Trader Joe's is stepping things up this year (as they do every year) in order to spread holiday cheer like no other. Trader Joe's in bringing in classic and new seasonal items to their shelves this fall. Trader Joe’s Fall Items: Must Buys, Misses & Maybes Happy First Day of Fall, Y’all The change of seasons isn’t always quite so obvious here in California, but one sure-fire way to know that Autumn has arrived is the abundance of pumpkin everything on the shelves of our local Trader Joe’s. I will say these are creative and different from anything I’ve had in a while! Thank you for the suggestion, always looking for new things to try on our frequent TJ’s runs! Then again, it might be dangerous! I’m amazed that you have a new born, a toddler, a new home, and haven’t missed a beat with your content! TJ Ravioli always makes an easy dinner! For those with dairy and/or nut allergies like my daughter, don’t miss the sunflower butter chocolate cups and cheese-less cheesecakes mentioned below! Want to know if this is something worth putting on your shopping list from Trader Joe's? Today I’m sharing Fall favorites from Trader Joe’s! Whatever flavor you decide on, though, Hold the Cones are worth picking up for a crunchy, satisfying bit sized cold treat! I LOVE that Trader Joe’s has so many seasonal items! xo. Here are 40 Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter seasonal items to get from Trader Joe's this year. 518 Shares View On One Page I have Fall items I look forward to year after year, and was excited to find some new ones to try this year too! I can’t get enough of the autumnal pasta sauce! Also, adding fresh toppings like cherry tomatoes and basil really helped brighten it up and cut the richness. Trader Joe’s Fall and pumpkin items are rolling into their stores! These freeze well, so they are a great item to grab for the holidays. Spiced Cider Is it really fall without a nice, hot (or cold) cup of cider? You can also see my favorite Trader’s Joe’s staple items HERE. I miss when this site was about… well, all things extra petite: designer handbags, etc. Would be even better with a fresh chutney sauce of some sort, or TJ’s green zhoug sauce. These fairytale pumpkins were just $6.99. I had no idea you reviewed products like this! I’ve been testing it out for a few months now and am a fan! There must have been at least 50+ different autumn-inspired food items from snacks to desserts to drinks, soups, breads and more! Otherwise, you might find these to be a little tougher eat, as they’re not a fall-off-the-bone style short rib that some would envision. Trader Joe’s Fall Haul – Favorites & New Items. I’m just popping in once or twice a week when the kids are both asleep. Crisp Party of Five: Our Adoption Story. Not a criticism, just miss the old content! Trader Joe’s has surprisingly great bath and beauty items (including this beauty advent calendar!). Autumn Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce & Fall Zuchette Pasta. Beef en Croute I love Trader Joe’s!! Makes it easier to shop now. They also come in a 2 pack of full size cups which were released in 2019, but I prefer the newer mini cups. Our Ranking of Trader Joe’s Fall Goodies, From Best to Worst: 1. Love your TJ hauls! Here’s a peek at what made it into my cart and which items I’ll be repurchasing: Verdict: worth trying, if you don’t have access to pho restaurants. The chain also has butternut squash macaroni and cheese that can be found in the freezer … You could also try looking into Terracycle which offers options for recycling hard to recycle items. [MEGATHREAD] NEW non-seasonal Trader Joe's items for September 2020. When you want to make it, just thaw overnight and then cook in the oven for three minutes. The steaming rack is a little shallow but I have a quick fix around it and the pan has been working out great other than that. No worries! Trader Joe's has a number of seasonal products for the fall. WOW. Why, you ask? Which air fryer are you using and would you recommend? If you’re a fan of grilled kalbi / short ribs at Korean BBQ restaurants, then this is definitely worth a try! One of my favorite finds for sure! , Hi Jean. I didn’t buy due to a peanut allergy, but these were recommended by employees as a “nostalgic but elevated PB&J snack.” Several of you picked it up with good things to report back! I look for these kringles every time! With a newborn and a toddler at home, she is pretty amazing for finding time to blog at all! I really liked this but it’s expectedly heavy, so I’d prefer it just as a side to some protein and veggies. They go quick, but Trader Joe’s has great prices for pumpkins. The cinnamon scent is strong, so if you don’t like cinnamon, definitely pass! If you are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s, it is a fun place to shop.. especially during the fall season! I can’t get over how cute the pasta is shaped as little pumpkins! Verdict: Not for me, but I’m admittedly not big on sweet potatoes. Trader Joe's new fall pumpkin foods for 2020 include pumpkin kringle, pumpkin empanadas, cinnamon bun spread, and pumpkin protein smoothies. Hi Jessica – I just got it and was reading up on it more before using! Pin FB. LEARN ABOUT EVERY NEW VEGAN FOOD AT TRADER JOE’S FOR FALL 2020. Will share an update if it’s worth trying. Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. I’ve been testing it out over the last couple of months and shared some further thoughts on the pan in a comment below! Just a festive touch! Kerri says. 9 New Trader Joe's Products for the 2020 Holiday Season 1. Verdict: worth trying – indulgent but delish. Tweet. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a84a99a35fe7a28e00b7b3de1d72f4a9" );document.getElementById("acf79678a7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. to grab a few groceries and WOW– Fall. Sharing my weekly grocery haul shopping for a family of 5! I LOVE that Trader Joe’s has so many seasonal items! Here you will find the Fall items that are available for a limited time including the usual pumpkin, maple, and spiced offerings and other hearty flavors. by Hannah Loewentheil The pandemic has put a kink on our supply chain. Can’t wait to try this pumpkin! Hi Jean With pumpkin, apples, and butternut squash, it’s a deliciously nontraditional salsa perfect for scooping up with chips (see below) or spooning on tacos. Overload. Basically mini cheese raviolis with cubes of creamy tomato sauce. Happy pumpkin season! I love the cooler temps, decorating for the fall season, and I love pumpkin everything!