Unit's mission is to install and maintain radio and radar equipment for the XX Bomber Command. These transmitters with the associated waveguide, splitters, antennas, etc was a unique installation. Stangl, USADC and Maj A.B. Under his command, the unit transformed sign language used to communicate with deaf persons into a semaphore system incorporating red … Hq & Hq Det - New Delhi (Attached to 835th Signal Service Bn) Unit departed China for United States via Calcutta c. fall 1945. Started installing the Gauhati-Nowgong open wire poles. August 9, 1945: Headquarters and Co's A and B moved by air to Liuchow, China to provide communications for Hq. The 3d Signal Brigade of the United States Army was an element of III Corps.It was based at Fort Hood, Texas, but was inactivated on 15 April 2008 as part of the transformation of the U.S. Army to a Modular Force Structure. These signal centers provide message center, cryptographic, teletypewriter, telephone, and … Feb 45 location Tinian, Mariana Islands. The Tributary console was usually located in the custodial site building. Det 1, 383 Signal Company, Aviation, departed 25 Jun 45 for Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands. Evans, USAECOM (Avn) (Sp) and reorganized for overseas movement. In addition to radio and telephone communications, the newly developed teleprinters, carrier pigeons and heliographs were used for … Activated at Aircraft Warning Training Center, Drew Field, FL on 5 Feb 43. The following documents are located on the above website: The Signal Corps: The Emergency (To December 1941), The Signal Corps: The Test (December 1941 to July 1943), The Signal Corps: The Outcome (Mid-1943 to 1945), Lineage and Honors Information as of 18 March 2011, Meritorious Unit Commendation:  23 Oct 43-31 Aug 44, GO 47, Hq USF IBT, dtd 19 Feb 45, Arrived India 20 Mar 44. XV Corps (3rd Army - Patton, 12th Army Group until 29 Sept., then 7th Army) 8: 3260th Signal Service Company: VI Corps: 9: 3261th Signal Service Company: XXI Corps: Divisional Units: 1: 3rd Signal Company, 3rd Infantry Division. July 25, 1943: 931st Sig. The 19th Communications Sq arrived recently from Tinker AFB, Okla., where it was activated and trained. The 21st Signal Brigade is a major subordinate command of the 7th Signal Command (Theater). Activated 5 Mar 43, at WSAUTC (Western Signal Aviation Unit Training Center), Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA as the 339 Signal Company, Troop Carrier Wing. The letter read in part: "Your unit has the distinction of contributing materially to the combat effectiveness of this command and the effectiveness of NATO during the build-up of the preparatory phase for defense of Western Europe. Activated on 15 May 1944 at the Eastern Signal Corps Training Center, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, the unit was redesignated as Headquarters, 72nd Signal Service Battalion on 30 June 1954, the unit was redesignated as Headquarters, 72nd Signal Battalion, alloted to the regular Army, and activated on 15 July 1954 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Thenthere were JASCOs, — joint-assault signal companies — created to meet theamphibious-assault communicati… Unit arrived at Karachi, India 26 Mar 43. Later moved to Depot Fld (later Harmon Fld), Guam (date unknown). The Tributary radios were in a shelter that was usually placed at the base of the antenna tower. Stationed at Harmon Air Force Base, Guam. Symbolism: Shield: Orange is the primary color traditionally associated with the Signal Corps. Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered SOUTHWEST ASIA 1990-1991 (Headquarters and Headquarters Company 35th Signal Brigade cited for period 16 September 1990-4 April 1991; DA GO 12, 1994), Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered CENTRAL ASIA 2002-2003, Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered IRAQ 2004-2005, Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered IRAQ 2009-2010, Hq at Sadiya Frontier Tract (60 miles north of Chabua). It is commanded by Capt Thomas B. Coddingham. World War II:  Central Burma; India-Burma; China Offensive, Southwest Asia:  Defense of Saudi Arabia; Liberation and Defense of Kuwait, War on Terrorism:  Campaigns to be determined. Station: Northwest Field, Guam. No longer may units depend solely upon the static signal … On 7 Dec 41 this unit was assigned to V Air Support Cd at Bowman Fld KY. 52nd Telephone Battalion, Signal Corps: 10th Company, U.S. Army Signal Corps: 5303rd Combat Troops: 10th Constabulary Regiment: 530th Anti-Aircraft Arty (Automatic Weapons) Battalion: 10th Engineer Combat Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division: 530th Army Post Office: 10th Engineer Regiment: 530th Engineer Light Pontoon Company: 10th Evacuation Hospital Trained with the 26 Antisubmarine Wing at Miami. Unit moves to Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA c. early 1943. The Army eventually committed two infantry divisions to Guadalcanal: the 25th and the Americal. redesignated 931st Sig. Bn. Bn. Det A - Ledo (Attached to NCAC). The North Burma Air Task Force was disbanded 5 Sep 45. On 16 Sep 45, the Company, after turning in all its equipment, left Bhamo, Burma and returned to Dinjan, India by convoy. Battalion Headquarters was located in Patiya, Bengal; The Battalion was awarded battle credits for participation in the Indiana-Burma and Central Burma Campaigns and the China Offensive. Tamerville and Valognes: Infantry, Army Air Forces, Medical, Signal Corps, and other Units: While researching what other Signal Corps units served in Tamerville and Valognes when my late father and Company C, 3110th Sign Battalion were there, other units were … As new threats emerge, units must adapt their signal training to the environment and conditions. More than 450 troops of the 19th Communications Sq (Air Force) and the 438th Signal Company passed in review at Landstuhl Air Base during a ceremony at which Brig Gen Daniel W. Jenkins bade farewell to the Army unit and welcomed the Air Force communications squadron that recently arrived in theater to replace it. Orders to reorganize to Heavy Construction Battalion, Jamaican Base Command, AWS Company (Frontier), Company B - Ledo by 1 May 45; Dudhkundi by 1 Aug 45, Company C (less Det) – Chengtu, China by 1 May 45, Activated on 1 Apr 43 at Drew Field, FL. Both Cemetery net and the ECCCS were separate networks. (Disbanded Jul 44 per GO 120, 30 Jul 44 (see below)), Activated at Drew Field, Tampa, FL 1 Jun 43. Fifth Sig. Redesignated 17 Communications Sq, Command, 20 Jul 46. Some of the Tributary sites were line of sight shots and others tropo depending on the distance and obstacles involved. Inactivated 29 Dec 45. Activated 1 Feb 43. Inactivated Jun 45. Unit moves to permanent station in China c. Oct 44. personnel assigned to or associated with the U.S. Army Signals units are among the first into action, providing the battlefield communications and information systems essential to all operations. One 1kw FRC-66 (V) was engineered just for it's specific node location. This was accomplished with a dedicated data communications systems that seems pretty primitive now but it actually worked. The Signal Corps will align training and readiness functions when preparingfor current, emerg ing operations across the conflict continuum (see figure 2 -3). U.S. ARMY UNITS STATIONED IN THE PACIFIC THEATER WORLD WAR II/AFRICAN AMERICAN BASED IN THE PACIFIC. Assigned to 301st c. 20 Sep 43, 86th Signal Company (SG) activated at Mitchel Fld, NY 2 Oct 42, Redesignated 1086th Signal Company (ASG) (date unknown), Transferred to 54th ASG from 305th ASG upon Group's arrival at Tezgaon, Feb 44, Reassigned c. 20 Sep 43 from 301 ASG to 28th Air Depot, Transferred to 61st ASG in Feb 44 before 54th reached Tezgaon, Activated 1 Apr 43 at New Orleans AAB, LA, Meritorious Unit Commendatation:  8 Aug-1 Dec 44, GO 52, Hq I-B Air Svc Cmd, dtd 23 Jun 45, Activated 1 Apr 43 at Columbia AAB, SC and assigned to 54 ASG 10 Aug 43, Reassigned c. Nov 43 before 54 ASG moved to N. Africa, Activated on 20 Sep 44 at Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA, Activated 25 Oct 43, ESCTC, Fort Monmouth, NJ, Absorbed by 835th Signal Service BN, Jan 45, Air Force Freedom of Information Act - Heraldry, Lineage & Honor (152nd Air Operations Group), New York Air National Guard - 152nd Air Operations Group, U.S. Army Center of Military History (35th Signal Brigade), Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) (6th Intelligence Squadron), See "Background of the Presidential Unit Citation for MIS" in CBI Unit Histories, Air Force Freedom of Information Act - Heraldry, Lineage & Honor (68th Network Warfare Squadron), U.S. Army Center of Military History (396th Signal Company), John Enman Experiencing War - Veterans History Project (Library of Congress). One transmitter was used at each node (CLE) site for all tributaries using the node. Was moved to Chabua, India, Jun 43. To fill the communication demands in the hard hit I Corps area, a provisional signal battalion was quickly formed from various signal battalions, including the 459th at Nha Trang. Move to Tinian date unknown. 321st Signal Battalion History: 321st Signal Bn DI: See Page 5 of the Jan 18, 1952 issue of the 7th Army Sentinel for an article that describes the organization and mission of the 321st Signal Battalion. Possibly inactivated in 1944 to transfer personnel & equipment to AAF Base Unit of Hq I Troop Carrier Command. in Germany from 1945 to 1989. Activated 15 Feb 43 at Mitchel Field, NY. Signal Corps troops for the invasion constituted, all in all, the largest gathering of signalmen yet assembled for combat. Activated 25 May 44 at Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA. Activated 24 Apr 40 at Barksdale Field, LA as the 304 Signal Company (Aviation). Participated in 1943 Louisiana maneuvers. Different radios were used in the mobile rigs (ARC-102s). The 3rd Signal Brigade has a history of inactivations and reactivations ever since formation of the unit in 1946. 3: 42d Signal Company, 42d Infantry Division. Content under revision, THE CORPS AUTOVON (majority of program) Constituted 26 May 1952 in the Organized Reserve Corps as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 327th Signal Support Battalion. If you have any Transferred to Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA, 15 Nov 43; and to Fort Lawton, WA on 9 Dec 44. Bn. Looking for more information from military/civilian Redesignated 339 Signal Company, Wing, 11 May 44. Meanwhile, technicians from the Still Pictures Branch and the Digitization Division have scanned tens of thousands of Signal Corps… Unit's mission is to install, operate and maintain communication systems for the 338 Troop Carrier Wing located on Tinian Island c. Sep 45. Under affiliated plan, various communication companies had selected cadres to form the nucleus of new battalions. Because the army had little experience with troposcatter equipment, Page agreed to operate and maintain the system for a year. Bn. The company was assigned to 12th AF in January 1951 and constructed communication facilities at several Air Force installations in the French Zone. Activated on 1 Jan 43 at Reno Army Air Base, Reno, NV (possibly as 102 Signal Co.), Co. A: Detachments at Kweilin, Kunming, Ledo, Calcutta, Malir, Kandy (Ceylon), Co. B: Detachments at Chabua, Gaya, Chakulia, Co. A redesignated as 3105 Signal Service Battalion, Co. B redesignated as 3198 Signal Service Battalion, Co. C became part of the 3199 Signal Service Battalion, Existing 3105 Signal Service Co. absorbed by 835th Signal Service Bn, New Co. A contained message center and telephone personnel, New Co. B contained radio and teletype personnel, Constituted 11 January 1943 in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 931st Signal Battalion (Air Support Command). Redesignated: 325 Signal Company, Air Wing, 6 Apr 41; 325 Signal Company, Wing, 20 Aug 42. ASC transfered to Alachua AAB, Gainesville, Fla., and assigned to AAF Tactical Center, Reorganized and redesignated 15 December 1943 as the 931st Signal Battalion, Separate, Tactical Air Force, March 20, 1944: 931st Sig. March 28, 1967: Redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 35th Signal Group and allotted to the Regular Army. Beginnings of the Signal Corps. January 15, 1943: 931st Signal Battalion, Air Support Command, activated at Esler Field, Louisiana, and assigned to 2nd Air Support Command. There were 1st Armored Signal Battalion, 2691st Signal Air Warning Battalion and 3123d Signal Port Service Company serving in Europe. Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook Personnel assigned to replacement centers Sep 45. stories or thoughts on the subject, please contact me. 327th Signal Battalion. Signal units by the hundreds were activated — companies and battalions for operations and construction as in former wars, and also new and previously unheard-of types, such as aircraft-warning companies and battalions (for radar-warning services to the Army Air Forces), and radio-intelligence and SIAM companies to support the Signal Corps' large radio security and intelligence … Crest: That for the regiments and separate battalions of the Maryland Army National Guard: On a wreath of the colors, Argent and Tenné, a cross bottony per cross quarterly Gules and Argent. Designated 10 Communications Squadron (Wing) 28 Jun 46. 327th Signal Battalion Lineage. They provide Command, Control, Communications and Computer support to 22nd Signal Brigade, part of the United States Army's V Corps. Unit went overseas to Northwest Field, Guam, Marianas Islands, 11 May 45. The US Army Signal Corps began in 1860, with the appointment of Dr. Albert J. Myer, a physician, as Chief Signal Officer. Unit went overseas to Guadalcanal. Stationed at Isley Field. To do this, 5th Signal organizations have realigned their areas of responsibility, a move which potentially impacts on every community and unit in the European Theater. Spell, USAECOM Activated at Drew Field, Tampa, FL 13 May 42. The purpose of the change is, according to the concept plan approved by Gen. John A. Wickham, Army Chief of Staff, to provide for the ultimate integration of telecommunications and automation management. Located Orlando, FL c. Sep 42. Fursha and 109 EM transfered to 422nd Signal Company and moved to Shanghai, China, December 29, 1945: 931st Sig. On 19 July 1944, the unit landed on Utah Beach and joined the recently activated XX Corps of Lieutenant General George S. Patton's Third US Army, as the Corps Signal Battalion. September 1962, installation of BACKPORCH completed and turned over to the 39th Signal Battalion in September 1963. Located Canal Zone early 1943. : MISCELLANEOUS The 321st Signal Battalion is an Army Reserve unit from Detroit Michigan. Signal Corps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Site, Signal Corps 150th Anniversary (U.S. Army Center of Military History). Unit arrives Eniwetok late 1944. (The World War II Signal OCS program at Fort Monmouth, from 1941–1946 graduated 21,033 Signal Corps Officers.) (Avn) (Sp) departed Key Field; arrived Camp Anza, Calif. November 1, 1944, November 15, 1944: 931st Sig. Company "A" moved to Nowgong c. Aug 45; Headquarters Detachment located at Dikom, India. Reactivated and arrived Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA, 6 May 44; departed 21 Oct 44 for Seattle Port of Embarkation, WA. AUTODIN The 32nd Signal Battalion is a Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE)-equipped Corps Signal Battalion. here to supersize, 12th Departed Camp Pinedale 10 Mar 45 for permanent change of station. The Wisconsin Telephone Company was chosen to furnish telephone personnel for cadre of 432 Signal Heavy Construction Battalion. Content under revision. Theatre Nuclear Sites could be at Allied Air Bases, Artillery Units, Lance Missile Sites (UK only), or Air Defense Sites with Nike Hercules Missiles. Third Platoon with air transportable ground controlled interception (GCI) radar station was moved from Assam, India to Myitkyina, Burma, 11 Jul 44. Unit assigned 305 ASG, Ondal, India, 67th Signal Co (Serv Gp) (assigned Aug 42), Redesignated 1067th Signal Co (Serv Gp) (date unknown), One of the first Signal organizations assigned China-Burma-India theater, Already in theater when 301st ASG arrived. Jenkins presented a letter of recommendation from Maj Gen Robert M. Lee, commander of the 12th AF, to Maj Edward J. Aurand, CO of the 438th. The 32nd Signal Battalion consists of one Headquarters Company, three MSE companies, and one MSE signal support company. Grostenquin website, MILITARY Disbanded Jul 44 per GO 120, 30 Jul 44 (see below). Telegraph battalions, fortress and army signal units were not combined into the Signal Corps, the Nachrichtentruppe, until 1917, during the First World War. Arrived Dinjan, India on 6 Nov 43, Activated 1 Feb 43 at Camp Pinedale, Fresno, CA, Activated at Tinker Field, Oklahoma City, OK on 1 Feb 43, Awarded Occupation Medal, Japan, 20 Feb-5 Mar 46, Activated 9 May 42 at Patterson Field, OH, 2 S&I TMS, 991st Signal Service Co. - Chabua, Activated on 28 Jan 42 at Harding Field, Baton Rouge, LA. Unit arrived in India 26 Apr 44 and was stationed at Gauhati, Assam. Royal Signals units provide the full telecommunications infrastructure for the Army wherever they operate in the world. Bn. The 19th Commo Sq replaces the 438th, a Special Category Army with Air Force (SCARWAF) unit, which had been attached to 12th AF for communication construction during the build-up in the French Zone. By the beginning of 1970, the following programs had been implemented by DCA: Lineage and Honors Information as of 31 October 1996. Signal units by the hundreds were activated —companies and battalions for operations and construction as in former wars, and also newand previously unheard-of types, such as aircraft-warning companies and battalions (forradar-warning services to the Army Air Forces), and radio-intelligence and SIAM companiesto support the Signal Corps' large radio security and intelligence responsibilities. Left Camp Anza, Riverside, CA, 29 Jul 44, for overseas theater. history information for Signal Corps units at battalion level and above that are organized under Tables of Organization and Equipment (TOE). Signal Division Radio Relay Squadron Yahoo Group, RCAF Mission: installation and maintenance of field wire and telephone lines. However, the history and lineage of the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Japan dates back to the end of World War II. The command structure is hierarchical with divisions and brigades responsible for administering groupings of smaller units. Departed Seattle, WA 21 Oct 44 for service in the southwest Pacific area, arriving Guam 4 Dec 44. Activated 30 June 1952 at Tampa, Florida (Organized Reserve Corps redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve) The FRC-66 would use the same antenna tower as the DCS antennas would and share the stations power, etc. "I fully realize that in many instances the tasks of your unit were accomplished under extreme adverse living and weather conditions and accomplishment of these duties has required ingenuity and forcefulness in coping with major technical problems peculiar to foreign equipment and materials.". Departed Fort Lawton 18 Dec 44, arrived Guam, Mariana Islands, 21 Jan 45. On the reviewing stand with Jenkins, deputy commander of 12th AF, were Col George R. Bickell, commander of the 86th Fighter-Bomber Wing, Col Charles A. Thorpe, assistant chief, communications, 12th AF, and Lt Col Glenn R. Kraus, commander of the 2d Communications Gp. Arrived Calcutta, India 18 Nov 1943; Kunming by 1 Aug 45. Headquarters, US Army, Europe For the past two years, the National Archives Motion Picture Preservation Lab has been digitizing a series of Army Signal Corps films as part of a larger project to commemorate the centennial of World War I. Unit moved from Barrackapore, India to Calcutta, India 1944. Comd's charter, under the reorganization, is to manage information as a resource in its own right and make it available to everyone who needs it at the lowest possible cost. Movement to the Mariana Islands, 24 Dec 44. There is a Corps Signal Battalion (Webmaster Note: the 32nd Signal Battalion supported V Corps; the 34th Signal Battalion was responsible for supporting VII Corps) that provides communications for the corps hqs by installing, operating, and maintaining signal centers at corps main, alternate, and rear echelons. The Signal School trains, educates, and develops highly skilled Signal Soldiers across the Army to support the full range of Multi-Domain Signal Operations. 58th Signal Battalion colors cased, 333rd, 349th Signal Companies OPCON to 78th Signal Battalion. Unit disbanded Jul 44 per GO 120, 30 Jul 44 (see below). Unit worked on the Calcutta-to-Ledo telephone lines. When the 58th Signal Battalion was inactivated on Okinawa on October 12, 2012, the 78th Signal Battalion took on the Army Signal mission throughout Japan. These were usually whip antennas as were the mobile rigs. Meritorious Unit Commendation (Army), Streamer embroidered PACIFIC THEATER (931st Signal Battalion cited for period 1 April-1 June 1945; GO 212 Headquarters, AAF India-Burma Theater. Tributary sites did have their own towers of course. Furnished communications support for 315 Bombardment Wing, Twentieth Air Force. Activated 1 Sep 42 at Hammer Field, Fresno, CA. Bn. The mobile rigs were not RATTY rigs there were no teletypes it was always voice. The Army had a number of signal pigeon units such as 277th Signal Pigeon Company that served in Germany. Activated 10 Dec 44. 865 Signal Service Company (Aviation) was redesignated and augmented to form 1712 Signal Service Battalion (Aviation) 28 Sep 44. Activated Drew Field, Tampa, FL, 1 Jun 43. Constituted 11 January 1943 in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 931st Signal Battalion (Air Support Command) January 15, 1943: 931st Signal Battalion, Air Support Command, activated at Esler Field, Louisiana, and assigned to 2nd Air Support Command. Inactivated 17 Dec 45, Organized 15 Feb 41. Disbanded 26 Feb 44, Meritorious Unit Commentation:  1 Apr-31 Aug 44, GO 47, Hq USF IBT, dtd 19 Feb 45, Meritorious Unit Commentation:  1 May-31 Oct 45, GO 283, Hq USF China Theater, dtd 19 Dec 45, Meritorious Unit Commentation:  15 Mar-31 Jul 45, GO 136, Hq SOS, USF China Theater, ltr undated, Activated 9 Dec 43 at Dinjan, Assam, India, Det - Kunming (Attached to Kunming Area Signal Office), Meritorious Unit Commentation:  1 Jan 44-12 Jun 45, GO 166, Hq USF IBT, dtd 14 Sep 45, Meritorious Unit Commentation:  9 Jun 44-12 Sep 45, GO 278, Hq USF IBT, dtd 10 Nov 45, Organized 13 Aug 42 at Barksdale Field, LA. Activated 1 Sep 42 at Army Air Base, Miami, FL. They recently completed a culminating training exercise with 67th Signal Battalion (Expeditionary) to be validated for mission readiness," said 1st Sgt. Detachments at Barrackpore, Kanjikoah, Mogaung, Paoshan, Kunming, Kweiling, Paoshan, Chungking, Shanghai, Constituted 30 March 1943 in the Army of the United States as the 396th Signal Company, Aviation, Activated 26 April 1943 at the Western Signal Aviation Unit Training Center, Pinedale, California, Inactivated 13 December 1945 at Fort Lewis, Washington, Redesignated 18 August 1950 as the 396th Signal Aviation Light Construction Company and allotted to the Organized Reserve Corps, Activated 1 September 1950 at San Bruno, California, Location changed 1 January 1951 to Palo Alto, California, Reorganized and redesignated 1 May 1951 as the 396th Signal Aviation Construction Company, Reorganized and redesignated 1 May 1952 as the 396th Signal Construction Company, (Organized Reserve Corps redesignated 9 July 1952 as the Army Reserve), Reorganized and redesignated 20 May 1953 as the 396th Signal Company, Location changed 23 May 1957 to Mountain View, California; on 1 February 1958 to San Carlos, California, Inactivated 1 July 1959 at San Carlos, California, Consolidated 21 October 1977 with the 396th Signal Detachment (active) (see ANNEX); consolidated unit designated as the 396th Signal Company and allotted to the Regular Army, Inactivated 31 August 1985 at Fort Clayton, Panama, Activated 16 October 1991 at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Constituted 10 October 1944 in the Army of the United States as the 3693d Signal Service Detachment, Redesignated 13 May 1945 as the 3693d Signal Equipment Installation Detachment, Inactivated 19 July 1946 in the Philippine Islands, Redesignated 29 April 1965 as the 396th Signal Detachment and allotted to the Regular Army, Activated 18 May 1965 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Activated 3 January 1972 at Fort Amador, Canal Zone, World War II: China Defensive; New Guinea, Vietnam: Defense; Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase II. Lassen, USAECOM and Maj W.H. These personnel were transported via aircraft and truck convoy to Phu Bai. 10th U.S. Air Force, September 1945: Capt. Walter L. Branyan of C Company. is inactivated in India. As I recall the Troops all belonged to the same Infantry unit in Gelsenkirchen (I think) and were the only real foot soldiers left in the Army. Arrived Guam, Mariana Islands, 11 Apr 45. The Cemetery site antennas were not dependant on the Tributary site tower. Submitted by Mrs. Joanne Emerick, Hoxie, Kansas. numerous Transmission Systems projects, FIELD ARMY Activated as the 424 Signal Company 1 Jan 43; reorganized as 422 Signal Company 13 Jul 43. One transmitter would feed sometimes more than 8 different antennas pointed in many directions.