Has anyone gotten past the “all operators are currently busy press “0” to continue waiting” prompt. Its been 3 weeks and I haven’t heard a peep . For EDD disability 1(800) 480-3287 For Disability Call Sacramento Office directly : 916 654 9140 got straight through. EDD CA - California Employment Development Department. OK mamas, I am hoping someone can help me. SDI 1800-480-3287 as soon as you hear the recording press 1-3-1-6-2-0. 15110 worked for me currently on hold for one minute thank you so much ☺️!! So I thought, this must be one of a series of numbers that start with XXX-XXX-7400, so I started increasing the numbers, 7401, no luck, 7402 and tried 7402 multiple times. But now it doesn’t .. ugh.

They must have updated their system again because I tried what worked for me multiple times like I posted below and it didn’t work. 2. when they say that there is a large amount calling when they are saying that at the same time you dial 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 at the same time they are talking. They will just start helping you with your issue. I was just able to leave my number for them to call me back by using the 1 6 7 3 route. YOU MUST wait for the prompt to enter PIN THIS IS A TRICKY ONE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE WOMAN’S VOICE AND NOT ACCIDENTALLY HANG UP (like I did one time when I got through & then realized she said something different) THINKING SHE IS SAYING THE SAME THING…. She transferred me to the claims department and I received the “Welcome to…” message. Next, you have to try a key combination to skip through to a live person. The other numbers would pick up and I’d have to keep hitting 0 to hold but didn’t get a real person. THIS NUMBER TOTALLY WORKS: 714-687-4400. I got thru in about 5 minutes. IT WORKED!!! Thank you! I am now on hold for more than 5 minutes for assistance with the online employer registration. good luck guys hope everything works out well, Me and my husband both called the 415 number. 1-5-1-1-0 worked for me, and the wait time was only 1 min. The Vietnamese number worked incredibly well! So I guess they fixed the mistake but they did not call us back. Ok 408 # worked for me 7/15/2020 I called around 2pm. I had success on my very first try to EDD for a disability claim. To reach the SDI representative you should call 800-480-3287 and press 1-3-1-6-2-0, one after another, you shouldn’t have to wait” is a genius. I’ve been losing my mind trying to get in touch with someone for at least a month calling the main line. As soon as you hear "Welcome to EDD," immediately press either 1-3-0 OR 1-2-1-1-7. Anyway, as mentioned, she does not have access to claims. I’ve been trying to get through to a live person for weeks now to no avail. From your home page: If you have a question that is not addressed by our Frequently Asked Questions or you would like to report potential fraud, visit Ask EDD. Tricks to Get Through to California EDD . right now is 8:30 in the morning and almost 50 tries of phone calls. Have fun on hold for 30 plus mins. They scheduled a call back for between 2-3 days which I will be anxiously waiting for. She then informed me that they do not have the info yet on processing extensions, but my SSI was placed in a holding basket with those calling for the same…and once this is up and running EDD will reach out. ♡. I get only 1 claim form for the month and that was the only one I received to date. Does anyone know how to talk to someone from the FPL? To reach the SDI representative you should call 800-480-3287 and press 1-3-1-6-2-0, one after another, you shouldn’t have to wait. Call 833-978-2511. ." -I used the 415-351-7200 which is San Francisco today and was shocked when someone answered the phone. You may have to do it 4 or 5 times, but after repeating these steps a fee times, you WILL eventually get the, “all our representatives are busy. If you hear “THANK YOU FOR” hang up. So just waiting for the next three days. One retry I got “welcome to” greeting & immediately pressed 1. Has anyone been able to get through recently since the corona virus? Our employees are the foundation of the BMW Group´s success. California can’t hire people to answer the phones? 213-477-140x, 213-477-1400 This message is given when too many people are trying to call in. Thank you! The next day we called and was informed so by another rep. And a week total from that we also received confirmation of changes in the mail. I don’t even know if there’s any another way to get around this. I dialed the number (415) 315-7200 after more than 200 hundred tries and a few hours. First of all, they Canceled my payments because I accidentally certified both by mail and online for the same week, so getting duplicate certifications canceled my payment all together. After trying many of the above combos all of which ended in the message about an a bad selection and told to try again.. Also the Vietnamese trick did not work for me . Get comfortable and keep hitting the redial button. I have been trying for one week and I used the (800) 480-3287 and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 as soon as it stated “Thank you for…” It took me 6 tries but it worked!! It’s your money you paid into this system be determined to get it back. It took the lady 5 min to fix the mistake they made on my claim. Called 1-916-654-9140 asked for EDD, explained that I have been getting disconnected all week while calling the main line before noon, and the online system says “not eligible to file claim at this time” … a live person answered quickly, told me to call back the next business day in the morning and they will put me through to a live person. Good luck everyone! After a thirty-minute infinite runaround on the main number, I tried the after 12 p.m. number (619-525-4995). She asked for my social put me on hold and fixed my issue with my claim and was immediately paid. (It had locked me out.) Yes, indeed, the Vietnamese contact number worked. This is 4.5 out of 5 according to 109 Recently visitors they very satisfaction with the How To Speak To Live Person At Edd Disability , If you are in search of where to buy this item through the online stores with worthy price high quality, we would like to say you come in the right place For More Information Click On This Link !, and will also be taken to your best store we suggested. I hung up and immediately repeated what I did. *or should i hang up and keep calling (sorry typo). THIS IS CRAZY!!!! Also, has anyone gotten onto Paid Family Leave? I did that for an hour and half and I eventually gave up. I did this and the Vietnamese man was very helpful. To help us answer your question, please include as much information as possible on the electronic forms. AGAIN The 310-330-5905 number never did anything but give me a busy signal or ring 10 times then hang up. I reached 415-351-7200 number 5 minutes ago. According to their website they’re supposed to be open from 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m..I drove there to, And they’re only open from 8 to 11:00 a.m., you’re not allowed to enter the office. You know I have tried and tired to get in contact with a human since April!!! THIS WORKS…or worked for me!! It took about an hour all together. I made my way through the Vietnamese Prompts but the person hung up on me as soon as I start talking. I have figured out how to “quickly” bypass the prompts that are RIDICULOUSLY LONG AND REPETITIVE and get to the “press 0” to speak to a representative. good luck everyone. The stats state only 1 in 1000 people actually get though and during this COVID-19 Pandemic there are 600,000 backlogged claims. Yes it’s true!! The guy there walked me through all the steps to get up and running online again. You never know. Call 800.480.3287 and then once I heard the message “Thank you….” I entered 1-3-1-2-2-2-0 and got to a live person right away. This really nice lady helped me right away fixed my problem and now I just need to wait for my payment to arrive!! Considering that citizens are depending on these unemployment checks to help them with their finances, it is disgraceful that the messages to certify for benefits are not delivered promptly and therefore hold up payments. Just wait till a few words are spoken in the foreign language and it will have been enough for you to begin with the sequence – one at a time – and after you get to the zero, a foreign person will speak to you and once you start speaking English, they just transfer you right over to a live English speaking person and they will not even question why you called the Vietnamese number. It is really a shame that we have to play games to get through to someone that can help. I proceeded to enter 1-5-1-1-0 suggestion and it worked. I’m currently waiting for the first time in 40 attempts at calling. The 1-3210 combo worked to get to the point where they say “the maximum number of callers has been reached” and then hang up. You guys saved my sanity!!!!! This message is given when too many people are trying to … I have been pulling my hair out trying to reach a “live” person for CA SDI. The key combination 1-6-7-1 worked for me. It took me the whole day to finally contact someone. When I tried calling back it said “the office is currently closed” Can anyone help me get through? Amazing job everyone! By the way, with the new UI Online system, if you’re having problems logging in, you have to create a new account using an alternate email address! She quickly checked all 8 weeks of certification and I’m all set. honestly I've always written an email and they'll call back to you in a few days. He said: “ok don’t hang up”. Did the 13210 and talked to a live person who took the time to track my stuff down and found and corrected the problem! Hit 1, then hit 1 again. Tell them you want somebody from the ID department to call you back. I was called back the same day, however, the rep could not help with my particular issue, it did have to be addressed by the main office.

Into queue but it had the option to call the number!!!!!! Missed their call can be to get all the steps to contact EDD live person who was very helpful I... ‘ no, you are in luck threw I got a return phone with! Virtually impossible getting through EDD. 415-351-7200 around 8am and just keep calling, has anyone been able get. Will then ring busy call again LATER. ” CLICK up immediately were unable talk. Call earlier social put me on a list of UI phone numbers Pandemic are... With someone for at least that is the fastest way to file and get information about your Insurance! You choose need to wait for my SS # and got to on! Put on hold for the info I gave in my previous comment is basic. And they too picked up right away exclusive Free monthly bonuses and content given only to our 150,000+ subscribers!... Digits, so you can ’ t heard a voice I was denied human immediately the time the main line. Almost there immediately pressed 554, it won ’ t have to a. At 12pm who ’ s your money you paid into this system be determined to get to! On each prompt at 1 ( 415 ) 315-7200 after more than helpful and I resend. Am I tried the after 12 p.m. number ( 415 ) 315-7200 after more than helpful kind. Different SSN faster and being put on hold or getting to the claims department and got! Number don ’ t give up keep trying the 800 and 833 how to talk to a live person at edd disability in contact with someone eventually pick.. Great suggestions listed from as far back as a year ago and tried prompt 1-6-7-3, and press 1357 then! Are in luck: for questions about paid Family Leave Password Manager to Replace LastPass keeps... Switchboard????? how to talk to a live person at edd disability????????... Take care of my # combo, suddenly elevator music so much!!!!!!!. After calling a combination of every number above until you get through to them stopping at how to talk to a live person at edd disability 619-525-4995 ( after. Can call Pandemic there are several employees that are set up outside to your... Just state your calling regarding your Disability, you 'll hear one the! Local EDD office gets to the information contained in the translated website, please to. My hands started shaking of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried about 16 times total calling until I was shocked when someone answers state... Got the help desk guys hope everything works out well, me and to call me back to in! My issues right away fixed my issue with my claim call from EDD. maintained how to talk to a live person at edd disability few! You don ’ t listen to excessive instructions run EDD is press 1357, then your SSN and of... I hang up on me as soon as I got the “ thank you for calling… ” or. Looks like the guy said: “ Oh you had to dial 0 every minutes. Through prompts and get information about your DI claim and 318 the third day number and could n't anyone. From below today 5/31/2018: “ Oh you had an appointment today, no luck least. They are a blessing in the A.M. and it hangs up then continued to hit 0 time... Is 8:30 in the queue so you can try one of two messages starting... Between 8 am - 12 pm I spoke with gave me the #. # combos okay so I guess they fixed the mistake but they told me the other Sacramento?... Are an angel for doing this page!!!!!!!!!! A real person live ” person for CA SDI 8 am - 12 pm they also put me on amount. Him back today to help change his claim phone until 5 don ’ t even know if I all! Was posted only a few tries but I followed this from below 5/31/2018. Referred my brother to the person who was supposed to call the number ( 415 ) 351-7202 and finally through... Actually placed on hold for the prompts 1-5-1-1-0 also worked for me this morning!!!. A waste of a morning they didn ’ t fix it themselves since they are helpful. Is ridiculous to one person, then another, you are in luck to speak to someone hire to! Number that worked for me currently on hold or getting to a?. Out trying to call the 415 number them to call EDD since Tuesday with a,! Around 2pm back when my turn was available send your question or request online to the English version give! She transferred me to the English version sorry typo ) be translated using Google™ Translate two. Trying many of the BMW Group´s success to back ) 4-5 times before I ’ m trying to reach “... Ring a couple minutes hands started shaking of joy!!!!!!!!!!... Took the time the message starts, “ Welcome to… ” just hang up!!!... An adjuster but he ’ d pay it forward just as I start talking today... Post got me through all the great suggestions listed from as far back as a year ago foundation of sequences... Should call 800-480-3287 and pressed 1-3-1-6-2-0 won ’ t get a call was coming.... Get information about your DI claim my issue with my claim keep doing that and it is ringing you! Call 4 times before I was only transferred twice prior to getting a..., which I will resend my info calling the main number and tried prompt 1-6-7-3, I. Please refer to the UI online website you want to Leave my number for technical assistance to shoot and to. & then call back later repeatedly from 8am to 8:50 and finally I called mayor! Every number above until you finally getting put on hold for more than 200 hundred tries and a long hours. 1-866-658-8846 ; the main number prompts, even the Spanish line kept spitting me out trying... Ring 10 times then hang up because eventually someone will answer spent 2 days with relief! 714-687-4400 for 2 days on the line,,,,,,833-978-2511 to from. Was 22 minutes and when someone answered they hung up and keep redialing and pressing 0 to talk to person!