GTA V Easter Eggs: How to Unlock Patrick McReary. The Cayo Perico Heist has been added to GTA Online. I've tried at morning, afternoon, and evening. Random events. Packie was born to Maureen McReary. - Follow the instructions given by the mission and complete it. 5 years ago | 23 views. Packie has moved from Liberty City to Los Santos to start anew following the disintegration of his family's organization. Grand Theft Auto IV. If you go back further, the gang recruit NPC system of the original San Andreas is the origin I believe we see now in "5" Packie's father was a violent, perverted alcoholic whom Packie blames for their Mob's fall from influence. Playing next. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Patrick McReary spawn Have spawned him on a number of occasions outside the blue dime store on route 68