Uncover the sleek white outer wrappers to reveal beautiful lilac-streaked clove skins. It is a species of onion though grown as an ornamental plant; Allium cristophii -Star of Persia; Fantastic purple globe umbel and flower head of Allium cristophii (Star of Persia) in a Glebe residential garden in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This plant is native to Iran, Turkey and central Asia (concentrated in territory once known as Persia). Blooming about two weeks earlier than the other large Alliums, Allium rosenbachianum (Showy Persian Onion) is a bulbous perennial with large, rounded umbels, 4 in. Hardnecks (Allium sativum ssp. Allium hollandicum is a bulb-forming perennial with scapes up to 90 cm (35 in) tall. GARLIC WILL NOT BEGIN SHIPPING UNTIL LATE SEPTEMBER, 2020. Thriving in a hot spot, it prefers alkaline soil and, like most alliums, demands excel-lent drainage. Uncover the sleek white outer wrappers to reveal beautiful lilac-streaked clove skins. The Persian Star is a very pleasant flavor with a mild spicy zing that is a … Allium cristophii Persian onion Star of Persia.jpg 2,500 × 2,500; 3.85 MB 6.díl html 2dc7b38a.png 629 × 945; 1.1 MB Allium christophii 'Rien Poortvliet' Flower Head 1753px.jpg 1,753 × 1,656; 1.35 MB Commonly known as the Star of Persia or the Persian onion this fantastic variety of Allium produces gigantic heads of silvery lilac on a stocky 30cm stem. Beskrivelse. Allium Christophii is definitely a star in my garden. Allium chistophii (Star Of Persia Allium) is fabulous perennial in the garden with its huge 10" diameter pink flower heads on a small growing plant. $5.99. The red-tipped cloves with marbled streaks on whitish or yellow-brown background. ophioscorodon) are closer to wild garlic, with complex flavors. Garlic, Persian Star. Buy Allium cristophii from Sarah Raven: Known as the Star of Persia this is the classic, huge-headed sparkler allium that lasts in the garden for decades. Allium Species, Persian Onion, Star of Persia (Allium cristophii) by shudhave Aug 23, 2003 8:53 AM. Spacing will vary based on variety, refer to the Allium packaging for specifics. Buy star of Persia ( syn. Once the flowers are done blooming, the seedhead turns tan and retains its shape. Gorgeous. This wonderful mid season purple stripe hardneck type is among the most beautiful garlics we have ever grown with its smooth white bulb wrappers and stunning purple streaks and hints or bronze and mahogany. Perfect spheres are actually hundreds of clustered, star-shaped, purpleblue florets. And like all alliums, they drive rodents, aphids and even slugs away from the garden!Allium aflatunense 'Purple Sensation'Bees Friendly Garlic will be available for order beginning 8/1/20. Allium sativum subsp. They are composed of many small, star-shaped purple flowers with narrow petals. We are located in Mansfield, Mo. Useful plants Family Amaryllidaceae Genus Allium Species Allium cristophii Trautv. Originally purchased at a bazaar Note the … Its 8-10" bloom is amethyst-violet color and loose umbel. These are the garlics that some compare to wines with subtle differences that reflect the regional soil and weather patterns. Description: Persian Star is a perhaps the most beautiful of the standard group of Purple Stripes with its thick white bulb wrappers that are streaked with purple as you peel away the outer wrappers. Individual Locations for Allium christophii: More Locations PURPLE STRIPED GARLIC, Persian Star – Allium sativum var. Download this stock image: Star shaped flowers of Allium cristophii or star of Persia, purple lilac irridescent florets with green seedpods developing - EW5RY9 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. This bulbous perennial produces ribbed stems and strap-shaped, gray-green basal leaves that decline as its flowers form. The purplish-blue, star-shaped flowers are borne in globular inflorescences, up to 5.5 inches across, during … Today the plant is grown on every continent except Antarctica. Persian Star Slangehvidløg (Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon). Allium cristophii, commonly called Persian onion or Star of Persia, is a species of allium native to Turkey, Iran, and Turkmenistan, though grown as an ornamental bulbous plant in many parts of the world. Garlic (Allium sativum 'Persian Star') in the Garlic Database - Garden.org New and Unread Tree-Mails Allium 'Hair' 10 Bulb. Amazon.com : Allium christophii STAR OF PERSIA Seeds! We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes. Leave the blooms in place to dry for an extended flower show. It has long, flat, strap-shaped leaves up to 60 cm (24 in) long. Largest online collection of top quality Allium flower bulbs, fresh form our farm in Holland. The Persian Star is a hardneck purple stripe type garlic. Plant allium bulbs 2-3” deep, with the old roots of the bulb touching the earth, the pointed end should be facing the sky. The purple sphere flower called Allium cristophii, Persian onion or Star of Persia. Pack Size Star of Persia is one parent, along with . The star of Persia (A. cristophii, Zones 3–9, 9–5) bears eight-inch balls of loose, shaggy, metallic blue-violet florets on rather disproportionate 15-inch stems. They create a dazzling effect as they appear to rise almost overnight, adding a unique flower colour to the landscape. See more ideas about allium, plants, planting flowers. In early summer, it bears umbels that are 10 to 12 inches in diameter, and contain up to 100 star-shaped fuchsia flowers with a metallic sheen. Persian Star. This will give your garden a long-lasting pop of … See below Description. Buy Allium bulbs such as Allium Globemaster, Purple Sensation, Giganteum, Gladiator, Mount Everest and more online at wholesale pricing. The large, sparkling blooms made a bold statement yet blend beautifully with Roses, Lady's Mantle and perennial geranium 'Dragon Heart.' Map Help More Plant Locations ^Top of Page. It typically grows to 12- Allium sphere heads are comprised of clusters of close-knit flowers. ... 'Purple Sensation' Allium, sometimes called Persian Onion, is a big favorite, with 4" purple, globe-shaped flowers that appear just before spring gives way to summer. Latin Name: Allium Sativum. Umbels are relatively small and spherical, up to 10 cm (3.9 in) in diameter, composed of many purple to reddish-purple star-shaped flowers appearing in late spring and early summer.. This variety is considered as the most beautiful allium and has very dense flowers in each of its blooms. 25 bulbs covers 16 square feet. Persian onion, Star-of-Persia. Allium Albopilosum, Christophii or Star of Persia is an excellent cut flower either in living or dried condition. Persian star allium is grown for its amazing flower heads. Beautiful curled green leaves grow during spring before withering back as the flowers appear in early summer. Hundreds of tiny star like flowers make up each sphere head. Common name: Persian Onion, Ornamental onion Hair is an unusual allium that has bright green hairy shooting from the umble rather than the normal star-shaped flowers typical of alliums. Allium cristophii Common name(s): Persian Onion, Star of Persia Synonyme(s): Allium christophii Family: Amaryllidaceae Origin: Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran More infos: the Persian Onion is suitable for sunny to part shaded places in USDA zone 6. Other names: Samarkand, Duganskij Personality profile: Streaking across the Canadian skies like a meteor chipped from a shimmering display of northern lights, Persian Star has stolen the breath away from garlic lovers across the prairie provinces. Phonetic Spelling AL-ee-um kris-TOFF-ee-eye This plant has low severity poison characteristics. Allium christophii, commonly called star of Persia, is a bulbous perennial that is ornamentally grown for its spring bloom of large, spherical, pale lavender flowerheads. VanDusen Botanical Garden - Vancouver, B.C. Plant the bulbs 6-8 inches deep and about 8 inches apart in the fall. In late spring, they form a large sphere about the size of a softball. Growing 12 - 24 inches tall, Star of Persia is known for its late spring/early summer bloom of large, spherical, pale lavender flowerheads. Purple Stripe type. Plant database entry for Garlic (Allium sativum 'Persian Star') with 7 images and 23 data details. Mar 17, 2020 - Explore Jenny Salmon's board "ALLIUM", followed by 695 people on Pinterest. Name: Allium aflatunense. The leaves are up to 20 x 4 inches. across (10 cm), packed with up to 50 deep-purple, star-shaped flowers adorned with prominent, white stamens. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Star of Persia is a bulb from central Asia that grows 1-2 feet tall and has the largest flower cluster of all the ornamental onions.It tolerates summer drought but … Canada. Persian Star lends itself to baking, roasting or enjoying raw. The outer skin can grow pure white with inner wrappers that are streaked purple. Bulbs are white with purple steaks. ophioscorodon. Allium cristophii Trautv. Easy to grow, carefree and fragrant; Excellent cut flower, strong, sturdy stems, deer resistant; This long-lasting variety attracts pollinators and is deer- and rodent-resistant. Flowers June-July. Persian Star ( kaldes også Samarkand) blev fejlagtigt kaldt for Persian Star, da det blev fundet af John Swenson i 1980-erne i Samarkand, Uzbekistan og ikke i Persien (Iran), derfor skiftedes navnet senere, men det oprindelig navn, bliver ved med at hænge ved. Allium aflatunense ( Persian Onion ) Stiff upright in habit, reaching a maximum size of 5.3 x 2 ( rarely over 3 ) feet, native to China. Allium Sativum Ophioscorodon. Blooms late in spring, just as summer is arriving. With a vase life of 2+weeks no wonder why this one is loved by florist. ophioscorodon FULL SUN Native to south-central Asia, garlic was probably domesticated from a single variety, Allium longicuspis, thousands of years ago. Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. Height 60cm. Allium cristophii, common name Persian onion or Star of Persia; is a species of onion native to Turkey, Iran, and Turkmenistan, though grown as an ornamental bulbous plant in many parts of the world. A synonym of Allium albopilosum. Allium macleanii, of ‘Globe- Common name(s) Persian onion Star-of-Persia View all / Edit Uses. A superior all-around garlic and staff favorite, this variety has a delectable flavor with a mild spice. One of the most common species of Allium, Persian flowering onion produces a 4-5 inch diameter ball of vivid violet-purple flowers. Allium Bulbs - Star of PersiaAlso known as the Persian Onion, the Star of Persia is native to the Middle East. Plant allium in clusters or space throughout the garden for a neat geometric design element. I am a college student at a small University in the US. Persian Blue Allium are sure to please with round Purple-blue florets. Star of Persia | Persian Onion Location Map for Allium christophii (Star of Persia; Persian Onion) - 10 Map Locations Found Click a marker pin or a green plant 'dot' for details.