Window sprinklers are specially listed sprinklers designed to wet the entire surface of glazing to prevent shattering when heated from fire. Site Updates In the diagram, you show a horizontal distance of 4-12" from the glazing to the sprinkler head - is there a separate vertical dimension that must be met, or is the 4-12" inches more like a radius from the head of the glazing? January 2020 April 2017 All Rights Reserved, New Construction Starts in 2019 Hold Steady, Mentoring Women in the Construction Industry. Early on in my AHJ career, I had a situation involving this topic. ), In window assemblies which do not have mullions, sprinkler heads shall be spaced evenly along the face of the window with a minimum spacing of 6 ft and a maximum spacing of 8 ft. Sprinkler Systems When a building is not sprinklered and window sprinklers are utilized to provide a rated separation interior to the building, all the sprinklers on the most demanding side of the window shall be calculated. Window Sprinklers. We take great pride that Globe solutions supply critical life safety applications and remain committed to supporting your construction needs during these challenging times. Fire sprinkler providers will need to be diligent in determining when and where this glass may infringe on sprinkler requirements for a building. The corridor was required to be 1 hour rated driving the need for rated glass. Featured Articles, Technical Articles minimum and 4-in. NICET ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chris Kachura, P.E., is a major projects salesman and project manager for Southeast Fire Protection, L.P., Houston, Texas. Fire Events First is the required time of separation. When constructed of standard building materials, these firewalls pose little impact on sprinkler design considerations. The window sprinkler evolved from the use of common sprinklers and a specific window with specific requirements of glass type, height and dimension. Tags Chris Kachura PE NFPA 13 Window Sprinkler Design, A New Scope for Roofs with Slope Combustible concealed attics have always been a difficult …, 12750 Merit Drive, Suite 350 ULC has recently taken action to develop a new standard and have the subject ORD… Any insight on either of these scenarios? Get best price and read about company. VK345 - Microfast® Quick Response Upright Sprinkler (K5.6) - VdS, LPCB, FM Approved (Europe) Figure 1 VK350 - Microfast® Quick Response Upright Sprinkler (K8.0) And here we are. There are various types of fire sprinklers are grouped in blocks which make it easy to import these AutoCAD models into your CAD scene. (See Figure 1.). Can the sprinklers at the ceilings on both sides of these walls be sufficient as to not warrant for Window sprinklers?.. Specific Application, Window Sprinkler/Nozzle: Where specific application, open style nozzles are specified to be utilized to provide a water curtain over a glass window or other opening to prevent fire/heat penetration, or as exposure protection from closely located building, or other specific applications they shall be of an all brass body. He has a bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from Texas Tech University, multiple licenses with the Texas Fire Marshal’s Office, and is a registered P.E. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to the International Building Code (IBC) as it is the local code adopted by all of my local AHJs. However, N.F.P.A. Excellent explanation, it’s simple & focus. Reliable Manufacturing Headquarters, Liberty, SC. Windows intended to be protected by sprinklers must be vertical. When window sprinklers are utilized in fire separations, the glass. Now I can just send them this blog post! Wall systems . Click Here to download a zip file containing all available parts and sizes shown below. 134. The architect usually has a glass swing door(s) (non fire rated) along these walls. This use of glass is being utilized for applications of security, economic efficiencies, and building aesthetics. Second, a sprinkler designer should also look to see if these walls are firewalls. April 2018 Table 1006.2.1 and Table 1017.2 – NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R . May 2019 Passive Fire Protection LP offers downloadable information for your building projects. 1.1* Scope. NK, A window sprinkler alternative design can only provide up to a two-hour fire-resistance rating. Once all the window sprinklers have been placed accordingly, a calculation must be completed. The size of the glass is based on fire testing and sprinkler limitations. Interior fire separation where sprinklers are placed on both sides of a non-operable window in order to provide up to a two-hour fire separation in a non-load bearing wall. July 2017 Hi, what is the height limitations for the water curtain nozzle incase of water curtain system used for compartmentation. Egress Separations Sprinklers reduced the required egress separation distance to 1/3 the diagonal of the Your article mentions standard sprinklers being used for glazing in atriums, which was true up until very recently. The glass height cannot exceed 13 ft, and there is no limitation to the length of the window as the window sprinkler spacing can meet the installation requirements of the manufacturer’s listing. In contrast, window sprinklers are not allowed in firewalls. Model WS-5.6 K-Factor Specific Application Window Sprinklers, Horizontal Sidewall and Pendant Vertical Sidewall. The fin system is designed to allow installation of the window into the construction framing and subsequent trimming to the window. Also, this company's policy was to have the workout area "encased" in glass to permit easy visibility of occupants. A.1.1 NFPA13D is appropriate for protection against fire hazards only in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes. Window head detail – wood frame structure with wood siding. Fred, Great question Fred - I've updated your question and posted it as the Daily Forum topic here. June 2018 Arsenault, Peter. Joseph Meyer, PE, owns/operates his own Fire Protection Engineering practice in St. Louis, Missouri. October 2017 For a fire sprinkler designer, the use and application of window sprinklers starts with the building design itself. May 2015, WEEKLY TAKEAWAYS AS A FIRE PROTECTION ENGINEER. July 2015 From this point, the calculations are based on whether the building is sprinklered or non-sprinklered, and the method of protection required. Upright. Viking Fire Sprinklers. I have seen window sprinklers spaced across an entire wall of a building that has windows on the exterior and i have been told it has to do with spreading fire to a building next to it. The intent of a window sprinkler is to completely coat the glass with a water spray in order to keep the glass from failing due to hot spots. 5/8" Orifice Model C-1 Window Sprinkler Spray Pattern. I often see sprinkler designers confuse window protection with atrium glass protection. The Model WS Window Sprinklers can be used with any metallic flush or extended escutcheons, provided the dimensions from the sprinkler deflector to the window frame and glass surface as specified in this data sheet are main - tained. While this is not required if the window sprinklers are in a different area than the sprinkler system’s most demanding area, it is still necessary to prove that the sprinkler system area and the window sprinkler area can simultaneously active. July 2016 This allowance by the IBC gives a sprinkler designer the luxury of utilizing sprinkler heads that are not specifically listed for glass protection by utilizing a design as prescribed in NFPA 13 section 11.3.3 for water curtains. (See Figure 5.). Special Hazards Three Methods for Protection of Windows Where windows are provided in fire-resistance rated components (a fire partition or barrier, as sprinklers are not permitted to be used for fire walls), the opening must be addressed in a manner that maintains the fire-resistance of the rated enclosure. NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, treats window sprinklers as a type of “special application” sprinkler and while NFPA 13 does not include design parameters in its text, section 8.15.26 was added in the 2016 edition and gives limitations on when they may be installed. Window Pendent VSW - VK960_Revit2017. “Window Sprinklers as an Alternative to Fire-Rated Glass.” Continuing Education Center, Tyco, and the distance to the face of the sprinkler deflector from the glass is to be 1/2-in. Moving forward in construction, it’s clear to see that architects and owners will continue to utilize the esthetical and economic advantages of glass in their designs. Great overview article on such a complex topic. If so, refer to the window sprinkler manufacturer's listing in the product data cutsheets. Protection in commercial buildings in case of fire or smoke. Thermax™ Wall System CAD Detail Set (PDF) Residential portions of any other type of building or occupancy should be protected with residential sprinklers in accordance with NFPA 13 or in accordance with NFPA 13R. Image reprinted with permission by Johnson Controls. November 2020 in the State of Texas. “Fire Protection of Windows Using Sprinklers.” Construction Technology Updates, 15 Mar. March 2020 If you're outside of those bounds, check your applicable standard or you may be looking at a performance-based fire protection objective that isn't covered by a standard. Hello Forum, I am designing a Community Recreation Center, Two levels and about 20,000 Sq Ft Area. July 2018 ft. of the most advanced robotic automation in the Fire Protection Industry to serve our customers. from the top of the glass and the centerline of the sprinkler shall be a minimum 4 in. However, more and more often, fire sprinkler contractors are faced with owners and architects who wish to utilize large quantities of glass separations in their designs. July 2020 June 2019 January 2019 Among the most common items identified are the location and rating of the code-required fire separations/walls utilized for that project. Products Of course, the Appendix of NFPA 13 mentions that "It is not the intent of this section to apply to sprinkler protection of glass atrium enclosures...", but it's still worth noting since not every AHJ will accept the appendix material in my experience... frustrating. The last item that a sprinkler designer must take into consideration before designing their system is the glass assembly type. Window frames shall be listed with the same fire-resistance rating as the glass; this is often an overlooked item. 126, Rebecca Herring, Advertising Any opinion expressed is the personal opinion of the author and presenter and does not necessarily present the official position of the NFPA and its Technical Committee. The education to right the wrongs of past designers or contractors can be arduous but is sometimes the more rewarding part of being in fire protection. While the applicable use of fire sprinklers for protection of windows appears to be a simple process it is, in actuality, a rather complex consideration. This came to be an issue when the plans called for nearly floor to ceiling double entrance doors made of glass as well. Just an easy illustration of how complex or in the weeds this can become for any particular project. The maximum spacing off a mullion is 4 ft. September 2017 When it comes to the glass assemblies, there are six items that must be considered. That being said there are a lot of these here in the Northeast existing and or still being installed. The IBC 404.6 (1) allows for closely spaced sprinklers to be utilized in conjunction with rated glass and frames as an alternative to the one-hour rated separation required by the IBC for atriums. Section 104.10 of the IBC refers to  “Alternative material, design, and method of construction and equipment” and reads very similarly to the NFPA 13 text previously highlighted above. All September 2019 Great article! In addition to gathering these important items about the design intent of the project, a fire sprinkler designer should also look for design pitfalls that are often missed. Sprinkler Type: Sprinklers used for water curtain shall be ordinary-temperature, standard or quick-response commercial-type sprinklers except, in light hazard areas (as defined by NFPA 13), commercial quick-response type sprinklers shall be used. "Sprinklers shall be listed as specific application window sprinklers unless the standard spray sprinklers are specifically permitted by the building code." June 2016 Institutional Sprinklers VK426, VK427 Flush Pendent and Flush Horizontal Sidewall Institutional Sprinklers (K5.6) VK650, VK651 QREC Flush Pendent and Flush Horizontal Sidewall Institutional Sprinklers (K5.6) Great article, especially the last few paragraphs. Also, in residential occupancies, commercial quick-response or residential-type sprinklers may be used. Find the information you need by downloading BIM content, architectural specs and CAD Installation Detail files. A design must take note of glass size, glazing type, glazing frames, horizontal mullions, and openings and penetrations. Window Sprinklers , Water curtains & Ceiling Sprinkler Calc RedlineFP (Mechanical) (OP) 3 Feb 15 19:14. Sprinklers are generally reliable, but they are not infallible. Tyco Fire Products Research & Development, 2016, Model WS-5.6 K-Factor Specific Application Window Sprinklers, Horizontal Sidewall and Pendant Vertical Sidewall, While there is an ample amount of fire-rated glass available on the market today, owners and architects are limited to the use of either wired glass assemblies (which deter from the intended design use) or expensive laminated glass. Doors in these fire partitions must be treated separately. Great read. 3/8" Orifice Model C-1 Window Sprinkler Spray Pattern. If you're referring to code-specific criteria, such as atrium window sprinkler protection, refer to the applicable building code. Thanks for sharing. Flammable & Combustible Liquids Thanks for submitting! How is the door opening protected assuming mullions are obstructing the spray pattern. Fire sprinklers come in various orientations and types, and each sprinkler is designed to meet a specific safety, performance, and aesthetic need. While the responsibility to provide the information and design criteria to the local AHJs will be that of the licensed design professionals, fire sprinkler contractors need to be aware of the advantages and limitations of these systems. May 2018 ULC 2018-05 Bulletin announced that it would be withdrawing ULC/ORD-C263 which OBC allows sprinkler protected glazed wall assembly’s (window sprinkler system) to be constructed to serve as a fire separation with a FRR of no more than two hours. Viking Fire Products (India) Private Limited - Offering Model C-1 Window Sprinkler Spray Nozzles, Automatic Spray Nozzle, स्प्रे नोजल, स्प्रे नलिका in Faridabad, Haryana. November 2018 (See Figure 4. The window openings may be finished out prior to the installation of the provided sub-frame and window. The intent of this article is to discuss the application and pitfalls of window sprinkler design. September 2016 These separations are typically constructed of stud and gypsum board assemblies, masonry, and other common construction type assemblies. Fire Alarm What caught me was the finer point of non-operational glass use only. The driver for these requirements is the building code. Once a design professional establishes and presents the window sprinkler requirements for a particular project, and it is accepted by the AHJ, these requirements become the design criteria to which a sprinkler system must adhere. Listing is important and along with it, the ratings that could be achieved and the scenarios where it can be used. ), When using a vertical sidewall, the deflector shall be 3 in. Flexible Drops Standard Coverage - Standard Response; While it may be permissible to some AHJs to utilize this in other separations in the building, it is worth noting that the IBC only recognizes this for a one-hour separation specifically in atrium separations. We hear the phrase "compliance alternative" a lot. TYCO Model WS Window Sprinklers are the first to be specifically listed to provide complete wetting and coverage for FireLite Plus WS glass for windows and glazing using closed sprinklers. Again, I caution that the responsibility falls on the registered design professional to make sure that these considerations are included in the specifications and design for a project, but a sprinkler designer should be knowledgeable of all the items that directly affect their individual systems. October 28, 2019 Floor Control Valve March 2018 Window sprinklers are typically part of an overall automatic sprinkler system design in buildings, but the mechanical design of the manufactured sprinkler head plus the location and spacing of the installed sprinkler heads are different than in the rest of the building. Read this ultimate guide to how fire sprinklers work and the wide range of models that are available, including pendent, sidewall, recessed, upright, and concealed sprinklers. VK960, VK962 Pendent Vertical Sidewall and Horizontal Sidewall (Specific Application) (K5.6) Window HSW - VK962_Revit2017. When using a pendant vertical sidewall, the distance between the top of the window glass and the top of the sprinkler deflector is to be 2 in. 1009.4 – NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R . Leave a comment. When windows are included in the code-required fire separations, sprinkler contractors are likely to be employed in helping design professionals meet these requirements. December 2017 October 2019 Commercial. and maximum 12 in. The directional discharge produces a flat 180° fan-shaped spray pattern. Viking - Window Sprinkler - C1_Revit2017. In reference to window sprinklers, these requirements fall into three categories: building design considerations, glass types, and sprinkler system considerations. (See Figure 2.). May 2020 Thanks! This is great information to start on this subject, but I think more emphasis shall be given to the glass itself, where all this came from and the concept of “assembly”. Fire Suppression Window sprinklers are allowed to be utilized in non-load-bearing fire-rated barriers as described in section 707 of the IBC, and fire partitions as described in section 708 of the IBC. We are running into this more and more. Travel Distance Sprinklers increase the travel distances for all occupancies. Turning to the window sprinklers, they would normally be specified as part of the CSI/Master Format Division 21 00 00 Fire Suppression and commonly under Section 21 13 13 Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems. News For the concealed vertical sidewall applications, the distance between the glass and the window sprinkler must be a minimum of 6 inches and a maximum of 12 inches, while the vertical distance between the bottom of the window frame and the top of the glass shall be 0 inches and no more than 4 inches. Assuming the jurisdiction adopts the vanilla IBC 2018 Code, there is no such "specifically permitted" sprinkler mentioned in 404.6 Exception 1.1, so it appears to me that we're forced to start using Window Sprinklers even in atrium glazing. The final thing for which a fire sprinkler designer must account for is water duration. If the separation rating provided by the window sprinklers is to be two-hour, then the water supply for the window sprinklers shall be capable of providing the calculated volume for that two hours. It is the responsibility of the registered design professional to provide the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with the documentation that clearly establishes the basis for compliance for a code modification. (214) 349-5965 ext. Design Challenge See this link for the full discussion: Tools, December 2020 + Get calculators, tools, resources and articles, Evaluated by independent party to address convective heat transfer & prevent transmission of flame, Sprinkler system overall reliability isn't perfect; successful suppression can range from 87%-96%, which puts a dependence on an active system for protection, Passive fire protection relies upon no activation, open valves, or mechanical means, Requires no additional documentation as alternative to code. Window sprinklers are also only intended to protect fixed glass. I will discuss more in-depth the importance of knowing the resistance rating when looking at the sprinkler system considerations later in the article. If the fire sprinkler system’s most demanding remote area and the most remote window sprinkler area are expected to be activated by a single fire, the window sprinkler must be added to and balanced with the overhead sprinkler demand. September 2018 Download this free dwg of a fire sprinkler detail to be used in your mechanical detail CAD drawings. In designing a system with specific application sprinklers, it is important to follow certain criteria that have clearly been proven successful during fire testing. Typically, ESRs will identify such things as the evaluation scope (relevant code and reason for evaluation), the intended uses of the product, a general description of the product and any related systems or products inherent in their use (i.e., window sprinklers and windows), and installation details. October 2018 Unless a building is 100 percent protected by an active sprinkler system, window sprinklers may not be used in exit passageways, exit enclosures, or horizontal exits. March 2019 February 2019 This is being designed in by Architects with out a lot of knowledge as to what they are trying to achieve. PE Exam Book Review For this reason, engineers and architects often turn to sprinkler contractors to aid in providing the required ratings of the glass assemblies with the application of window sprinkler designs. The reduction can be no less than 36 LF. See bio on About page. Get contact details and address| ID: 13606205748 7/16" Orifice Model C-1 Window Sprinkler Spray Pattern. On window walls that have mullions, sprinkler heads shall be placed in each mullion segment and shall adhere to the spacing rules above. It is a hard conversation when we have to explain that they may be installing a "water curtain" around a glass opening but in fact are not obtaining a fire rating by doing so. This week I'm diving into an introduction of different methods of using sprinklers for passive fire protection and discussing some of the design abuse therein. I'm assuming that we need to stem down tot he head of the glazing but wanted to ask for clarification. View PDF: View: TFP621 [12-19] Model CWS Model CWS Specific Application Concealed Pendent Vertical Sidewall Window Sprinkler 5.6 K-factor Translated Versions [PDF]: BP, SV. The Ontario Building Code | Sprinkler System Window sprinklers are not allowed to be used in locations where detonation and deflagration hazards are present. All calculations should be based on sprinkler heads flowing 20 gpm for sprinklers spaced at 6-8 ft on center or 15 gpm when sprinklers are less than 6 ft on center. Accessories: Model RC-1 Retard Chamber : Check Valves: Model AV-1-300 maximum. Life Safety As a fire sprinkler designer, there are a couple of items to look for in these documents. August 2018 © Copyright 2020, American Fire Sprinkler Association. Sprinkler minimum separation distance is to be 6 ft unless separated mullion of sufficient depth or a baffle and maximum spacing is to be 8 ft. A mullion is considered to be of sufficient depth when it extends to the back of a pendant vertical sidewall’s deflector, or when it extended to the wrench flat on a horizontal sidewall’s body. Model C-1 Window Sprinkler Viking Model C-1 Window Sprinklers (VK790, VK791, VK792, VK793, VK794, VK795 and VK796) are non-automatic, open, “outside” sprinklers intended for protection of windows, walls, and roofs against exposure fires. Firewalls are described in IBC section 706, and are defined in IBC section 202 as, “A fire-resistance-rated wall having protected openings, which restricts the spread of fire and extends continuously from the foundation to or through the roof, with sufficient structural stability under fire conditions to allow collapse of construction on either side without collapse of the wall.” If a fire sprinkler designer notices this application is misapplied in the design documents, he or she should request information from the design professional of record. Sprinkler System (1) An automatic sprinkler system conforming to this Article shall be installed in a floor area containing a shelf and rack storage system. February 2018 Announcements This compliance is usually aligned with the adopted building code of the local AHJs. Exterior fire separation where sprinklers are placed on the inside of the building non-operable glass in order to provide up to a two-hour fire separation where required to protection adjacent buildings from a fire in your building. Calculators Dallas, TX 75251, D'Arcy Montalvo, Editor Sloped and curved glass cannot be protected by window sprinklers. 2018, May 2017 467,000+ sq. Globe Fire Sprinkler remains open for business and focused on the health and safety of our employees while continuing our commitment to our customers. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The article and its content is not a Formal Interpretation issued pursuant to NFPA Regulations. April 2019 August 2019 Window sprinklers are typically part of an overall automatic sprinkler system design in buildings, but the mechanical design of the manufactured sprinkler head plus the location and spacing of the installed sprinkler heads are different than in the rest of the building. Example of an office space and vehicle-parking area two-hour separation. For this reason, window sprinklers should be incorporated into the architectural design drawings by the design professional. I have also seen window sprinklers on the exterior of a building where there is a metal fire staircase next to the building outside of windows. December 2018 Fyre-Tec windows accommodate a variety of UL fire rated glazing. When reviewing a set of contract documents, I often find myself gravitating to the life-safety drawings. NFPA 13 2016, 8.15.26(1): Photo courtesy of Johnson Controls July 2019 Unfortunately, this desire is complicated when coupled with the requirements for fire separation between spaces. If sprinkler heads require being closer than 6 ft on center, an additional baffle shall be added. Are you referring to sprinkler height limitations for window sprinkler protection? Model C-1 Window Sprinkler. When a building utilizes a deluge sprinkler system to provide a separation to adjacent buildings on the outside of the building, all sprinklers controlled by that deluge valve shall be calculated. (214) 349-5965 ext. Free AutoCad drawings of a fire sprinkler. These two sections of text in the IBC and NFPA 13 give latitude to the design team to provide an engineered assembly that utilizes fire sprinklers in the protection of non-fire-rated glass assemblies. (See Figure 3. These drawings spell out several items which help me in evaluating the overall sprinkler needs for a project. August 2020 115, Nicole Duvall,Director of Communications I started a thread on your question here. If you are seeing true "window sprinklers" protecting windows along an egress stairway, they are probably there to protect people as they exit the building from shattering glass. Thanks for any input.... Hi - I am an architect and appreciate the information being shared here, very clear and helpful. Standpipes February 2020 Exterior fire separation where sprinklers are placed on the outside of the non-operable glass as part of a deluge sprinkler system in order to protection your building from an adjacent hazard or building. We are working on an atrium and working in accordance with the option 2, Closely-Spaced Sprinklers (for Atrium Enclosures).