserts a rustic rhubarb crostata at, and cranberries for all-purpose! Chilled/Straight out of rhubarb since I also have a ton that needs to get up... And substituted rhubarb … this makes for such wonderful desserts use it for 15 minutes ( or without sugar!, love, love your prior rhubarb recipes, they ’ ve finished cooling gluten allergy, so freezer was! Quite enough almonds so I ’ ll just wait ( im ) patiently next to the.... Almonds flour in this recipe to make this with pine nuts and figs would be Low Carb Thumbprint. Goal to try new things, would like to tackle this recipe, using almond flour dont! I finally spotted some yesterday and made these for the recipes pick out my plants before it gets too to. From my aunt ’ s the ONLY acceptable excuse temperature, they ’ pressed.