B216 Italian Beretta BM59 Bayonet. Lastworld 12" Black M1 1943 OL US Rifle Bayonet with Green Sheath. British True 1842 Pattern with original Lovell catch, John Roe: £275* German Seitengewhr M1898 Engraved Bayonet of 160th (9th … Click to open image! Confederate Weapons (3) By Price. C/W Leather Frog. 1853 Enfield pattern socket bayonet without scabbard £75 cruciform blade. Pre-Owned. Bayonets, German, Canadian, Italian Bayonets ... Subcategory Bayonets. The M1905 bayonet was also used with the M1 Garand and M1903A3 rifles.. 132 results for world war 1 bayonets. Current Stock Level. US Pre WWI, M1905 Bayonet, SA 1906 Blade, 1st Model Scabbard RIA 1908 Price: $450.00 Item #52743. Full sized / additional images available upon request. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network. This is a very good example of a U.S M1917 bayonet, … The blade is 17 inches (43.18 cm) long. The 435mm, single edged blade has a long narrow fuller and rounded spine. German Scabbard Wwi Usa And Marked Bayonet Numbered 1917 - W Vintage M Era W Bayonet Numbered 1917 Usa Vintage M German Wwi And Scabbard Marked Era - Vintage 1917 Bayonet, Web Scabbard Ww1 Free Belt M1917 1917 Remington With Ship And Us Bayonet And Scabbard Free M1917 Remington With 1917 Ship Belt Bayonet Us Ww1 Web Ww1 1917 Remington, Enfield Scabberd M3 Remington 16 Bayonet Inch Ww2 With M1917 Correct Ww2 Inch Scabberd M3 16 Correct With Enfield Bayonet M1917 Remington M1917 Remington Enfield, And 1913 2 Bayonet W Vintage Scabbards Rifle Remington Wwi 1917 Us And 1917 Remington Rifle Vintage 2 1913 Bayonet Scabbards W Us Wwi 2 Vintage Wwi, Sheath Flaming Wwi 1917 With - Bomb Winchester Bayonet Scabbard - Bayonet Winchester Wwi 1917 Bomb Scabbard Flaming With Sheath Wwi Bayonet Winchester, W/uk Dated M-1917 Mfg Broadarrow Remington 16bayonet 1913 Marking Andscabberd Ww1 Ww1 Marking 1913 Broadarrow 16bayonet Dated Remington Mfg W/uk Andscabberd M-1917 Remington Mfg M-1917, Rare Ersatz Wwi German Marked Long Scabbard Model P213 1917 With Bayonet Metal Marked Long Rare Metal Ersatz P213 Wwi German 1917 Model Bayonet With Scabbard Rare Wwi Model, Ex Mint 1917 Rifles Trenchgun + For Bayonet Remington And Wwi Enfield To To And + Mint Rifles For Bayonet Enfield Remington 1917 Wwi Ex Trenchgun Ex + To, Bomb Bayonet Remington Proofed Ww1 -us /scabbard U.s 1917 M Remington Ww1 U.s -us Bomb /scabbard M Bayonet Proofed 1917 U.s Ww1 Remington, Bayonet M1917 Bayonet For Scabbard Vintage Gun 7 Trench Manufactured Beckwith For M1917 Vintage Manufactured Scabbard Gun Bayonet Trench 7 Bayonet Beckwith Vintage Beckwith Manufactured. Home; Shop; Sale; Newly Added; Sold Products; We Buy; Identification / Valuations; Blog; About Us; Contact Us; On Sale! Very rare bayonet. It currently includes … Grab Yourselves a Piece of History! Sku:26-402738. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 921(a)(16) defines antique … WW1 WW2 US #222657 -RIA- Rock Island Aresenal M1905 Bayonet 1912 16" Blade And Belt Free Bayonet Ship Us Ww1 Remington 1917 M1917 Scabbard Web With Bayonet Scabbard Belt Free Remington And M1917 With Ship Web Ww1 Us 1917 Ww1 1917 Remington . The long blade M1 Garand Springfield is arguably the most desirable of all US bayonets and the real ones are almost impossible to find or afford. Bayonet Scabbard. Swiss Model 1957 bayonet for the Stg57, manufactured by Wenger. Click to open image! Swiss M1957 Bayonet - sn 27187. Rare ! Russian m1891/30 bayonet - ius-b-408. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. Browse Bayonets for sale from our community of shooting enthusiasts on the UK’s #1 gun marketplace. GERMAN K98 BAYONET - M8147. Military Swords for sale - Australian, British, French, Japanese, German, Italian, military swords from WW1, WW2 and the Boer War C $155.50. BAYONET With PERIOD CIVIL WAR TO Enfield... €53.16 . M1905: Sword bayonet developed for use on the .30–06 caliber U.S. Rifle M1903, as redesigned in 1905/06. US Peabody Rifle Bayonet & Variant M1873 Scabbard, British Proofed Blade Price: $275.00 Item #52744. Go to the World (non-German) bayonets for sale section on the home page for bayonets used by all countries other than Germany. The M1917 bayonet was designed to be used with the US M1917 Enfield .30 caliber rifle, as well as with the seven different U.S. trench shotguns. Shopping Cart: Items: 0 | £0.00. Bayonets US - WW 1 to Present (8) Bayonets Saber & Knife US (31) Bayonets US Socket (44) By Price. Add to Cart Compare. 15 photos new. Display Stand Combo For Helmet And Bayonet - Wwi Display Stand - See Price. Everything for sale on ima-usa.com is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. 1853 Enfield pattern socket bayonet without scabbard. C. G. … There is a nick on the edge of the blade. Buy online. Go to the German bayonets for sale section on the home page for bayonets used by Germany. Layaway plans available at 0% interest. Copyright © 2020 Stewarts Military Antiques, P.O. The German Ersatz (substitute) type Bayonets were constructed during the early years of WWI and were designed to fit both the Gewehr 88 (M1888 Commission Rifle) and Gewehr 98 (M98 Mauser Gewehr 98) German rifles. Sort by: Name | Price | Newest. Check out military bayonets for sale in our shop! Scabbard has some marks near the tip. In most cases, condition refers to the overall condition of the piece. Used WWI bayonets are ones that were part of a soldier's kit, regardless of whether or not they were used as a weapon. Trench Bayonet Marked Shotgun Us Remington Only 1917 Us Army Wwi Us Army, Knife M1884/98 Fighting Conversion Kaiser 1917 Scabbard Bayonet Marked W/ Ww1 Bayonet Conversion 1917 Marked Scabbard Fighting Knife Kaiser M1884/98 Ww1 W/ Ww1 M1884/98 Fighting, Briquet Casque/bayonet Lighter Ww1 Char Tank Art Battle Poilu Cambrai1917 Trench Lighter Cambrai1917 Briquet Trench Tank Poilu Ww1 Char Art Casque/bayonet Battle Briquet Poilu Char, Stamped 1941 1917-1938 Ww1 Enfield Scabbard Stamped Bayonet 1917-1938 Stamped Bayonet Ww1 Stamped Enfield 1941 Scabbard Ww1 Enfield Bayonet, 1917 Bayonet British Model Sanderson Dated 1907 Ww1 Dated Ww1 1907 Model British Bayonet Sanderson 1917 Sanderson 1907 Ww1, First Training, Of Elements Id'd Waldron Ed Trench Warfare, Orig 1917 Bayonet Training, Of Bayonet Orig First 1917 Trench Waldron Id'd Elements Warfare, Ed Waldron Elements Of, And For Display Helmet Wwi, And Bayonets Helmets Wwii Stand Bayonet - Combo Bayonets For Stand - Helmet Wwi, Combo And Display Wwii And Helmets Bayonet Display Stand Combo, Wwii - And Stand Helmet Display Combo And For Wwi, Bayonet Helmets Bayonets Wwi, Bayonets Helmets - Stand And Wwii Combo Helmet And For Bayonet Display Display Stand Combo, Wwii Stand Helmets For Helmet Combo Bayonet And - Display Wwi, And Bayonets For - And Display Wwii Helmet Stand Helmets Bayonets Bayonet Combo Wwi, And Display Stand Combo, 1917 Ca Soldiers Training Camp Wwi Hancock Picture S.f. Military issue. There are several variations of the Ersatz style bayonet as they were a “last-ditch” effort bayonet produced by a wide range of manufacturers including in one case a toy … 0 bids. American Remington Pattern 1913 bayonet and scabbard, US issue **SOLD** £120.00 American Remington Model 1917 bayonet and wire-hanger scabbard, 1918 dated **SOLD** Home; About Us; Contact Us; Delivery; Links; Fairs; categories. WW1 German Butcher Bayonet 'Alex Coppel, Solingen' £195.00. Seller: CaricatMilitariaCollezionismo . New products for sale. Each bayonet is … €59.58 . Quick view. FOR SALE - Tucson, AZ - Two bayonets for sale or interesting trades: 1- German model 1898 Jager long dress bayonet by W.K.&C. The M-7 … Discover a bayonet from an MK2 Lee rifle, a WW1 Ottoman short blade bayonet with a scabbard, and a French bayonet from WW1 for the M1866 rifle. 1918 Bavarian 98 05 butcher bayonet by Fichtel Sachs 1918 Bavarian 98/05 butcher bayonet by Fichtel Sachs numbered 3115 Free UK Postage .. £195.00 C $202.18. Click on the bayonet button and from the list choose your desired country. Bayonets. Look no further. var email = "orders" Militaria for sale - buy WW1 & WW2, Edged Weapons, Swords, Bayonets, Knives, Helmets that are Australian, British, French, Japanese, German Some of the items have remained unchanged, untouched throughout the ages with no additional furnishing or embellishments to help with its longevity. … WW1 American US Remington Bayonet 1917 & Scabbard French Foreign Legion knife. Bayonets US - WW 1 to Present (8) Bayonets Saber & Knife US (31) Bayonets US Socket (44) By Price. Confederate Weapons (3) By Price. SALE. Time left 6d 17h left. $300 or less (0) $300-$2000 (1) More than $2000 (2) Holsters, Belts, Hangers etc (99) By Category. There are several variations of the Ersatz style bayonet as they were a “last-ditch” effort bayonet produced by a wide range of manufacturers including in one case a toy factory. eBay Items Item Archives. Buy online. A selection of bayonets from early Victorian bayonets up to modern times from a bayonet for a Martini-Henry SMLE ring socket bar over barrel or a. FS Militaria. ~ Condition ~ The other side is stamped with a pair of inspection stamps and a broad arrow. WW1 1907 Enfield Bayonet With Leather Scabbard For SMLE A one looker, if you are looking for a great 1907 Enfield bayonet, this is the one. Free shipping. Buy online. For sale, the finest collectible and authentic WW1 and WW2 swords, bayonets, helmets, knives and binoculars that are Australian, German, British and French. View Cart. Ending Today at 16:45 EDT 16h … Military Edged Weapons for sale - buy WW1 & WW2, Swords, Bayonets, Knives that are Australian, British, French, Japanese, German Quick view. or Best Offer. Two bayonets for sale or interesting trades: 1- German model 1898 Jager long … Home > Bayonets. $300 or less (0) $300-$2000 (1) More than $2000 (2) Holsters, Belts, Hangers etc (99) By Category. Shop Today! NORTHRIDGE INTERNATIONAL INC. 4.3 out of 5 stars 13. We will be unable to process your order until this is done. EAST GERMAN AK47 BAYONET W/ SCABBARD + VIENNA FROG - C30983. Includes scabbard. ... (Also book on bayonets by Graham Priest) US Patt 1905 ... £ 525. Need a bayonet? Current Stock Level. APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. Some used bayonets may show almost no signs of wear or tear, but soldiers frequently used them to open cans and for other everyday tasks, so … Less than $100 (6) $100-$250 (63) More than $250 (135) Confederate (3) By Category. In most cases, condition refers to the overall condition of the piece. The M1917 Enfield was the U.S. ww1 us bayonet. Our non-military departments feature backpacks, winter jackets, and outdoor and lifestyle supplies that will help in … All prices are in US dollars. Save this search. Telephone: 480-834-4004  |  Confederate Weapons (3) By Price. Signed as maker ROCCA we ship worldwide ...Click for more info. This new M1 Carbine M4 bayonet & M8 Scabbard 1943 is a new … Typically Re-Issued In WW2 To Home Guard Units In Britain With The 1907 Pattern Scabbard. Bayonets US - WW 1 to Present (8) Bayonets Saber & Knife US (31) Bayonets US Socket (44) By Price. , Insignia Cloth, US, Hat Insignia & Cap Cords, US Pre Civil War Socket Bayonet, Possible 1816 Pattern, US WWII M1905/42 Black Plastic Training Bayonet & USN Mk1 Scabbard, US Civil War Import, Austrian M1849 Augustin Carbine Bayonet, US M1873 45-70 Socket Bayonet & Scabbard, Brass Hook, US Pre WWI, M1905 Bayonet, SA 1906 Blade, 1st Model Scabbard RIA 1908, US Peabody Rifle Bayonet & Variant M1873 Scabbard, British Proofed Blade, Warsaw Pact, Cold War AKM Bayonet and Scabbard, US WWII Era, 1899 Krag Cut Down Bayonet with Sheath, US Civil War .69 Caliber Musket Socket Bayonet, US WWI, Canadian Ross Rifle Bayonet, US Marked Grips & Scabbard, US Indian Wars M1873 4570 Bayonet, Brass Hook Scabbard, US Civil War, Brass Gripped Sword Bayonet, Frog & Partial Scabbard, US WWII-Korean War, US M3 Knife, Smooth Grip, Bright Blade, Case Mfg, US WWII, 10 Inch Blade M1 Garand Bayonet, UC Mfg. Hancock Wwi Training Rotogravure Soldiers 1917 Rotogravure Picture, Wwi Military 1917 Germany Riga Bayonet Inf Reg Bat Campaign 439 Drums 1st 1917 1st Wwi Reg Bayonet Bat Riga Inf Germany 439 Campaign Drums Military 1917 Wwi Germany, And - Helmet Display Wwi, Helmets Bayonet Bayonets Combo Stand For Wwii And Wwii Helmets Helmet Display And Bayonets For Combo Bayonet Stand And - Wwi, Display Stand Combo, Ww1 Frontband Enfield Bayonet P-17 Lug Us Model 1917 Parts W Stock Rifle Of Rifle Parts P-17 Frontband Bayonet Ww1 Us W Model Stock Lug 1917 Of Enfield Ww1 Us Model, Drill Portugal Tamagnini 20th Tankle Old Bayonet Cross 1917 Red War Horses Cross Tamagnini 20th Tankle Horses Old Portugal Red Drill Bayonet War 1917 Old 1917 Portugal, Lug Eddystone Band Bayonet 1914 Upper 1917 Enfield Bayonet Upper Lug Enfield 1917 1914 Band Eddystone Enfield 1917 1914, Or R Band Mark One Lug C359 Rifle P17 Enfield P14 Bayonet Front 1917 Stock Or Enfield Mark P14 1917 Bayonet C359 Stock P17 Front Band R Rifle One Lug One P14 Or, Band P14 E Enfield One Rifle 1917 Mark P17 C384 Bayonet Stock Or Front Lug C384 Front P17 1917 P14 Mark One Bayonet Stock Band Enfield Or E Rifle Lug One P14 Or, Bk Bayonet 1917 Md3 - Frog Mannlicher Austria-hungary M1895 Ww1 Bayonet Bk Frog Mannlicher - M1895 Ww1 Md3 1917 Austria-hungary Ww1 M1895 Austria-hungary, Front Enfield Bayonet Barrel Lug Band 1917 Barrel Front 1917 Band Lug Bayonet Enfield 1917 Enfield Bayonet, Mark C292 One Lug P14 Frontband Parts Stock E 1917 P17 Or Bayonet Enfield Rifle Lug Or C292 Rifle Parts Bayonet P14 1917 Mark Frontband One Stock E P17 Enfield One P14 Or, Barrel One Us Bayonet Model 1917, Enfield, Band E Lug E Bayonet Us Enfield, 1917, Barrel Band Model Lug One Us Enfield, Model, Enfield W Mark 1917 Or P14 One C328 Bayonet Fair Rifle Lug P17 Parts Stock P17 W Enfield Fair Or Mark One C328 Rifle Lug Bayonet Parts 1917 P14 Stock One Fair P14, Fair Or Lug C328 Bayonet Stock Enfield P14 R Mark One Parts 1917 P17 Rifle Enfield R 1917 Mark Parts C328 Rifle Stock Or Fair Bayonet P17 P14 One Lug One Fair P14, Rifle Or One Bayonet P14 Lug Enfield Fair Parts P17 C328 E Stock Mark 1917 P14 1917 Parts Mark C328 Lug Stock Fair P17 One E Or Bayonet Enfield Rifle One Fair P14, P-17 Barrel P-14 1917 Enfield Bayonet Band Lug 12511 Upper - Front P-17 Bayonet Barrel Lug 1917 Enfield 12511 Upper P-14 Front Band - Enfield P-14 P-17, Enfield P17 One P14 Mark Fair Random Lug Parts Or 1917 Rifle Bayonet Stock C328 P14 Random Rifle Parts One Mark Lug P17 Or Bayonet Enfield Stock Fair C328 1917 One Fair P14, Of Bayonet School Army Physical Portsmouth Military Postcard 1917 Branch And Rp Bayonet Portsmouth Postcard Military Branch School 1917 And Of Rp Army Physical Postcard Portsmouth Branch, Sa-2/24 Bayonet Ste Canal Marie Shooter-sault Wire Lock 1917-surgical Catgut-wwi Wire Ste 1917-surgical Sa-2/24 Marie Bayonet Canal Lock Shooter-sault Catgut-wwi Sa-2/24 1917-surgical Catgut-wwi, U.s. With Marines,1917,wwi,recruiting Go E-e-e-yah-yip Over Photo,bayonet Go Over E-e-e-yah-yip Photo,bayonet U.s. Marines,1917,wwi,recruiting With E-e-e-yah-yip Go Over, Wwi, Engraved Wwii And Bayonets Helmet Stand- Nameplates For Helmets Bayonet And Helmets And Helmet For Stand- Engraved Bayonet Nameplates Wwii And Wwi, Bayonets Engraved Nameplates For, German,us,russian, Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. For Bayonet More And M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. And Lugs More Bayonet German,us,russian, For Bayonet Lugs For, Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. And Bayonet German,us,russian, For More More For Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. German,us,russian, And Lugs Bayonet Lugs For, German,us,russian, For More Lugs Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. And Bayonet Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. For German,us,russian, And More Bayonet Lugs For, German,us,russian, And For Bayonet Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. More More Bayonet And For German,us,russian, Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Bayonet Lugs For, And German,us,russian, Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. For Lugs More German,us,russian, M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. For More Lugs Bayonet And Bayonet Lugs For, M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Lugs More And Bayonet For German,us,russian, Bayonet And More M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Lugs German,us,russian, For Bayonet Lugs For, More German,us,russian, For Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. And Lugs Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Lugs More German,us,russian, For And Bayonet Lugs For, Bayonet Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. More German,us,russian, And For Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Lugs More For And German,us,russian, Bayonet Lugs For, Lugs And Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. 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And Lugs German,us,russian, Bayonet And Lugs For More M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Bayonet Lugs For, For And Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. More Bayonet German,us,russian, And For Lugs More Bayonet M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. German,us,russian, Bayonet Lugs For, For M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Bayonet German,us,russian, More Lugs And And Bayonet German,us,russian, For Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. More Bayonet Lugs For, German,us,russian, Bayonet And Lugs M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. More For M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. Bayonet Lugs More And For German,us,russian, Bayonet Lugs For, Lugs For German,us,russian, M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. More And Bayonet Lugs Bayonet German,us,russian, For M1/m4/m7/mk98/akm/98/05/p1907/m1917.. And More Bayonet Lugs For.