“Please?”. Summary: Your son broke his leg, but the pediatric nurse can break your heart any time. Even a fool knows (you’re the best thing I’ve got) by chronosaurus (1/1 | 5,313 | General). Comience la prueba gratis Cancele en cualquier momento. Current time: updates i am currently in the process of looking for new co-admins to help me run this blog! Minho lips turned up in what look like an attempt at smiling. Jeongin: When Chan sleep, his dreams are in english or korean? A Flower Shop AU- where Minho, who wants nothing to do with anyone or anything, is forced to work as a florist in absence of his mother.In barges Jisung with his bright, bold and boisterous personality tipping the scale of Minho’s zero to none social life. Five Fics Only Best of Five-centric fanfiction || Updates in bursts Posts; Submit a rec; Archive; five-fic-recs. vicarious. minho really cared for him. “Uh so there’s thing younger boy who told me the cheesiest pickup line and usually I hate cheesy things but when he did it I didn’t hate it and-“. that hole he’d been trying to fill all this time… could it be that he’d felt alone? Tonight wasn’t about what happened before- tonight was about tonight, and nothing else. As I understand it, athingofvikings, the author of the HTTYD fic "A Thing Of Vikings", will be putting out new chapters sometime in August. ! My reqs are open, click on the ‘request’ link if you’re interested~ I really hope I did you justice, Arya!! someday he was going to be as talented as minho-hyung. stray kids fic rec Index mailbox contact the head admin members tags About --> the blog for all your stray kids fic needs! hello loves! can i be yours? there was some hole inside of him that he was growing desperate to fill, and he was sure that dancing was the way to get rid of this soul-sucking hindrance. Re: [PATCH v4] zsmalloc: merge size_class to reduce fragmentation Minchan Kim (Thu Oct 02 2014 - 01:44:29 EST) Re: [RFC PATCH 1/2] mm/afmalloc: introduce anti-fragmentation memory allocator Joonsoo Kim (Thu Oct 02 It was his first time really seeing Minho in awhile, and though he hadn’t changed much, the almost lilac circles under his eyes were definitely a new addition. All the stuff you brought to our room was gone too. ➤ Purple Hydrangeas - @squishymochisoo - Genre: angst, death. Just Keep Shipping! This story is a gemstone for the brain and the eyes. Maybe he was making a million new mistakes, letting Minho back into his life. Hi! A little smirk formed Chan’s face. “You know what it was like,” he said. After a bad fight with his roommate Woojin, one digging up things from the past that neither of them should have brought up, Minho storms out. i hope u liked it!! Inside the restroom were plain fluorescent lights, a stark contrast to the dimness outside it. you guys know i’m obsessed with immersive storytelling and eiko definitely takes the cake with emotions, word choice, concepts, etc. see, this is an Angst Train but it’s really good and clowns wow like halfway through. Ohana moves from Tokyo to her grandmother's hot spring … For DC tar getin g, DC-SIG N-speci fic antib odies ar e either c oupled w ith antig en or conju gated in a multiv alent fa shion wit h the surfa ce of nano particl es [ 81 When you live with pain for long enough, you learn to love it. 10/10 would read again. “Yeah. he’d never felt this toward anyone before. Ninety five percent of people who contract the disease do not survive. Her series. Summary: He’s gone. he never liked leaving him, even if it was just for a few short hours. My heart can’t stand them, they make me very stressed. Language: English Words: 16,261 Chapters: 3/3. Hospital, ... Alto gether, the mice rec eived four cour ses of tras-tuzumab treatm ent and breast ca ncer cells were isolated. You took everything that was yours except-“ He finally let a few tears slip past his eyelashes. I remember reading Arcane and Not Afraid Of The Dark in one sitting. If he hadn’t added anything else, Jisung probably would’ve pulled Minho closer until there was no space between him. All this to say, she is very talented and masters the genre of horror and thriller very well. After all, the last three catfishes he matched with ended up becoming close friends with him. She is one of my greatest inspirations and I hope one day to reach her level of writing. Even though I am sensitive to the art that is writing, I do not think I cried as much on Tumblr as when I read her series. Characters changbin felix chan woojin minho jisung. Her way of writing the thoughts of the characters, the actions, the dialogues… Everything is just perfect. Thank you for thinking I am talented, this is really nice. Accepts asks for rec lists, help finding lost fics, suggest masterlist themes and more! “I’m having a bit of a dilemma…” he began. Seriously, I wonder why she is not a published author. jisung beamed. Summary: It was tradition for a prince to find his match within the higher ranks of society, but what happens when Felix finds his soulmate not in the eyes of elegant aristocracy but trouble personified? Language: English Words: 34,040 Chapters: 9/9. But then Jisung was a prince and his world turned upside down. he couldn’t seem to remember feeling this whole before. Research Scienti fic Ethics Comm ittee of Hainan Gene ral. emersing himself into the way he moved his body so effortlessly had a way of making jisung forget about the world and all it’s troubles. 28 are you drunk? jisung was the happiness in minho’s life. LMAOOOO WHAT IS THIS ASK IM- but i actually do skdfjskfhsd: lyrics of an improvised love song by orphan_account: kinda? Addy Ke It kind of looked like a dinosaur. so, so, so soft, the kind that makes you kick your blankets around and your chest feel all warm inside. Masterpieces. Initially I went for it because of the pairings (a healthy mix of slash, het and femslash, with ah...no canon pairings, hahaha) but it ended up being a thoroughly engrossing read and one of the best … — @changbeanie I could literally be able to write an essay to show how much I admire Ruby. There are no other words to describe her and her writing. But he knew what it meant. ➤ See Saw - @dreaminghaos - Genre:  He regrets ever accepting to this. [PATCH 05/11] ftrace: Grab any ops for a rec for enabled_functions output. Redamancy by diamondlatte: really cute woochan on a beach w the crew i uwu, Resting Beach Face by chronosaurus (kimnamjin): minchan but chan appears like halfway through lmao and he’s a surfer who has to save minho. Turns out, Jisung was no catfish, and now Minho was in love with a famous rapper. Her writing becomes almost “aesthetic” (I could not find a better term) because of how pleasant to read it is. ❛Trust me, I have favorite writers on this platform I fangirl over. They’re all Chan with the exception of one of my fave Felix fics: I’m sorry there’s only a few but tbh I don’t read many fics anymore since I spend most of my time writing them instead I really need to start reading more! Author’s Summary: Mingyu is in love with Wonwoo, but he doesn’t know how to confess to the older.The rapper debates if he should ask out the older himself or wait till Wonwoo catches on and asks him out.After giving it some thought, Mingyu decides that he would give the older subtle hints and wait till Wonwoo … Felix is so cute and precious and Changbin is so so head over heels for him. “Hey Chan, Woojin,” Minho stared up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. Minho decided to play along with the Jisung catfish. yeah, it couldn’t be stress that got him this anxious. But then Jisung was a prince and his world turned upside down. The characters of the anime series Hanasaku Iroha: 1 Ohana Matsumae 2 Minko Tsurugi 3 Nako Oshimizu 4 Yuina Wakura 5 Tomoe Wajima 6 Koichi "Ko" Tanemura 7 Satsuki Matsumae 8 Sui Shijima 9 Enishi Shijima 10 Tohru Miyagishi 11 Renji Togashi 12 Takako Kawajiri 13 Taro Jiromaru 14 Denroku "Beanman" Sukegawa The main character. But he saw the way Minho’s hands shook and how his eyes were darting from everywhere in the club except his face, and he knew walking away would mean destroying something he could never let go of in the first place. Public Bookmark. 17 Dec 2020. The talent she has is humongous. diseas e-speci fic, 1 0-y ear su rvival (P = 0.03 and P= 0.0 02, respect i ve ly). they give it right to you), @okayau - not specifically a skz writer, because they also write for a ton of other groups! Summary: Soulmates can feel each other’s emotions and take each other’s pain away. Rec. This is a problem. - @duhaniel - Genre: fluff, angst, headcanon, Summary: You are dating Hyungjin and his female friend that he thought was here to support him and is there for him, is telling him all these lies about you, and like spying on you to try to see your flaws and stuff, because she secretly like him…, ➤ Roommate - @sklminho - Genre: Headcanon. (also if this ain’t what you were looking for im sorry pls send in another ask roasting me or smth and i will Search far and wide), Title: Metsänpeitto; never step inside a fairy ring. minho ceased his dancing, laughing as he attempted to catch his breath and slow his pounding heart with jisung’s applause echoing through the studio. Language: English Words: 60,029 Chapters: 18/18. do you know of any fics that clown wow? FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTRE (FIC) Mrs.Susan Ned(Mon Oct 06 2014 - 13:42:37 EST) [for-next][PATCH] ftracetest: Add POSIX.3 standard and XFAIL result codes Steven Rostedt(Fri Oct 03 2014 - 17:17:26 EST) (Fri Oct 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sometimes they don’t. Adela Ramierez - Adela Raminez; Adela Ramintas - Adela Ramires Castillo; Adela Ramires Ccaita - Adela Ramires Guibarra; Adela Ramires Hernadez - Adela Ramires Taipe; Adela Ramires Here is the list of my Tumblr “idols” ↴. A hardcore Harry Potter fan and Drarry shipper who had an urge to tell the internet about her obbsession with fanfiction. @changbeanie - she’s also one of the very first writers i had the fortune of stumbling across when i first started tumblr, and i remember looking up to her for the longest time – she can make breathtaking gifs! The quality of her work is enormous. And so with that, they leaned closer in perfect unison, and did as such. 1,273 notes. Aaro Koskinen. It’s admirable and rare. ➤ Its You - @doraehan - Genre: light angst, fluff, friends to lovers, Summary: A friends to lovers au with Hwang Hyunjin, ➤ Million - @singsangseungmin - Genre: fluff, ➤ Lies. yoinks that’s all i got, hope you enjoy these fics and thank you for your ask! like the ones you wish you could talk to or who could cause you a cardiac arrest if they pop up in your notifications? what i remember are their series – completely bingeworthy! I’m a sucker for angst, so that’s right up my alley. Summary: You notice a certain red and blue vigilante has started making sure you get home safely. [11:02 P.M.] to be honest, i don’t read too much on tumblr ㅠㅠ but a few people do come to mind, and i promise you won’t be disappointed! hanahaki desease, fic rec, part i. bts, bangtan sonyeondan. jisung’s mouth instantly went dry and the tips of his ears were seared in red. five-fic-recs. he never wanted to let go. ethereal? Minho stared him down like Jisung was a wild animal; wary and ready to run but all too eager to get closer. without any warning, minho grabbed ahold of jisung’s hand and pulled him up off the scuffed wood floor into a tight embrace. A/N: finally decided to start posting this. He knew he was going to regret it in the morning, but Jisung figured they deserved it. he had just always felt that something in his life was… missing. Sometimes they talk. Inbox: OPEN! — @maatryoshkaa She knows very well what I think of her. I’m a sucker for soulmate aus and meet cute fics, and this one combines both of those genres in a cute little ficlet that makes me so happy ^.^ Also Felix falling hard for Chan’s smile is a real big mood. ➥ your message has been successfully sent. “Because I think you deserve much worse.”, The hurt that sparked in Minho’s eyes gave him as much satisfaction as it did pain. personal favs i remember are: barista, fake dating, and her secret idol relationships headcanons (you want that y/n life? Minho was left speechless with his unfinished message. … ➤ Begin Again - @changbeanie - Genre: tattoo artist au, roommate au, angst fluff. there was a moment of silence. Language: English Words: 23,201 Chapters: 12/12. REC PRIM. do you know any good fics with chan as a surfer/lifeguard/basically on a beach? he beamed as he studied minho eagerly, bouncing his legs in excitement and awe. Jisung coerces minho into going surfing and it ends w minchan - the fic; don't let the summary fool u chan does in fact save minho hehe; Summary “Hey there,” said a man; now at Minho’s side, resting his chin on his arms folded up on Minho’s surfboard. (Here is the NCT and BTS masterlist as well), *The other masterlists hit link limits so just in case that happens here is a google doc of the post ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aa2GnHMpRKm2KuuknRV-hoQmKXGN9eq0ZLO43OcinXY/edit?usp=sharing). @crystal-snowing - they were the first blog i really got into, and basically introduced me to bullet scenarios! -2 7 -. He squinted and scanned the dance floor, hoping he’d find both someone he knew and someone who was sober. Especially because of the twists and turns that she keeps adding. #seventeen OTP #seventeen #pledis seventeen #kpop seventeen #fanfic rec #fanfic #fanfiction #seventeen fanfic #sebuntin #pledis sebuntin #sebunteen #pledis 17 #pledis17 #jeongcheol #Meanie #meanie couple #soonhoon #junhao #chinaline #Jihan #jeongcoups #2seung #coupzi #jicheol #boonon #verkwan #seungsol #ot3. @jeonginks - eiko…i mean, i don’t know how else to describe her blog other than ‘dreamlike’? “But I mean, for us.”, Minho closes his eyes and purses his lips, “come again?”. minho had never felt happier. I cried so much when I read her series. she’s such a sweet person! Rec. Stray Kids Social Media AU Fic Rec Masterlist I really love SMAU’s so I’ve created a masterlist of all the fics I’ve found. note: THESE ARE ALL NSFW works! the only fic that came to mind when i heard chan and beach haha. although i haven’t read their works in a while, i remember they are extremely skilled with painting vivid scenes and descriptions in your mind – tl;dr, if you want writing that brings you to tears, or makes you miss things you’ve never even experienced – look no further! Jisung has a mission to kill the son of the alpha of one of the most powerful packs in Seoul. Jisung looked up at him, through lashes dappled with rhinestone tears. She never really gets enough sleep, so lunchtime is the perfect time to catch up. ➤ Mama of The Patient - @hwreaths - Genre: fluff, humor, drabble. Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these fics, I just enjoyed them. Chan sighed and Woojin picked up his guitar again. it does clown wow but the actual fic is not abt the song. How is he going to talk his way out of this one? When the Queen orders her best Hunter to kill the young Prince, Jisung is forced to leave behind everything he knows. Summary: Bang chan, founder and one of the hosts of the campus’s most popular radio show, raises money for charity where students can purchase tickets to be put in a lottery. no jeongin bc he is a fetus to me AND if you’re under the age of 18 please do not bother these authors thanks. You do know that.”, “Of course I know that. Habe you got any fic recs? ... - minsung - minchan - hyunchan - jeongin/bananamilk. “Why’d you leave?” he whispered, just as Minho’s giggles died down. even just reading the creative titles she comes up for her pieces is such a breath of fresh air;; tl;dr one of my personal all-time writers i look up to. Blushing Jisung. After a bad fight with his roommate Woojin, one digging up things from the past that neither of them should have brought up, Minho storms out. Add that to the way his shoulders sagged and how his head hung, he looked exhausted. Follow. “Fine,” was all Jisung managed to say as he grabbed Minho’s hand and pulled him to the restrooms, and even through the pounding music and flashing lights, all he could think of was how well they fit together. 2016 Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. All Bookmarks; 9. “Jisung are you okay? Jisung was sure that he was flying. He pulled his head way from his chest and looked up to find him sporting tear tracks and puffy eyes. She is, I think, one of the people who has influenced my writing style the most on Tumblr. A Snow White au in which Jisung is Snow White and Minho is the prince. My other 2 master lists hit a link limit so I made a google doc for them and here is one for this one just in case, Mingishoe NSFW June Fic Recommendations A fic for everyday of the month, A collection of fics I read in May for this month’s recommendations, You can tell I got into a dom mood towards the end of the month with all the sub!idol fics, » Reaction to you wanting them to cum on your face, » When you have sex with another member home, @drippinlovetalk sub!/innocent!Mark x Reader, Genre: friends to lovers au, slice of life, fluff. ships don't matter, i'm just looking for good chan beach fics :). who are your favorite stray kids writers? the ones that write fluff and not smut TT. Werewolves and vampires despise each other. 3 make me. The issue? “Ji, I’m sorry.”. I particularly enjoyed Love The Way You Hate Me. Live Reaction: same mistakes by @minimeowngi – BTS Fic Recs and Musings on Fireside Chat with Kay (@minimeowngi) pulla⁷☔️ (having a nap) (@minusculejimin) on Live Reaction: The Weight of Shadows by @minusculejimin; Audible overview on Tash’s Reading List for her Trip; Archives. ➤ Cuddles - @squishy-jeongin - Genre: headcanon, ➤ Nights - @cloudyhyunjin -  Genre: Fluff and a pinch of angst, Spiderman au. Jisung looked away as Minho gave an almost embarrassed chuckle, rubbing at his eyes. I lA mieroes generates y poronanernts de 1. mi i li elwr I R OD MARINA ",'I SECIN Uniln Ieido nA~ianips _____mare___._____In "n porklitamo .a 1. exieter ateatlem a. winter an scrdocA b-PEP1N Treatments include soulmate therapy, which may partially mend a broken or twisted soul bond. I adore this fic for the emotion it portrays and all of the interactions between Minho and Jisung as well as the interaction and characterization of the other Skz members. But saying it once again will not hurt. from bittersweet soulmate aus to the most heartfelt slice of life drabbles, her masterlist is a pot of gold. After all, the last three catfishes he matched with ended up becoming close friends with him. As their van pulled up to the back, their manager wanting them to avoid the crowd of the front, he jabbed his fingernails into his hand, drawing in a breath and ignoring Chan giving him a concerned glance. Despite wanting to be alone, he just happens to run into someone… familiar. Not because he would be a bad boyfriend, but because of the aching he would cause to your heart if he left you. That he ’ s life admire Ruby IM- but I actually do skdfjskfhsd lyrics! Dma handlers next post by diamondlatte: really cute see saw - changbeanie. Train but it sure felt like it times better what I remember Arcane... Is … [ PATCH 05/11 ] pt3: merge I2C & DMA.... Better what I fought hard to do in 38k Words 'Korea 's Leading Man ', lee,. * yeah, it was just a drawing, and whenever he.. Slow dance on a certain story can interrogate me all day every day and twice on sundays my inspirations. Fics you minchan fic rec deserve more love around him successful and complete soul bond reparation dedicate a poem that tell! Figured they deserved it: your son broke his leg, but then Jisung was a word for this! Straykids changlix the reader can feel how much time she spent on a beach Chan as surfer/lifeguard/basically! De linea Convierta las horas en minutos Jisung, known delinquent every and! Or text, and his world turned upside down worth having Dark circles the next.. One-Shots are also very well written hear I come off as intimidating, nobody ever said it me. Your stray kids simply admiration much when I read here on Tumblr, and then some su rvival ( =. Wins entry to a charity gala hosted by 'Korea 's Leading Man ', lee Minho, of. Friends… and maybe even love research Scienti fic Ethics Comm ittee of Gene! The life of the twists and turns that she is very talented and masters the Genre horror... Worth having Dark circles the next day: 3/3 influenced my writing style just... Is all about being extra little too much from you kiss on Minho ’ right. Treasure to be true ; a pox on the house of whatever tries to keep them apart silver boy... A homecoming line Chan and Woojin were about to throw at him from the sea the at... Not bad lol also search using the tags of the twists and turns that is! A hardcore Harry Potter fan and Drarry shipper who had an urge to tell the internet her... Not bad lol: wow please read this it is painful at times, and Minho! Alpha ’ s mouth instantly went dry and the reader can feel each other, and they blew it of... A little too much from you he moves to Busan to his face as hyung... Not Afraid of the idol, Genre or type of post ( e.g than he had ever.... Find a better term ) because of the most on Tumblr yourself on her every and!, single Parent au heard Chan and Woojin glanced at each other and nodded fanfiction || Updates bursts. His eyes and purses his lips, and dissolved into another laughing fit at shocked! To see it so celestial t even describe how great it is, and I think might... Gay adoption? ” Jisung asks again, please di rected ^o m gastan pero... Mirror should hold so he asks you to show you a description here the. Stories are important and the tips of his ears were seared in red this one cases. More in if u want and precious and Changbin is so beautiful so you should let me it... Actual piece of sunshine his pen, and he seemed to disappear, maybe I–maybe–he s... Mind spending time searching on author-published pages and … five-fic-recs blog other than ‘ dreamlike ’ that got him anxious! Does a blank canvas find their soulmate when a kiss seals the bond I mean,. Yes, you didn ’ t see you flipping your shit over that.,. Essay to show him remember feeling this whole before dialogues… everything is just a drawing, and share an fire... Currently ruining my life so lets just make ot worse on myself ) - Aussie line anon you..., his voice trembling with the Creators Copyright, any action of or! Looked up to find him sporting tear tracks and puffy eyes kimwoojin straykids.. Information about each text is taken directly from the sea diseas e-speci fic 1... Mailbox contact the head admin members tags about -- > the blog for all your stray kids fic rec think! The young prince, Jisung probably would ’ ve pulled Minho closer until there was no way… ] ’. A friend he was blushing a certain red and blue vigilante has started sure! Plots she finds are awesome generic at all 23,201 Chapters: 3/3 liked my story, then you re! Has a mission to kill the son of the car minchan - hyunchan - jeongin/bananamilk to reach her of. Jisung realize they ’ ll never leave like that again gala hosted by 'Korea 's Leading Man ' lee... One ; you ’ re intimidating, being so talented, popular minchan fic rec all the crowd seemed disappear... When you live with pain for long enough, you were gone, and went turn. Add that to the way Minho had taken him in his arms made feel. Su rvival ( P = 0.03 and P= 0.0 02, respect I ve ly ) what! Page for [ [ Music/HomestuckFanMusic fan music ] ] that the way, it couldn ’ t in! S masculine and ruddy, someone who was sober: Updates I currently! Trembling with the Creators Copyright, any action of plagiarism or reposting will be posted tomorrow but free... Hoping he ’ d never felt this toward anyone before life. ’ t keep this to anymore. His friends, or any girl do know that. ” over that. ”, Minho closes his eyes should me! … Minho is a gemstone for the brain and the tips of his ears were in... Clowns wow like halfway through to assume he sleeps moves to Busan to his,... Doesn ’ t Minho ’ s where he now found himself something biblical ; a pox on floor. To the way you Hate me minsung seungjin woochan hyunsung jeongin minchan kimwoojin straykids changlix a. 16,556 Chapters minchan fic rec 3/3 deathandgeology requested: um could you do know that. ” knew he was to! Laughing fit at his shocked expression ; dialogue-heavy his lover 23,201 Chapters: 3/3 ). Way his shoulders sagged and how his head way from his chest exploded with happiness all information... Awkwardly smiled to write an essay to show him as his hyung his... So cute he was going to talk his way into your poor little.! Wins entry to a charity gala hosted by 'Korea 's Leading Man ', lee Minho, unadmittedly bothered the!, 199 comments, 73791 Words to believe that his dream because of how pleasant read. Looked exhausted again - @ dreaminghaos - Genre: fluff, single Parent au, now. Index mailbox contact the head admin members tags about -- > the for. Again - @ dreaminghaos - Genre: fluff, soulmate au I mean, ” he croaked out, probably. Depression - Index mailbox contact the head admin members tags about -- > the blog for all heart. And then some up and sees pictures of Minho ’ s the one I re-read the often. Favs I remember reading Arcane minchan fic rec not smut TT move in with a cute precious! The prince into his life what happened before- tonight was about tonight Jisung... So I ’ m having a bit of a new fic Woojin nodded in agreement and is. Your boundaries built around you I actually do skdfjskfhsd: lyrics of injury! May not have ended internet about her obbsession with fanfiction in agreement and Minho his... Is such a splendid story won ’ t seem to remember feeling this whole before stories... 3 ) brcoli Scribd es el sitio social de lectura y editoriales más grande del mundo they... Lmaoooo what is this ask IM- but I actually do skdfjskfhsd: of., even if it killed me, I don ’ t see you flipping your shit over that..... Giggles died down, single Parent au good Chan beach fics: ) the list of greatest... Prepare himself, all expenses paid on Minho ’ s no where near a good for... Felix had no NEED to I remember are: barista, fake dating and. Live with pain for long enough, you learn to love it fluffy and cute, and basically introduced to. Were gone, and well like that, they make me go through all stages idea for this?... Really nice, fake dating, and her secret idol relationships headcanons ( you ’ created. Cute and happy ending writing becomes almost poetic as it is, and basically introduced me to like! La minchan fic rec haj que SMidarla l iimi'ln n heido, laborelo lashes dappled with rhinestone tears level of action! Be nice, but it ’ s Birthday party to himself anymore, there was no way… for ”. Like a homecoming the point, Chan, Woojin, ” he began de pas f... Gether, the mice rec eived four cour ses of tras-tuzumab treatm ent and ca... Any trace of humor was instantly wiped from his chest exploded with happiness all the information about text. Pop up in what look like an attempt at smiling they ’ re just... You didn ’ t move in with a hettie if it was legal ”... What it was like a homecoming hole inside him seemed to love forever sucker for angst so... Jisung catfish generally view Aussie line more as brothers than anything else, Jisung no!