The slate shingles are very thin, and it may not withstand the weight of a human being and break down. With proper installation and routine maintenance slate roofs can last for a century (or longer). Slate tiles look fantastic as a floor tile however it’s important to seal the surface of slate tiles because being a natural material it is porous. What needs to be inspected? by building maintenance personnel, but more comprehensive roof system investigations should be conducted by an architect or roofing design profes-sional experienced with slate rehabili-tation. They're often unavoidable, but it's a good idea to have some spare in the same colour and size so you can top up. If you decide to clean your slate roof, make sure you use a soft brush. The shingles, therefore, can acquire cracks, causing more damage to your house. Get up on the ladder and look up and down your tiles. Need further assistance? This house in Manati, Puerto Rico, like many others, was washed away by Hurricane Maria. Follow dilution instructions on the TSP cleaning product and rub directly onto the stone using a soft cloth. When you have removed all dirt and grease, wash the slate off with clean water and a clean cloth, this will remove any soap residues. Slate is relatively easy to polish when you need to clean it or repair scratches. Maintenance work is generally covered under the warranty with your roofing company, but each company has different policies and warranty lengths as well as different types of issues that it will cover. One of the most important steps homeowners with slate roofs can take is regular maintenance of that roof. Even the sturdiest floors sometimes require maintenance and repair, and slate is no exception. This means dirt and grime will penetrate into the surface which can’t be removed without specialised cleaning equipment. Find answers, get troubleshooting advice, and more. With ordinary foot traffic, slate can loosen or lift, and hard impacts can break the stone. Step 5 Wipe down the fireplace with a cloth dampened with clean water to remove any extraneous cleaner. Visit Player Support condition and quality of installation for each component of the slate roof system: • Slate. Assess the . So you have a fairly wide variety of slate tile flooring options available, from ungauged cleft slate that will be rough all around, to gauged honed slate that will look more sleek and modern. Slate Roof Maintenance. This not only includes immediately addressing any problems, such as a cracked or fallen tiles, but also having your roof inspected annually by an experienced slater who can safely and effectively evaluate the roof's condition. Although slate chipping is low maintenance, there are a few simple ways to ensure your slate chipping areas last for years and years. Return to Top. Although slate can cost more to install, that initial expense is mitigated by its incredible longevity, produces less environmental waste than its synthetic counterparts, and imparts a high-quality, old world durability to your home and surroundings. Slate roof maintenance is easy, just make sure you keep up with it. Polished Slate is fairly rare, as slate is not really suited for this sort of glowing finish, and both polished and honed slate tile can be quite slippery. Since your roof is stone slate, you will not want to use any hard chemicals. TSP cleaners, such as Spic and Span, will break down dirt and grime without harming the slate. For a basic clean, wash down your slate with soapy water, avoid using abrasive cleaning products. Cleaning My Slate Roof . Slate and synthetic slate generally do not require maintenance because there is … AFP Contributor/Getty Images. Keep an eye on any sparse spots of aggregate.