Like the Glock above, S&W’s M&P’s need almost no introduction for shooters. If you are already an XD fan looking to go big bore or are just shopping for a striker fired .45, the XD 45 is worth a look. Our test pistol, serial number NHDS0128, came out of the box weighing 36.05 ounces without a magazine. Compared to its mechanical progenitor the CZ-75, the baby eagle features a slide mounted safety-decocker that is more at home on a Beretta M9 or 92 then a pistol of this type. $279.95 more info Quick view. So as far as I am concerned, if you absolutely must have a .45, go with my blessing, so long as you get a good one. This gun is a beast and an amazing shooter. For those unaware, Remington bought and absorbed Para USA to make their 1911 pistols. They must be paying you huh? However, here are 5 double-stack 1911 pistols that you can pick up without going broke. Ambidextrous magazine releases and both striker and chamber status indicators round out the package containing a generous 13 rounds of .45 within the ergonomic grip. invincible pistols in the U.S., with LE and civilian markets MSRP is a far more reasonable $906, which means more like $800 on the street so to speak. Screws back out or fall off and require thread locker to stay secure. Description; Additional information; Description Used Ruger SR-1911. expect from newer handguns, it is nonetheless an excellent pistol. Ruger P85; Star; Swedish 1903/07; S&W; Tokarev; Walther; View All; Rifle Parts & Accessories . Well worth the investment, because you'll get it in function. While to secure their reputation as the premier provider of borderline Additionally the rotary action means that no tilting of the barrel need occur, and so the top round in a magazine is very nearly in line with the breech, mandating only the slightest of feed ramps for reliability. Para-Ordinance in particular is well-known for sub-par quality, and my experience with them in my hands and the hands of students has been hideous. Remington 1911 pistols have excellent build quality and very good triggers, but because it says "Remington" on it instead of "Colt," people tend to ignore them. Long live the .45! MSRP is $608, which means street prices will edge closer to $550 or less. Custom retention & exceptional fit. If you’re familiar with the PPQ, there is not much here that will surprise you, but that is honestly a good thing; these guns are already such great performers simply having one in .45 is boon enough! So for their next generation of handguns, H&K took what worked well and was liked from the USP’s and scrapped what was poorly received. Featuring all the features discerning shooters expect like an accessory rail, slide top loaded chamber indicator, reversible grip insert for a flat or arched backstrap, and an ambidextrous manual safety, this is a thoroughly modern design. This is curious as the gun has found widespread success and adoption for its greater qualities worldwide, and only recently thanks to the efforts of Ernest Langdon is the platform starting to garner recognition. This is the other reliable heavyweight gun on our list, and is a great choice for those who want a DA/SA pistol, especially one with a CZ-75 pedigree! Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced 45 ACP 15+1 Double-Stack Pistol. The SR 45 shows Ruger’s commitment to improving the human engineering going into their guns, and all the controls on this pistol are well located, properly shaped and crisp to actuate. If the 21 is a hair too much hog leg for you to carry, you can enjoy much of what makes this pistol so great in a more compact form factor in the Model 30, a compact double stack .45. An 8- or 10-shot hammer fired gun available stock with 9 different control variants allowing traditional DA/SA operation with a decocker, consistent light DAO operation, or cocked-and-locked single action the HK45CT, or Compact Tactical, also features a threaded barrel for suppressor mounting, tall adjustable night sights and ambidextrous mag and slide releases. The XD formula is based on passive safeties galore: a trigger safety ala the Glock, a grip safety that harkens to the 1911 and also locks the slide, and passive drop safeties provide plenty of assurance that this is one pistol that will not go bang unless the trigger is pulled while in the user’s hand. For some shooters, there is just no other choice to make besides the .45. Mild recoiling, a great trigger, and plenty of room for customization, the PX4 in .45 ACP is a pistol you should not write off! Most U.S. shooters know these handguns as the Baby Eagle, so named because its profile, especially the vaguely trapezoid-shaped muzzle, hearkens to its larger sibling the Desert Eagle. A winning combination if there ever was one. His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible. You cannot honestly assess any of these guns, or even double stack .45’s as a category, without bringing up their most obvious issue for prospective users: These are bulky, chunky, thick and heavy pistols. single action mode if you desire. The time-proven JMB bushing uses the legendary designer’s original short recoil spring guide, making takedown and reassembly easy. The aero survival rifle now has a 460 Rowland barrel for it and accepts glock mags and it’s not hard to put the extenders on those to add capacity. If you don’t know who either of those two gentlemen are, stop reading and go look both of them up. For sure. The finish is … Ever a safety conscious company, even with the passing of notoriously liability conscious founder Bill Ruger, the SR 45’s trigger is a little longer and little heavier than most of its competitors. This thing is built for sending a lot of pews downrange rather than concealed carry, so know what you're getting into. You left out the one that’s worked for over 100 years in single stack, and I’ll bet the same will be true of other double stacks: The Model of 1911. If you were going to try to conceal the thing, especially inside the waistband, double-especially if you have to really conceal it to prevent serious social, legal or potentially lethal consequences, it is a really big deal. Remington, Para-Ordnance, and others produce some hard running no failure pistols. The HK45CT is one of the smallest and yet most capable double stack .45’s in the world, offering an ideal blend of performance, shootability and ruggedness that hardly any other handguns in its category can match. Perfect, buttery, custom gun feel? Rubberized paddle provides extra stability and increase comfort. M&P .45 sub Kimber cuztom II 2Tone .45 full size. Holds two mags allowing quick access. Ten of them, to be precise. We apologize for the inconvenience. But reloading would be the best way to stay in those shells. Born in southeastern Washington State, Sam Hoober graduated in 2011 from Eastern Washington University. If you want to talk pure numbers, it looks like the 9mm has the most advantages all the way around, at least with technology where it is at today. for effectiveness and success that has changed little since firearms Polymer grips, and the gun ships with one (1) 10-round magazine, with 14-round magazines being available for purchase from RIA. Free FedEx Option* (1) ... Remington Accessories 17828 1911 45 … Big and Heavy? If you want a double stack 1911 with the least amount of investment, the Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS HC is the ticket. That and the fact that misses will likely occur and multiple follow-up shots will be necessary and suddenly the historical standard of 7 or 8 rounds may seem inadequate. Featuring a safety and trigger system more or less lifted from the legendary 92/M9 series pistols mated to the rotary action of the ill-fated 8000 Cougar series guns, the result is far more than the sum of its parts…. Second, .45 ACP ammo is expensive, significantly more than 9mm. Remington R1 .45 Fullsize Hipoint camo 9945 carbine .45 LOVEM ALL IN .45! The XD is a chunky pistol, wide, blocky and possessing all the aesthetic of Soviet-era mass housing, much like the Glock it strives so hard to beat. While it is an older 2020 Alien Gear Holsters. Item Number C45286. Why would you? a fan of DA/SA guns, and here the CZ gives you that option, but with Capacity is 10 rounds, and the revised grip is a big improvement over past iterations. The XD is not my favorite of the striker fired guns, as I have found their durability and reliability to be a little lacking compared to its two biggest competitors, but many people like them and they are pretty solid guns, with little doubt. Galco, DeSantis and Milt Sparks are popular, big name brands and it is a relatively simple affair for a skilled leather worker to turn out a pretty serviceable holster for nearly any pistol. The M&P45 still features the ambidextrous slide releases and reversible mag release found on other M&P’s and also has as an option a manual thumb safety in an ideal location, much the same in size, shape and feel as a 1911’s. expanding ammo is used. A flat shooting, accurate DA/SA gun with a very good trigger, and one that features more modularity and easier servicing than its better known 92 series cousins, with triggers, mag and slide releases, safeties and more all being easily swapped out for different components. question, especially in light of my preference for the 9mm which I have been vocal about in person and all over the internet, and Kydex is stronger and thinner than leather, and modern holster designers take maximum advantage of this material’s unique characteristics for holster making to crank out some incredibly comfortable and ergonomic designs. If you want bells and whistles, it's got 'em. The PPQ 45 is possessed of all the qualities that make its smaller siblings so nice, including a superbly well-textured grip, phenomenal factory trigger, excellent accuracy, ambidextrous slide releases and the new M2 type button magazine release, one that is most familiar to American shooters and in this guy’s opinion an improvement over the Euro lever style release. Regarding carry comfort, most of the guns you see on this list are about equal, not counting differences in weight or payload. ... 1911 Single Stack 1911 Type Double Action Frame Casting. I on the other hand have the experience in these matters and you can discount what I’m about to tell you all you wish but facts are facts and bs still smells like bs to me. Also brought my Glock 19, Ruger 22/45 Mk2, and Baer HW Mono. Model RL96491. This is doubly true for double-stack guns, of which there is a much smaller pool of what I would judge builders of duty-grade guns. Well you have some good advice for the uninitiated first time buyer but for the well informed you blew it! All that has changed now with the latest generation double stack .45 ACP pistols today, which can combine more than ample capacity and modestly sized grips, making them more than suitable for defensive use, even concealed carry. You might balk at the price tag, but what you're paying for is build quality. Yep. There is just no other way around it, these guns are big, and when more and more people are carrying concealed and the pendulum on best practices is swinging back from emphasizing raw shooting, or combative performance to emphasizing comfort, 24/7 availability and true concealment these guns can feel like dinosaurs, or at least as big as one! out the pistol that many of their American converts were already You could leave it as-is or hot rod it if you wanted; all up to you. This may make carrying the pistol aggravating for some depending on holster, location and so on. If you’re running a gun openly, in competition or just as a nightstand piece for home or self-defense it probably does not matter one iota. still delivers on this classic doctrine today. Unfortunately there aren't a heck of a lot of them that go for rock-bottom prices, and you probably wouldn't want one anyway. Beretta’s rotary barreled PX4 series are excellent pistols that are a love letter of sorts to Beretta’s earlier designs. But lesser-known among their product line is a series of CZ-75 derivative pistols that they have imported or manufactured over the years, sometimes called confusingly the Desert Eagle and sometimes called the Baby Eagle or Jericho. No, it will never be as convenient or as easy as tossing a little mouse gun in your pocket, but when you find yourself in a really nasty situation and need more than just a “break contact” gun you’ll be glad you have a legitimate fighting pistol. And this means that magazine capacity in guns chambered for it has always taken a hit. The magazine is enclosed by thin aluminum grip panels in an effort to make the grip as small as possible. OEM and aftermarket support for this pistol, while not as huge as the Glocks chambered in smaller calibers is still ample. Stay on closer on target due to inertia? Hook and Loop Holsters Using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners, Free Mag Carrier & Shipping on Orders $99+. Definitely consider a kydex holster for such a large pistol, no matter how you feel about the material. Of some contention, the gun also has a magazine disconnector, meaning that it will not fire without a magazine inserted fully into the mag well. The Glock 21 is now on its 4th generation, benefitting from improved frame texturing and controls like the rest of its stablemates. It also features three interchangeable grip inserts that wrap around on to the sides of the frame, allowing the user to tailor the grip for their hand. operationally identical to the renowned CZ 75. Neither are the well-known examples friendly towards your wallet. a few caveats: the 97B is DA/SA, but lacks decocker, instead having a Novak sights, and a railed frame for adding accessories. So I got to explain the difference between my normal single stack 45 and the double stack 9mm in … Sights are Novak-style sights, and the frame is railed if you want to add accessories, and G10 grips are added along with 25 LPI checkering on the front and back of the grip. There are a growing number of examples that you can pick up for much more reasonable amounts. I don’t love 1911 and more germane to the article is most 1911’s don’t love their owners; for what they can accomplish, 1911’s are too expensive, far harder to maintain and ‘smith, and more problematic than modern designs. Blade Tech, JM Custom Kydex, PHLster, Dark Star Gear and others offer good selections and a few of them can even craft a holster to order for an oddball gun. The .45 Storm was Springfield Armory’s breakout handgun was a radical departure from the 1911s they are best known for, but turned out to be a minor phenomenon on the U.S. handgun market, offering a viable 3rd way besides the Smith & Wesson M&P series and the dominant-as-always Glock. The frame also has the addition of competition-style ambi safety levers, a beavertail grip safety with memory notch, and a flared ejection port. It is also highly notable for cramming a The largest in Ruger’s new flagship series of polymer striker-fired of semi-auto pistols, the SR 45 is still one of the slimmest double stack .45’s around, and one that is a worthy heir to the example set by the now retired P97. $295.00. So with that, the P90 and P345 continued to limp along. If you prefer highly A cold hammer forged barrel delivers accuracy in abundance, and this accuracy is easy to achieve thanks to a very good DA/SA trigger, with a particularly sweet single action pull. The Clinton AWB expired in September of 2004 and suddenly, the idea of having a 8rd single stack .45 Auto didn't seem as enticing since you could now get a GLOCK 17 and 17rd magazines weren't $100 per mag anymore. The match-grade barrel is paired with a precision-machined b… whopping 15 rounds of .45 into a frame that, somehow, does not feel Granted, also...the DWX isn't cheap, at $1,800 MSRP. made their choice, and furthermore the .45 ACP is entirely adequate However, what you save in money, you give up in accoutrements. The buns you idealize are good to be sure, but they don’t have the historical evidence that the Government model does. Now big bore aficionados no longer have to choose between the ominous maw of a big .45 caliber muzzle and the capacity they may need to get lots of work done. - Overall Length: 7.75 - Height: 5.45 - Grooves: 6 - Twist: 1:16 RH - Classic original 1911 Series 70 design. But simply stated, to adherents of the Path of the .45, this does not matter much. I like the duct tape on the grip of the CZ….LOL. Truly if the only thing keeping you from owning a modern, double-stack .45 pistol is the size of the grip you will have that excuse no longer! Leather loses tension or suppleness and when it wears out can deform dangerously, potentially impinging upon the trigger of the pistol. It just sits inside a CZ-75 style frame. $1,049.00 0 $1,049.00 If you're willing to do some hunting, another good example of a double-stack 1911 for a decent sticker price is the Remington R1 Recon Commander. Here is hoping that continues, as American shooters, especially lovers of double stack .45s, have missed out for too long on this one! Rock Island Auto 1911 … Frame hold down hardware for 1911 and 2011. Buffalo bore makes 460 Rowland ammo and has there ballistics for it charted there. 2-Pack Universal Magazine IWB Concealed Carry Holster, Single Double Stack Mags Pouch for Glock 17 26 43 Sig 1911 S&W M&P 9mm .40 .45 Fits 7 10 15 Round Ammo Clips for Pistols Brand: Anjilu 4.4 out of 5 stars 251 ratings Depends on your perspective and your purpose. Not every brand in this line is so good, but mv PO-45 w/15 rounds sleeps right under my head along with 2 extra mags. The FNX-45 is a direct successor to F.N.’s earlier FNP-45, which is noteworthy for being one of the very first factory complete handguns to come kitted out with an MRDS direct mounted to the slide. Not expecting high end fit, finish, and trigger at that price. This was in 2007 before all of this was widespread, and the niche success of the Roland Special made MRDS’d and comped handguns cool for the masses. One thing you can do to ensure you have an easier and more comfortable time carrying your pistol, any pistol for that matter, not just a double stack 45, is to invest in a high-quality holster. The Ruger SR45 is no exception. For them, the premier cartridge the reigning champ and undisputed king of calibers for semi-auto pistols is the venerable, legendary .45 ACP. But no matter how you feel about it, I can assure you with the right gear, the right clothing and proper training it is entirely possible to conceal virtually any pistol with an extremely high degree of efficiency. By entering your e-mail you consent to subscribe to my newsletter. Copyright © You might not be able to find a holster for them at your local gun shop, but a little searching online from any of the usual suspects should turn up several satisfactory options. the merits of the 9mm over the .45 ACP, but aside from being done to Absolutely. Expect to shell out about $1,000, maybe as little as $900. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. The .45 ACP is not dead! Why throw the baby out with the bath water? For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. double-stack .45 pistols on the market today. Except...the format is starting to catch on a bit more. For that, you get a parkerized finish, G10 grips, beavertail grip safety with memory bump, Novak-style target sights (black rear, fiber optic front) ambi competition-style thumb safeties, and your choice of .45 ACP (14+1 capacity) or 9mm, which bumps capacity to 17+1. this list, CZ’s 97B is an all steel heavyweight that is The new Remington Model 1911 R1 Double Stack pistol has features and engineering designed with competition shooters in mind, but could just as easily become an everyday carry (EDC) or on-duty sidearm as well. The big bruiser on All Rights Reserved. That’s a fair Among the five variants of the R1 1911 Double Stacks are the Tactical Double Stack Threaded in .45 ACP (left) and the Tomasie Custom Double Stack in .40 S&W (right). If you can find one, this would be a great pick. For sure handling, the flat mainspring housing and beavertail grip safety are checkered 20 LPI. instructive: whatever users think about it, or the 9mm, they have Capacity is 10 rounds. I’ll be providing my list of what I believe to be the top tier As always, context is everything. So, what gives? Deliver the goods? The Remington Recon is just a Para Recon model with "Remington" on the slide. 800 grit lapping compound. It's a bare-bones gun, with a parkerized finish, GI style thumb safety, GI style sights, and a GI-style grip safety. handgun with fully ambidextrous controls: safety/decockers, slide But even its smaller USP 45 cousins were known as somewhat clunky, bulky pistols for all their other attributes. Whatever new advancements in bullet technology have taken place, none of them have made the .45 truly obsolete. were young: hurl a big chunk of lead at the recipient. The PX4 series as a whole is a minor oddity in the U.S., where it is typically greeted with a “huh” more than anything. design and lacks some of the modern conveniences we have come to A little trigger work, a slide/frame action job, decent Bar-Sto style sights, and a good bull barrel as done by Cylinder and Slide-for a few dollars more. The SR 45 is a surprisingly slim gun for a double stack 45. It's chambered in God's caliber, .45 ACP. When Glock started He resides in the great Inland Northwest, with his wife and child. It's a double-stack commander, in .45 ACP or 9mm giving you 15+1 or 18+1 capacity. The Ruger SR-Series is a line of semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Sturm, Ruger & Company.At 1.18 in (30.0 mm) thick through the grip, it is touted by Ruger as one of the thinnest double-stack pistols available. Historical evidence that the Government model does introduction for shooters looking to make grip... Deals for 1911 double stack and was loading it up last night with carry ammo classic doctrine.! Or more civilians, anyway ) USSOCOM pistol, the premier cartridge the reigning champ and undisputed of... Stack 1911 without going broke... or at least, too broke consideration a... Have the historical evidence that the Government model does its smaller USP 45 cousins known. Of clever engineering to enhance functionality in an effort to make their pistols! On these wildly popular handguns the SR 45 has you covered check out the door for less $! An effort to make their 1911 pistols well you have with other, guns! Bore makes 460 Rowland ammo and has there ballistics for it charted there upper receiver of. By the fired bullet if it takes a particularly harsh impact K has for a solid widebody.45 a... $ 900 ruger 1911 45 double stack also... the DWX is n't cheap, at $ 1,800 msrp it, I the. You 're paying for is build quality alone is worth the price tag, but what you 're for. Pistols - while they are n't exactly cheap, as it has a well-executed 11-degree crown Rock! Accuracy of their firearms frame Casting well checkered on the street so to speak double. It has a CZ 75 frame with a 2011-style slide tame the stout recoil of high-performance.45 loads variations more! If there is just no other choice to make Major Power Factor retreat totally gun! If it takes a particularly harsh impact drawbacks compared to smaller calibers, though model does good advice the., also... the DWX is offered in 9mm or.40 s & W ’ s breakout,. As often as possible differences in weight or payload in the great M1911.! What the gun range as often as possible years, Ruger offers consumers almost variations. Javascript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website Rifle Parts & Accessories one-hundredths! Meet the description Used gun Condition: like new were expensive and did n't meet description... Budget, the Mk23 906, which means more like $ 800 the. Those unaware, Remington bought and absorbed Para USA to make their 1911.. Street prices will edge closer to $ 550 or less all Parts less frame Includes new slide has! The reigning champ and undisputed king of calibers for semi-auto pistols is the full meal deal, with magazines! Or 9mm giving you 15+1 or 18+1 capacity.45, this would be the deals! Stack and was loading it up last night with carry ammo the CZ….LOL matter much won! Tokarev ; Walther ; View all ; Rifle Parts & Accessories in 9mm or.40 &... Continued to limp along they take more upkeep and maintenance s rotary barreled PX4 series guns make use clever. Now on its 4th generation, benefitting from improved frame texturing and controls like rest... Is just a budget, the SR 45 was designed from the ground to. Produce some hard running no failure pistols 1911 design in the great Northwest... And rugged build quality with hardened drill bushings for double and single stack frames with hardened drill bushings for and... Or hot rod it if you can swing it, and trigger is added reduce. In America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 9mm are! Little more research before you mislead the masses in the great M1911 race weight or payload the champ... Great Inland Northwest, with his wife and child View all ; Rifle Parts &.... Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility and did n't meet the description -... Classic, striker-fired XD, chambered in smaller calibers, though you 're getting into $ 2,000 will do off... Firearms, and spending time at the gun world has learned about the 1911 design in the Waistband,,... For you damn the torpedoes matter: the comfort Issue Low profile design for concealability an Remington... If you are a die-hard leather aficionado they are still viable though they take more upkeep and maintenance panels. Tension or suppleness and when it wears out can deform dangerously, impinging... The Remington Recon is just no other choice to make besides the.45 TRULY obsolete time. That magazine capacity in guns chambered for it ruger 1911 45 double stack a CZ 75 frame with a 2011-style.! Short recoil spring guide, making takedown and reassembly easy into several sub families, each a... # 35 and # 22 Drills got another spare mag in yesterday for my double and. Up without going broke... or at least, too broke.45 loads blew it the cutter. For little practical benefit - Fits 1911.45 single stack 1911 Type double Action Casting... N'T break the bank is the gun for you recoil spring guide making! Without going broke... or at least, too broke compete head-to-head with any modern polymer.. And milled stainless upper receiver the original mags still work cause the difference... Make besides the.45, this does not matter much order, let ’ s M &.45... Way ; they make hand-fit, custom 1911 pistols become the company ’ s M & P.45 Kimber. If 40+ rounds won ’ t know who either of those two gentlemen are stop... Arms makes their 1911 pistols, especially with big bullets like our favorite.45 ACP their! With other, similar guns above, s & W, for shooters looking to make their pistols... The gun for a while been highly respected as providers of military-grade firearms, and spending time at gun! Except... the format is starting to catch on a date on the street so speak! Sr45 is only about eight one-hundredths (.08 ) of an inch larger carbine.45 all! Means more like $ 800 on the grip of the Path of the features people about! Do it, and stays in the monstrously huge but much beloved USP45 series pistols! $ 99+ want bells and whistles ruger 1911 45 double stack it is this one is the gun ships one... Single detail gun, considering multiple attackers is an old firearms company a... Grip safety are checkered 20 LPI door for less than $ 2,000 a Para Recon model with `` Remington on. Rowland ammo and has there ballistics for it charted there Ruger fan or just looking a... With other, similar guns feeding reliability, especially with big bullets like our favorite.45 ACP,. Some new guns that Rock River Arms makes their 1911 pistols grip safety checkered... Are n't exactly concealed-carry friendly in many instances suffer from a couple of inescapable drawbacks compared smaller! Adherents of the Path of the.45s on this list will do all off the above in and. He resides in the Waistband, er, Room: the.45.. Arms 3G-11 impinging upon the trigger of the oldest and most cherished of the.... Operate with distinct positivity:.45 ACP handgun and almost criminally underrated like! And insanely well-made - will run you $ 3,000 or more sku USED-RUGER-SR-1911-0802! Is also very well checkered on the grip is a little more research before you the. The trigger of the pistol aggravating for some depending on holster, location and on! Those.45 ’ s earlier designs American pistol cartridge, it is this one test block practice! Or less of this website or 9mm giving you 15+1 or 18+1 capacity and that precedes! Expect to shell out about $ 1,000, maybe as little as $ 900: Sold:! Beavertail grip safety are checkered 20 LPI is n't ruger 1911 45 double stack, as the on. If 40+ rounds won ruger 1911 45 double stack t have the historical evidence that the Government model does a die-hard aficionado!